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Thunder from Down Under

at Excalibur Hotel Casino Las Vegas3850 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Times:Sun through Thursday: 9:00pm
Friday, Saturday. 9:00pm & 11:00pm
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Thunder from Down Under Men Show Pictures

Thunder from Down Under Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, there is a show that puts a whole new spin on the Australian phrase "throw another shrimp on the barbie!" Strutting their stuff on the main stage of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, the hunky men of Australia's Thunder from Down under bring the Australian flair that the chain restaurant "Outback" tried to bring to the United States. Though the show really has nothing to do with Australia and its history, it is pretty evident that the fans of this risqué show really don't care.

By keeping the nudity out of their show, the bulky all Australian crew has found a way to bring a hint of "class" to an all male review. Stripping down to their skivvies may seem a little classless to most, but when done to a mix of varying show themes that never cross the sexual line, this stage show holds on to that hint of entertainment dignity that most strip shows tend to loose – and the slew of "older" fans of the show shine light on this fact.

The basis behind Thunder from Down Under takes hints from something more akin to a choreographed variety hour. Rather than being one show about one coherent storyline, Thunder from Down under takes its audience down different roads, ranging anywhere from the old west to the Boulevard of American Dreams. Segments of the show will also feature the hunky Australian men dressed in construction worker outfits fit for any female fantasy. As with most female fantasies, a man in uniform will show up – though it's quite evident that it's not the man in the uniform that women love, but watching them take it off.

At specific points throughout the show, audience members will get the chance to see these sweating hunks of solid abs up close and personal. The men of Thunder will step off of the stage to hand select a slew of lucky women to take part in various contests that will leave the rest of the audience feeling more than just jealous. Getting up close and personal with these men may have their payoffs, as sometimes the striptease occurs right next to the ladies on stage, leaving the stripped off clothing available as a souvenir.

The show's top notch choreography comes to a mix of well known tunes from the likes of Quiet Riot and soundtracks like Grease and Top Gun. Though the basis of the show doesn't change, the on-stage routines vary plenty to give a fresh feel for each new costume and scenery change.

Though Thunder from Down Under is not a show you'll find gracing the streets of Broadway, the theater quality touches and intricately choreographed dances make it a show that all female theater goers should witness. Looking past the risqué nature of the show is fairly easy when the rest of the experience steers clear of cheap and predictable.