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Thunder from Down Under

at Excalibur Hotel Casino Las Vegas 3850 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89109
POPULARITY: 5 star review
Show Times:Sun through Thursday: 9:00pm
Friday, Saturday. 9:00pm & 11:00pm
VIP:VIP front seat tickets with champaign, ask us details.
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Thunder from Down Under

Exported from the land down under to Sin City comes Australia’s all-male revue, Thunder from Down Under. If you like sexy Aussie accents, lots of bumping and grinding and hip gyrations; big, strong exotic men with beautiful bronzed bodies, chiseled chests, and perfectly sculpted muscles covered in glistening beads of sweat, then this show is for you.

Located at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, Thunder from Down Under has become the premier Bachelorette Party and Girls’ Night Out destination. This 90-minute, sexually-charged show is a compilation of cheeky humor, theatrics, and wild crowd interactions. These sassy yet classy shirtless blokes will stimulate your senses; give you goosebumps, make your heart race, and bring your fantasies and desires to life when they perform high-energy and seductive choreographed dance moves to a list of hit songs and flashing lights.

If your fantasy is a man in uniform, then you’ll love when the Aussie’s dress up as a policeman, fireman, sailor and an entire “swat team”, plus a construction worker, sexy cowboy and hunky pirates. It’s evident from the second the show starts that the energy these men bring to their performances is contagious. Led by a charismatic and entertaining MC named Marcus, combined with hot and steamy performances by a troupe of handsome hunks, Thunder will undoubtedly bring a breathless audience to the edge of their seats and onto their feet cheering, screaming, and begging for more.

At various points throughout the show, audience members will get the chance to see and feel the sexy six-pack and buns of steel up close and personal. The men of Thunder will step off the stage to hand-select a slew of lucky women to take part in various contests that will leave the rest of the crowd feeling more than a little jealous. Perfect for any Bachelorette party, these magnificently muscular men often target the bride-to-be to give her one last shot at a testosterone-filled encounter to cherish before departing into marriage.

Overall, Thunder from Down Under is an amazing experience for any Girls’ Night Out or Bachelorette Party. It’s an engaging state-of-the-art production with several OMG WOW moments from the numerous stage and table dancers, the hilariously entertaining MC, raw comedy, provocative costumes, and colorful props with a keen emphasis on audience interaction. If you appreciate the male physique in all its glory and lots of eye-candy, this show is a must-see!

For more information on Thunder from Down Under or to customize a package deal, please call us direct @ +1-702-850-8044 or click here to submit a contact form for us to reach out to you with full pricing via email along with a personalized call and consultation.

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Location & Hours of Operation

Thunder from Down Under is located at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. Performances are nightly at 9:00 p.m. with additional shows added at 11:00 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. An additional 7:00 p.m. show is added on Saturday as well. Thunder from Down Under is 90-minutes of non-stop male action filled with various acts, routines, improvisation, and audience immersion.

Seating and Tickets

This show has four main seating tiers; Zone, VIP, Preferred, and Reserved. They are also listed as Category A, B, C, and D.

The Main Zone and VIP tables are located on the floor directly in front of the stage. These extended and shared tables are also used as platforms for the men to dance on throughout the show. Depending on the night, the amount of these tables that are considered Category A or Category B vary, but typically 10 out of the 14 tables on the lower floor are considered to be Category A while the other 4 are Category B. These are definitely the type of seats you want to be in if you are looking for all the action and ab-grabbing as possible.

Along the back of the lower bowl are the majority of the Category B (VIP) tables comprised of three long tables with the exact same seating layout of the Category A (Zone) tables. The remaining 6 booths line the back of the lower bowl in a smaller circular table that seats up to 4 guests.

Up the stairs and elevated from the floor are the Category C (Preferred) seats. These are slightly removed from the action as the men do not always come up to dance on the tabletops in these sections; however, they still provide an incredible view of the stage and the action below. This section is split up into 6 similar table designs as the lower level tables and also are lined with individual bar top seats that surround the lower bowl below. These seats are for those who don’t want to be in the middle of the action but still want a great view of it all.

Lastly, the Category D (Reserved) seats round out the back of the venue. As the least expensive tickets available, you pay for what you get with these as the view is heavily obstructed from the groups in front of you, and the likelihood of a personal encounter or lap dance is diminished. We typically recommend the Preferred seats and above, but if you and your group are on a budget then these would be the tickets you would want to get.


Category A (Zone) - $90.00 Per Person

Category B (VIP) - $80.00 Per Person

Preferred Hot Seats - $70.00 Per Person

Category D (Reserved) - $60.00 Per Person

Our Prices include all taxes, tips, and service fees

To purchase individual tickets or to customize a package deal for Thunder from Down Under, please call us direct @ +1-702-850-8044 or click here to submit a contact form for us to reach out to you with full pricing via email along with a personalized call and consultation.

Drink Options

Once inside the theater, Thunder from Down Under has a fully staffed bar where you can purchase mixed drinks and beers. They also have service staff that roams the floors and can bring you a drink during the show. Mixed drinks range from $15-$20+ depending on the type of liquor and mixer you request and Beers are $8-$10 each.

Package Deals

The best way to experience Thunder from Down Under is with one of our all-inclusive packages. Our most popular is the Flight to Australia Package starting your evening off with a private limo pickup and transport down The Strip to Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile shops. From there you will enter FLIGHTS, a unique dining experience that includes 2 hours of all you can eat Tapas Plates from an exclusive menu along with 2 hours of all you can drink specialty Flights of various well liquor, Mojitos, and Martinis of your choice. After dinner, you all will be slightly inebriated and prepared for the men of Thunder from Down Under to blow you away while you and your bridesmaids sit in premium VIP seats on the main floor. After the show, you will all be excited and energized and ready to dance the night away. Our limo will pick you up and bring you to the nightclub of your choice where one of our trusted Bachelorette Vegas Hosts will escort you directly into the club with VIP Entry.

For more information on booking this package, or for customizing your own package deal around the Thunder from Down Under, please call us direct @ +1-702-850-8044 or click here to submit a contact form for us to reach out to you with full pricing via email along with a personalized call and consultation