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The nightclubs and beach clubs in Las Vegas are the most sought after attraction for party-goers. Although for many the cost for entry and VIP Bottle Service can be quite intimidating, especially for those on a strict budget, Guest Lists are one of the most cost-effective ways to enter the more exclusive and popular venues in the city, but there are several factors to consider before taking that route. In our ultimate Guest List Guide, we will lay out everything you need to know about being on a guest list in Las Vegas.

What is a Guest List?

If you are on a Guest List, it does not mean that you are automatically a VIP. Guest lists are used by the clubs to "fill the room." Since most of the higher-end bottle service clients typically arrive later, they want to arrive at a nightclub or pool party that is already popping. To fill the room before the headliner arrives, the club allows for certain groups of people, preferably Vegas Girls, to enter into the club earlier for free to create a better look inside the club and provide opportunities for the VIP guests to mingle with them and invite them back to their tables once they arrive.

Most people who are placed on guest lists do so the weekend they arrive in town or, in most cases, on the day of the event they're trying to attend. Some of the ways you can get on a guest list are through a website like Bachelorette Vegas, or you can be referred/introduced to a promoter on The Strip who can offer you access. The list will either get you free entry into the club, a reduced cover, and in some cases, for the ladies, some free drinks or open bar. You will have a better chance with the older clubs; they have to offer incentives to get people to attend.

These lists often have rules and restrictions, including a time limit when you need to arrive to get the free entry. Some venues often cut off the list around 11:00 pm and then offer a reduced entry fee afterward for those on a list. A list may also be cut off entirely if the club is full. For venues like XS, on crowded nights where artists like The Chainsmokers are performing, they sometimes flood the guest list crowd into their outdoor patio. Once capacity is hit for the inside, you will have to wait in another line to get inside.

Las Vegas Clubs Guest List Pros and Cons


Advantages (The Pros)

The advantages of a Guest List are that you and your group can gain free entry into a club or get a reduced cover charge. A handful of venues like Marquee and Tao offer ladies free drinks for specific hours. If you connect with a professional promotor who works at the venue, he may be able to introduce you to high-spending bottle service clients so you can experience the VIP treatment without paying thousands of dollars.

Disadvantages (The Cons)

As we mentioned before, the guest list is not a true VIP list, so don't expect to have the red carpet rolled out. Lines for the guest lists can vary depending on the venue and the talent, but for the more popular clubs like Omnia, XS, Drai's, and Hakkasan, there could be a 30-2 plus hour wait to get in. Some guest lists have so many people listed trying to get in for free there could potentially be hundreds or even thousands of people standing in line. Guest lists do not guarantee entry.

Consequences (The Outcomes)

XS, Omnia, and Drai's are some of the most desired clubs in town, and on any given night, they can have thousands of people on their guest lists.

The lines start forming hours before the venue even opens. Once the club has hit the guest limit for free entry, they will close the list. This means that even after waiting in line for an excessive amount of time, the club will reject the free entry and leave you out in the cold – other times they will charge a higher cover at the door for guests to enter when they are close to or near capacity.

How Do You Get on the Guest List?

Getting on the guest list with us at Bachelorette Vegas is easy; all you have to do is click on the club you are interested in, submit all of your group's information, and we will automatically connect you to a promoter who works directly at the venue you are requesting.

Is there a Cost of being on a Guest List?

If someone is charging you to get on a guest list, they are trying to take advantage of you; essentially, you are being ripped off. Charging for a free list will highly jeopardize a promoter's relationship with the venue, and in many cases, is it considered stealing.

As previously mentioned, once a guest list expires, the club reserves the right to charge admission fees, so if there are instructions or times required for you to be at the club to gain free entry, please follow them. Remember, it is always better to be early than late when it comes to the clubs in Sin City.

What Time Should I Arrive at the Venue?

Every event is different based on the demand and the artist. We will know the answer to this question based on variable circumstances, but we recommend as early as possible!

What's the Difference between the Guest List and VIP entry?

Getting on the list for no cover or a reduced cover will get you entry through the Guest List line, but that line could be extremely long and move slowly. VIP Entry is a paid service where you agree to a fee to get walked in, usually through the table area. This service provides a much more expedited entry.

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What's the Difference Between Guest List and Tickets?

Tickets are usually purchased in advance and will take precedence over people on the Guest List. By law, the club has to leave room for all paying ticket holders if capacity were to become an issue. The clubs would much rather sell tickets and have that money in the bank in advance of the event; therefore, ticket holders will get precedence over people on the Guest List.

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What's the Difference Between Guest List and Expedited Entry?


At most clubs, there are two forms of expedited entry – one, purchasing tickets in advance via the ticket link – there is usually a separate line to bring expedited ticket holders in quickly – and two, several clubs offer an expedited general admission area for people willing to pay a premium to bypass the lines and get in quickly. Be advised, there is usually a hefty on-the-spot surcharge for expedited entry, but it beats waiting in a ridiculously long line. An example would be if the cover for males is $40, on-the-spot expedited entry would be $80.

What about Holidays/Fight Weekends?

Holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Halloween New Year’s Eve, and the 4th of July can prove challenging to get into venues for free on a guest list. Since the demand and volume of people in town are significantly higher during this time, there might not be a list at all, or it may cut off early.

Where is the Guest List Located?

Every club and pool have a different setup, and it will change depending on the artist for specific events. The best thing to do is look for signage, ask a security guard or us, and we will tell you exactly where to go.


Keep in mind the club staff are working in a high-pressure environment, so packing your patience and being respectful is of the utmost importance. On many occasions, we have seen people pregame in the room or come to a club after a long day at the pool, and they are intoxicated. The club reserves the right to deny access to anyone who has been over-served, and trust us; they will not let you in. Like all clubs in Vegas, there is a security checkpoint, and you will have to empty your pockets and purses and get scanned by a metal detector. Use good judgment and common sense, and you will be fine.

Bachelorette Vegas Advice:

For those on a tighter budget, the guest list serves as a key component to enter without blowing your entire Las Vegas party funds. However, if you choose to use a guest list for entry, beware of the rules and time frames to avoid any unwanted drama or stress from the sometimes there are long lines that can form at these clubs. The earlier you arrive at the venue, the quicker and easier it will be to get in for you and your group. Make sure you check out our limousine section to arrive to the club in style we even have a pink escalade that is perfect to the Snapchat or Instagram stories.

Be sure to consider one of our VIP packages where we can expedite your club entry, set you up at a male strip club, or male revue, and even get you an all-you-can-drink dinner deal.

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