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Kings of Hustler

6007 Dean Martin Drive #1 Entrance in the Back Las Vegas, NV 89118
POPULARITY: 5 star review
Show Times: Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8pm - 2am
VIP: Ask us about VIP Packages that includes front seating, limo and Champaign
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Kings of Hustler

Kings of Hustler is a mouthwatering mecca of muscular masculinity and one of the hottest shows in Sin City! This up close and personal male revue is located just minutes from The Strip on the third floor of the world-famous Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – a 70,000 square foot venue spanning three floors and a massive rooftop patio, complete with sectional couches and fireplaces, that provide party-goers an outdoor experience with one of the best vantage points of the iconic Strip that you will find anywhere in Vegas.

Kings of Hustler is the perfect party spot for a bachelorette bash, a girl’s night out or a group of friends celebrating a special occasion. On a scale of 1-10, this show is off the charts! You will find more than a dozen of the sexiest multicultural male performers from all over the planet who show off lots of skin and 6-pack abs and light up the stage as their beautiful bodies sway and gyrate to a variety of high-energy music. It’s no surprise that Kings of Hustler has continuously ranked as one of the Best Male Strip Clubs in Vegas for many years.

But not all strip clubs are created equal. Kings of Hustler and its new rooftop venue is unparalleled in size, service, and entertainment compared to other clubs in the City. It offers many new and improved amenities, a friendly, attentive staff, and a DJ and MC to ensure that your evening is memorable and fun. The casual atmosphere and comfortable lounge-style environment, with plenty of seating options, makes it a great place to party or just hang out and relax while hard-bodied hunks roam the room creating and fulfilling fantasies. Whether you are a novice or a strip club aficionado, this all-male revue will exceed your expectations.

In other areas of the club, you will find six fully stocked bars, 15 private “Hustler Honey” suites, exclusive elevated VIP seating, and an extensive 20,000 square foot Hustler Hollywood Adult Boutique filled with erotic gifts, lingerie and “toys”. The main floor is one of Las Vegas’s most popular Gentleman’s Clubs, with two stages – the Hustler Stage and Beaver Stage, as well as the Double D’ Bar and Sexy Bar lined with hundreds of the world’s most exotic female beauties. These women know how to work the pole and “hustle” men for tips with their intensely-erotic lap dances. If you and your girlfriends are interested in seeing the other side of the spectrum or are an open-minded, bi-curious individual, it’s definitely worth exploring both the male and female side of this massive adult playground. But for girls who just want to have fun, the real reason to go to go to Larry Flynt’s Club is to see the smooth moves from the Kings of Hustler with their oiled-up, fit and firm finely-toned physiques.

The Kings of Hustler experience begins before you arrive. When you call us in advance to make arrangements, or you book one of our package deals, you will have private transportation to the venue, two premium drink tickets per person handed to you upon entry, VIP Direct Entry, and hosted seating. So, grab your girls and head down to Kings of Hustler. This steamy male revue show is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Keep in mind that in addition to the male revue show, Hustler is also a strip club that opens the door for you to “pay to play”. You can tip for lap dances, stage dances, or really turn up the heat with a private room encounter. Lose your inhibitions and indulge yourself – see how far you can go with the Kings of Hustler – be prepared to fall in love for the night and splurge on an unforgettable encounter.

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So, what’s the Deal?

Our all-inclusive pre-show package deals are a great value. Whether it’s our Sinner and Dinner package, with a delectable variety of the finest tapas dishes in Las Vegas, along with two hours of all you can drink well liquor and beer, or our Head Over Heels package with a 20 minute helicopter tour over the iconic Las Vegas Strip, we offer a multitude of options and packages that can be bundled together to provide you and your girlfriends, and the bride and her bridesmaids, one extraordinary night out.

Since Kings of Hustler is one of the top male revue shows in Las Vegas, it can get quite busy so if you want a seat, you better show up early. The venue offers seating on a first-come, first-serve basis and you can expect most seating to be occupied as early as 9PM. To claim a table for your group, be sure to call ahead; the staff at Kings of Hustler is great at accommodating groups.

For more information about Kings of Hustler and their services, our All-Inclusive Packages and Deals, or to set up a pickup time with transportation and VIP Entry to the show, please call us directly @ +1-702-850-8044 or click here to submit a contact form for us to reach out to you with full pricing via email along with a personalized call and consultation based on the number of people in your party and the combined options best suited for your group.


Location & Hours of Operation

The Kings of Hustler is located at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, 6007 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118

It’s open from 8 PM to 2 AM Thursday through Sunday.

Hustler’s Gentleman’s Club is open 24/7.

Upon entry with one of our package deals, you will be dropped off at the main entrance of the Club where you will be asked for proper identification and patted down by security before you are greeted by a host who will escort your group through the main Gentlemen’s Club on your way to the Kings of Hustler section. From there you will be seated together at an exclusive table near the main stage.

Dress Code and Proper Attire

For the most part, just about anything goes, typically business casual or dress to impress is the best strategy. Most of the time girls wear dresses and short skirts with tops or matching bridesmaids clothes with the bride-to-be in white with a veil. This is a great way for her to stand out in the crowd and to be an easy target for the guys to give her all of the attention she needs. The only items really restricted are gym clothes, gym shoes, sandals, and boots. Also, proper covering of yourself is encouraged for private parts, and if you have trouble completing a night out in heels, please consider packing another pair of shoes to wear; bare feet in the club is not a classy look and security will ask you to leave if you do not wear them.

The Cost of Drinks

Drinks vary in price at the bar at Hustler and Kings of Hustler. Since it is a Gentleman’s Club, drink prices are high with some ranging between $20 - $35 for a mixed drink and $15-$25 for a beer. Bottles on the menu start around $395-$495 each. They also offer an amazing selection of wines and champagnes, and Bottle Service options.

Guest List & Tickets

Kings of Hustler does not have a guest list.

If you arrive in a taxi or Uber, you will have to pay $50 per person for entry without any seating or free drinks provided. We have quite a few Bottle Service packages and offers for entry, including our most popular one below:

$45.00 Per Person for Transportation + Entry + 2 Premium Drinks Each.Click Here to Book

Bottle Menu

The standard premium one-liter bottle at Hustler / Kings of Hustler will cost around $500 plus tip and tax. We have several discounted packages below where you can prepay in full in advance for a seamless experience. The prices increase if you choose to do these deals direct at the Club so your best option is to buy the package that works for you below and lock it in.

Bottle Service Packages and Deals

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Where is the VIP Check-in?

Kings of Hustler VIP Check-in is handled immediately if you book a package / entry deal with us. Once the private transportation drops you off at the main front entrance of the Gentleman’s Club near the Boutique, you will be given drink tickets and escorted by a Host to the elevator that will take you to the third floor terrace to see the show.

Kings of Hustler Security

You must be 21 years of age to enter and have a valid form of ID; pictures on your phone of your identification won't be enough for entry and neither will a temporary paper document. If you are not from the United States and have a foreign ID, you will be required to show your passport so please bring it or you will have to go back to your room to get it.

When coming to Kings of Hustler, expect to go through a security checkpoint. Listed below are major items that are not allowed and embarrassingly confiscated from you once they are found.

- There is a zero-tolerance policy for hardcore drugs and other substances. If you are found with these, there is a possibility you might be permanently banned or “86ed” from the property.

  • - Any portable Vape device or smoking contraption. You will be asked to either check it in or dispose of it.
  • - Marijuana and any smoking apparatus for it, including joints and blunts.
  • - Prescription pills, any kind of pill or tablet.
  • - Selfie sticks for your cellular devices and handheld GoPros for recording are prohibited and strictly enforced as it is a topless Gentleman’s Club.
  • - Social distancing in lines and inside the Club will likely become the new normal post-Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • - Outside food and beverages
  • - Chewing Gum either in your mouth or in its wrapping.
  • - If you do choose to bring a large bag or purse, expect it to be fully searched.
  • Strip Club Etiquette

    For the most part, it’s all fun and games on the male side of the Gentleman’s Clubs, sometimes girls can get a bit out of hand with the touching. We have heard and seen many girls go a bit too far. First, the guys are not there just to hang out with you and your girls and talk for free. Understand they are working. If you want their attention, you have to pay for it as it is a strip club. In Las Vegas, time is money, and if you aren’t paying or tipping, then the girl at the next table will. So be prepared to have some singles and bills in various denominations on hand if you happen to fall in love with one of the Men of Vegas.

    Second, you not allowed to touch the dancers in their private areas, they are allowed to touch you and put their hands where they like within reason of course, but if you grab a guy inappropriately, specifically in his crotch area, you will immediately be escorted out of the Club by security. Some guys are a bit more flexible than others but be wary of the consequences for going too far.

    Third, make sure that you are clear with the guy on what the price is for a lap dance or a VIP Room. This should be negotiated before the service and agreed upon by both parties so you are not surprised when he presents you with the tab. The last thing you want is to get kicked out of the Club because of an altercation with one of the men.

    Fourth, all the men are independent contractors, and when you negotiate a deal, a tip is expected, and appreciated, on top of that deal. For example, if you get a half-hour in the VIP Room and the cost is $100, common courtesy dictates an extra $25-$40 on top of that when finished. Don’t come to a Strip Club and be cheap, make sure you bring enough money to enjoy yourself, otherwise there's not much point in going.

    The fifth and final rule of thumb – don’t get too drunk, getting intoxicated is a surefire way to get a quick exit from any club in Las Vegas.

    The Men Pay to Be There

    Many ladies don't understand exactly how a Las Vegas Strip Club works when it comes to both the men and women who work there. The men are independent contractors and pay to be at the Strip Club. In Vegas, we call this the “house fee”. The House Fee is the amount the guys have to pay to be able to work and dance in the show which is why they are so aggressive when it comes to earning your tips; they are trying to earn back their “Cover Charge” to work. Please be cognizant of the fact that dancing for your pleasure is how they earn their living.

    Package Deals

    sinner & dinner

    Our most popular and affordable package with the Kings of Hustler show is the Sinner & Dinner Package. This value-filled package includes a private limo transport and pickup from your hotel down the iconic Las Vegas Strip to Firefly Kitchen & Tapas for dinner, a unique dining experience and one of the most popular Tapas restaurants in the City. You and your girls will have a feast that includes 2 hours of all you can eat Tapas Plates and 2 hours of all you can drink well liquor, Mojitos, and pitchers of Firefly’s famously delicious house-made Sangria. After dinner, the Kings of Hustler transportation will pick you up and bring you directly to the Hustler Club. Upon entry, you will have VIP Hosted Direct Entry into the Club and seating on the third floor for the show. You also will be given two premium drink tickets per person. Once you have had enough of the shenanigans and lap dances, the limo will pick you up and bring you to a nightclub of your choice with direct VIP Entry for you and your girls to dance the night away. This action-packed package is affordable and sets you up for a wild girl’s night out. If you are interested in securing this unique package deal, please contact us by submitting a request HERE for a personalized quote.

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    Other Package Deals

    While all of our packages and deals can be customized to your specifications, below are a few of our other popular options for the Kings of Hustler show.

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    Hustler Gentleman’s Club

    For those looking to experience both sexes in one night, admission and entry to the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Gentleman’s Club is included with all of our packages and deals above. You are free to walk in and enjoy the over 350 female entertainers who sometimes walk the main floors giving lap dances and dancing on poles. You can even get your own lap dance if you would like.

    For more information on the female strip club, click here for our guide

    The Final Word

    Kings of Hustler is a more laid-back lounge and bar type atmosphere with a small stage where the men perform, mingle and interact with the crowd. It’s an easy way to meet and converse with these men compared to the other larger male revue shows in the City. The incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip from the Hustler terrace patio is breathtaking and a great place to drink and party with your girlfriends.

    With the other options that the Hustler Club offers on the other floors from the female side to the private rooms, the Kings of Hustler show provides many opportunities for wild adventures and immersive experiences. But like any other strip club in the City, you have to pay to play so bring plenty of cash to make the most of your Hustler adventure.

    How to Book

    All of the Kings of Hustler Drink and Bottle Service Packages can be booked direct from the links provided next to the deals or by calling us directly @ @ +1-702-850-8044 or click here to submit a contact formto reach out to you with full pricing via email along with a personalized call and consultation based on the number of people in your group and the options you are interested in.