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Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Ideas

Las Vegas is one of the world's wildest cities for throwing a bachelor party, playing host to infamous bachelor party films such as "The Hangover" The numerous entertainment options in Las Vegas that a bachelor can experience is the perfect way to close the book on a single man's life before sending him off to his new wife. Party options are limitless in Vegas, as there is something for everyone. Use this Las Vegas bachelor party guide to get you started on your party planning.

Bachelor Party Suites

Before you head out into the craziness of Sin City, decide on a hotel. Ensure that the hotel you chose is comfortable, near the attractions you wish to visit, and has the amenities you need - as this will be your home base during your Vegas stay. When deciding on a hotel, consider the location, features, and your budget. Do you want to stay in a hotel that is on the edge of a sandy beach? Or one that is complete with flat screen televisions and ultra-comfy bathrobes? Las Vegas is home to 19 of the world's 25 largest hotels, so finding a room that will suit your needs shouldn't be too difficult. Book Now

Let Professionals Do the Planning

You will plan your entire bachelor party and we will do all the work and take the hassle. Throwing a bachelor party is not about coming to Las Vegas and waiting in long lines at the doors of a nightclubs or ending up in nasty places that a taxi driver decides to take you... just pick one of our partner, book your event and let them worry about the work. This is how you will have your dream bachelor party in Sin City.

Want to play golf? Our partner BachelorVegas.com will reserve the tee time as well as getting you a limo to drop you off and pick you up, only for $40 extra per person. They will assign you a VIP host or a VIP hostess and you go straight into the best nightclubs with reserved booths and your favorite premium liquor waiting for you... package deals are starting from only $59 per person. Have questions about planning your bachelor party in Las Vegas email us and one of our VIP host will contact you.


Las Vegas offers a multitude of ways for your bachelor party group to get around. Depending on the hotel that you have chosen, a shuttle may be available at the airport. Taxis, rental cars, party buses, pink hummer limo and limousines-for-hire are also an option. The Las Vegas Monorail is also ideal for scenic travel, and includes air-conditioning. If you plan to drive your own car or use a rental, free parking is a must. Most hotels offer free parking garages of valet parking. If you wish to travel VIP-style, a limo is the only way to go - and practical when transporting a group of dudes.


If you plan to stay in Las Vegas for the weekend, you will certainly want to plan some daytime activities to fill up your pre-party nightly events. If weather permits, hitting the pool with a crew of friends can be highly relaxing. Pool parties can be just as wild as nightclubs, complete with cabanas, cocktail waitresses, bottle service, and DJs. If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, consider riding ATVs through the desert or take a leap above the city with outdoor skydiving. If your budget is tight, take a risk at gambling to try to earn enough money for a gondola ride at the Venetian.


Throughout your stay, you and your party guests are sure to get hungry. Las Vegas is home to a wide assortment of delectable cuisine - Italian, Thai, French, Mexican, and Spanish - or maybe you would like some classic American dishes. There are also several celebrity chefs in Vegas you may want to check out. If there is a restaurant that you simply must visit, be sure to call in advance and make reservations for your party group. If you are on a budget, the venue may even be able to arrange dining with a set menu at a predetermined price.


When most people think of bachelor parties in Vegas, they think of strip joints and nightclubs. No matter what weekend you arrive, nightclubs in Vegas are constantly filled with party-goers ready to have a wild time. Enjoy the hottest tracks from the world's best DJs as beautiful go-go dancers line the entrance ways and stages. Las Vegas also has some of the world's most gorgeous strippers. Many live around the country and fly in on occasion just to work in Vegas. Make your bachelor party just a little crazier by ordering strippers to your room or visit them at one of Vegas's premier clubs.

Other Locations

Costa Rica

Costa Rica becomes one of the top bachelor party destination in recent years, plenty of beach parties, hot spanish girls, Jaco mansions and nightlife especially in Jaco Beach offers more than any other south american country. Need to plan bachelor party in Costa Rica? here is the website you need: Bachelor Party Bay


Dallas may not offer those options as in Vegas or Costa Rica but for those who don't want to travel far, Dallas offers great nightlife, gentlemen's clubs and sports events. Dallas VIP offers Vegas style bachelor packages.


Panama is the new hot spot which offers unique bachelor party activities such as yacth parties, Panama Canal, affordable restaurants, beautiful women which makes a stag complete. Need reservation in Panama, we recommend Panama VIP

When it comes to girl, South America's famous round butt can be seen in Colombia, Venezualla, Brazil and of course Panama. If you are looking to call escort girls for your stag night, be careful browsing ladies online on some shady websites, we recommend you to call Val from escortsofpanama.com and choose one of his girls, all the pictures are genuine, latest and original unlike other websites who put up fake photos.


You probably travelled to Cancun many times for the spring break, party party party but you never organized a guys last night event, its not as simple party as you might think; Cancun VIP is specializing large groups to take the hassle of planning off of your shoulders, offering VIP yacht parties, fishing, strip clubs and everything else you can image on a single package.


From Bogota to nightlife center Medellin to coffee reigon Armenia and of course beach town Cartagena,, you have plenty of cities for the activities, if you are into day time events than Bogota and Cartegena is perfect but if you are looking into more sin events than head to Medellin, Host Sarita from Colombia VIP is recommended hook up to take your reservation and ensures your safety and one wild party.

Chicago, San Francisco and LA are amongs other major cities which are suitable to plan bachelor's last night of freedom