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Drai’s Nightclub

at Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon: 3595 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109
Music:Hip hop, house.
Open:Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 1:00am - 8:00am
Dress Code:Dress code strictly enforced.
Line Wait:Up to 1 hours.
Events:Friday, Saturday.
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Drai's Nightclub

Located on the roof of the Cromwell Hotel & Casino, 11 stories above the Las Vegas Strip, is Drai’s, one of the hottest Nightclub. This 65,000 sq. ft., multi-level rooftop Nightclub and Beach Club Hybrid venue opened on Memorial Day Weekend in 2014. Since then it has revolutionized the nightlife scene in Sin City. Initially, Drai’s opened as an EDM-style Club, however, over the first few years it struggled to gain traction in a highly competitive market with other Clubs like Hakkasan, XS, and Omnia dominating the high-end DJ bookings and market share. Drai's Nightclub was forced to pivot and find an innovative way to drive its business. Drai's Live was introduced and completely shifted itself to an all Hip-Hop and R&B venue.

Initially starting with artists like J. Cole, Future, and Chris Brown performing, Drai’s combined the Nightclub with full-scale live concert performances. These artists were contracted to perform full sets that sometimes lasted 45 minutes to an hour and a half long. Now Drai’s dominates the Hip-Hop scene and has confidently established itself as the best Hip-Hop Club in the world. Major artists like Migos, T.I, Gucci Mane, Big Sean, Fabolous, 2 Chainz, and Ludacris dominate the Friday and Saturday night performances, while artists like DJ Esco, DJ Pauly D, and DJ Franzen hold down most of the Thursday and Sunday night performances.

Drai’s Nightclub Layout

Drai’s Nightclub is a massive venue inside and out. With over 150 tables for Bottle Service, there are many locations to experience at night. Below is a guide of the Main Nightclub seating layout including general pricing structure for Bottle Service on most nights.

Main Room

Lower Dance Floor – 12 tables surrounding the Dance floor and Main Stage

Upper Dance Floor – 9 tables elevated above the Lower Dance Floor Tables

Patio Dance Floor – 4 Tables elevated behind the back Lower Dance Floor Tables in the middle of the room

Backwall Tables - 10 tables separated from the Upper Dance Floor Tables on each side of the room and elevated Booths that are positioned against the walls of the venue.

Banquette Tables – 9 small tables in front of the Backwall Tables – Small Booths for couples or small groups of people sandwiched between the main walkway, the backwall tables, and the Upper Dance Floor Tables on each side of the room

Upstairs Main Room

Mezzanine Booth – 17 tables that wrap around the interior of the room, about 20 feet above the Backwall Tables directly below them. Larger tables that have a fantastic panoramic view of the entire Club and party.

VIP Balcony Tables – 7 small tables that are close to each other in the upper corner of the venue, typically the least expensive inside tables, designed for couples or small groups.


Poolside Banquettes – 14 small tables with limited seating that are positioned up and down the Main Pool outside leading to the end of the venue overlooking.

Bungalow – 9 Cabana style seating areas for larger groups. They have joint semi-private pools attached to each other but are not usually open on regular Nightclub nights.

Daybeds – 16 large beds, positioned at the very back of the Club, offer limited seating and a view of the Main Stage, and they also offer an incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Pool Deck Tables – 7 larger couch tables positioned at the very back of the Club, provide a minimal view of the Main Stage, but they also provide an incredible view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Drai’s Nightclub Bottle Service Table Costs

Below are minimum spend agreements for various tiers at Drai’s Nightclub. The pricing structure is based on the caliber of artist performing, along with the demand of the night or weekend it is scheduled on.

Lower Tier – Thursday / Sunday Nights – Resident DJ or slow traffic nights

Dance floor - $3,000 min

Upper Dance Floor - $2,000 min

Back Dance Floor middle - $2,000 min

Stage - $5,000 min

Owner - $5,000 min

Patio Dance floor - $1,500 min

Backwall - $1,200 min

Mezz Booth - $1,000 min

Banquette - $600 min

Celeb 1/2 - $600 min

VIP Balcony - $600 min

Bungalow - $1,000 min

Pool Banq - $600 min

Middle Tier – Typically normal Friday Night pricing; pricing can increase based on Act or Date

Dance floor - $5,000 min

Upper Dance Floor - $4,000 min

Back Dance Floor middle - $4,000 min

Stage - $7,000 min

Owner - $7,000 min

Patio Dance Floor - $3,000 min

Backwall - $2,000 min

Mezz Booth - $1,500 min

Banquette - $1,200 min

Celeb 1/2 - $1,200 min

VIP Balcony - $1,000 min

Bungalow - $1,200 min

Pool Banq - $600 min

Higher Tier – Normal Saturday Night Pricing

Dance floor - $6,000 min

Upper Dance Floor - $5,000 min

Back Dance floor middle - $5,000 min

Stage - $8,000 min

Owner - $8,000 min

Patio Dance floor - $4,000 min

Backwall - $3,000 min

Mezz Booth - $2,000 min

Banquette - $1,500 min

Celeb 1/2 - $1,500 min

VIP Balcony - $1,500 min

Bungalow - $2,000 min

Pool Banq - $1,000 min

Holiday Weekend – Major Act Pricing

Dance floor - $10,000 min

Upper Dance Floor - $8,000 min

Back Dance floor middle - $8,000 min

Stage - $12,000 min

Owner - $12,000 min

Patio Dance floor - $6,000 min

Backwall - $4,000 min

Mezz Booth - $3,000 min

Banquette - $2,000 min

Celeb 1/2 - $2,500 min

VIP Balcony - $2,000 min

Bungalow - $3,000 min

Pool Banq - $1,500 min

The minimum spend agreements or "The Min" is the amount of money you agree to spend to reserve a table or real estate in the Nightclub for a night. The spend amount is a credit to be used on the menu towards Bottles, Red Bulls, or Waters. Standard mixers like Soda, Sprite and Cola Products, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Orange Juice are unlimited and brought to you by the cocktail server throughout the night as you run out. Most Premium 1L Bottles on the menu are $695 each with a few bottles priced at $595 each. So, say you did a $2,500 minimum spend agreement, that would allow you to get at least 3 1L Bottles of Belvedere Vodka for example, with about $400 leftover for Red Bulls or Waters.

Say you do a $2500 minimum spend agreement + $209.38 Taxes (8.375% City Tax) + $143.25 Venue Fees (5.73% Venue Fee) + $500 Tip to the cocktail server (20% Gratuity) = $3352.50.

(This amount does not include any cash handshake to the podium for location, express entry, specific table, etc. Again, a "shake" can also help with a lower min spend for a particular table that you are requesting).

Check out total bill calculator for HK

A "shake" is a cash tip that is given to the front door or podium as a "handshake" or favor to typically get better placement or a specific table. This tip is on top of your table minimum and the tip, tax, and venue fee that you will be paying. The shake tip that you give usually goes the podium and into the host's that work at the Club's tip pool. Sometimes the minimum spend that is listed can be lowered, and a cash handshake can be given to the front door, overall, this saves you money on the tab if you are looking to spend a particular amount.


Where is Drai’s Nightclub Located?

Drai’s Nightclub is at The Cromwell Hotel & Casino. The entrance is in the center of the casino. Once inside, an elevator takes guests up 11 stories to the Main Club. The venue faces Las Vegas Boulevard and it is near the pedestrian bridges connecting to Caesars Palace and Bally’s Hotels. Drai’s is in the middle of The Strip on the corners of Flamingo and Las Vegas Boulevard. The physical address is 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109.

What Is The Dress Code at Drai’s?

Being a Hip-Hop and urban focused Nightclub, Drai’s is pretty relaxed on its dress code, especially for women. Dressing to impress is always the best strategy. Just about anything goes for girls, as long as you are wearing a top that adequately covers yourself and a skirt or dress that isn't way too short. Hats, Jordans, Timberland or steel toe boots are not allowed, along with skimpy and revealing clothing.

What are the Best Nights to Go to Drai’s?

Drai’s Nightclub is open every week, Thursday night through Sunday nights. On Friday and Saturday nights, they typically have the major Rappers and Headliners performing 45 minute – 1.5 hour sets during the summer months. These sets typically start around 2:00 a.m. local time. Drai’s Thursday Night Parties are an excellent way to start your weekend off if you arrive in Las Vegas a night early. Typically, DJ Esco throws his coolest party in the world theme party on these nights. They are very high energy performances with a massive array of songs being performed. During the summer months, Drai’s typically offers a Night Swim Party on Tuesday or Thursday nights, these performances are outside and the seating is completely shifted from the Main Room to the outside Pool Deck. Sunday nights can be a high-value night in terms of deals and lower minimums. Resident DJ Franzen typically headlines these nights, however, depending on the weekend, Drai’s might book a lower end rapper or talent to headline.

How Much are Drinks at Drai’s?

Mixed drinks start around $15 and can go upwards of $25+ for Red Bull Vodka and Hennessey V.S.O.P. and Coke. Beers are more reasonable, around $10-$15 each, while shots can vary based on the specific type of liquor; priced from $10-$20.

How much are Tickets At Drai’s?

Tickets can vary at Drai’s Nightclub, depending on the night, the talent booked, and time of year. On the lower end, tickets are usually around $25 for ladies and $40 for guys. However, on busier nights with more prominent Rappers booked, the ticket price can massively increase for both men and females. Artists like Migos can regularly command a $100-$200+ cover charge just for entry.

Drai’s Guest List?

Guest Lists at Drai’s Nightclub can serve as a cheap alternative to enter the Club without paying the exorbitant cover charge. To get on a Guest List, you will need to contact a promotor or host directly or have us take care of it for you. You will need to provide your full name, group size with ratio, a phone number, and email address to be placed on the list. From there, instructions on where to go, how to check-in, and the time constraints of the list are given. Typically, the entry is free for ladies. Most nights, the Guest Lists goes from 10:30 pm – 12:00 am. However, with significant artists booked, the Guest Lists can be cut earlier, around 11:00 pm or completely disregarded. Sometimes people start lining up around an hour or so before the Club opens to try and get in for free. These lines can sometimes stretch all the way through the casino and outside on The Strip and could take upwards of 45 minutes to an hour plus of waiting. Be prepared to wait as the Guest List does not grant you immediate entry into the Club.

If you want to be added to the Guest List at Drai’s, please fill out a form by clicking on the link or by calling us directly @ +1-702-850-8044.
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Drai’s Package Deals

Experiencing Drai’s Nightclub is best when it is done within one of our Value All-Inclusive Packages! These packages offer an organized and set schedule itinerary, all leading up to a fun night at Drai’s! Our "Black Magic Night" Package provides a private limo transfer from your hotel down The Strip to Alexis Park Hotel & Casino where you will experience Black Magic Live, a tasteful and exotic male review. This spicy and provocative show will have you and your bridesmaids on the edge of your seats. Lap dances, stage dances, and other surprises are in store with this show, based on the Vivica A. Fox's Black Magic Show on the Lifetime Network. Black Magic Live brings you a sexy and steamy, all black exotic male review, sure to provide an unforgettable memory for your bride’s special last night! After the show, your private limo will be bumping the best Hip-Hop tunes driving you and your crew down the famous Las Vegas Strip to Drai’s Nightclub. From there, you will have one of our trusted hosts meet you and escort you into the Club for an exclusive Table reservation with Bottle Service. If you are a big Hip-Hop fan and you are also looking to celebrate a bachelorette party, this is the package for you!


seatmap of drais main seatmap of drais mezzanine seatmap of drais after hours

Drai's Bottle Service Menu for 2020

Below is a 2020 Drai's After Hours menu. You'll notice that Grey Goose is now $695 instead of last year's price of $595. They also have a pretty good deal on Belvedere for 2 for $695 for 750 ml's. Some bottle packages are appealing as well. The Red Light Special includes a 1L of Belvedere Vodka and a 750ml of Veuve Clicquot for $815, while “The All Nighter” provides value with 2 premium bottles, one 1L of either Belvedere Vodka or Hennessy, one 750ml of Volcan Blanco Tequila, and one 750ml of Moet Nectar Imperial Rose for $1355.

Drai's Afterhours Bottle Service Menu

For Table Reservations, Package Deals, VIP Hosted Direct Entry, or to be added to the Guest List at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, @ +1-702-850-8044 or click here to submit a contact form.