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Chippendales Las Vegas

at Rio All Suites Hotel3700 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89103

Show Times: 7 days a week. 8:30 p.m.
Fri and Sat second 10:30 show.
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Chippendales Las Vegas

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If you've ever watched Saturday Night Live when Chris Farley was a cast member, chances are you've witnessed a brief skit involving him and Patrick Swayze. The skit pits the two completely opposing body types against one another to be the next Chippendale. The basis of this skit revolves around a three decade old male review that started in a failed Los Angeles club named Destiny II. Initially being the home of female mud wrestling and exotic dancing, Destiny II would soon become the home of what is now the critically acclaimed male review – Chippendales. Despite a history enshrouded with legal issues and claims to murder connections, Chippendales has flourished in cities like the brightly lit city of Las Vegas, NV, and in the most recent years has been able to leave behind its sordid past.

The concept behind the Chippendales stage show is fairly simple – a crew of men dressed simply in slacks, a bow tie, and shirt cuffs perform an erotic strip tease in a broadway-esque stage show. Music sets the mood for this performance as the all-male dance crew tells varying stories through an intricately choreographed dance routine. Though Chippendales started in a small California club, its ongoing success has caused the show to blossom into a multi-unit performance. Eventually, a $10,000,000 theatre at the Rio Hotel was built to showcase the extremely popular show and Chippendales would become a national treasure.

If ever there was a show that embodied the female fantasy, it is Chippendales. The perfectly toned men take on varying personas, ranging from the heroic cowboy to muscular construction worker. At various points in the show, the Chippendale dancers will turn to audience interaction, making the dreams of some lucky women come true, so it could be a nice bachelorette party suprise for the bachelorette. A Chippendale doctor will pull "patients" from the audience to "examine" while another segment of the show revolves around a "dating game" setup. Audience members are pulled on stage to take place in an interactive chance to get up and close and personal with three of the show's gorgeous dancers. Interactivity doesn't stop there, as Chippendale dancers will occasionally work their way into the crowd to flirt and mingle with their eclectic audience. While the show can be categorized as "erotic", the audience members that are brought on stage are used as nothing more than props. The only individuals loosing their clothing are the Chippendale performers.

Although Vegas may seem like a city that caters to the young, single male, it does throw that odd curveball or two to ensure that it caters to a broader spectrum including women. With popular shows like Chippendales being showcased amongst some of Las Vegas' best, Sin City will always have a place for women's entertainment. Despite the craze behind the up and coming Australian show, Thunder from Down Under, Chippendales will always be the classic amongst broadway-esque Male Reviews.