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Encore Beach Club at Night

@ 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.
Open: Three days a week from 10:30 PM to closing.
Dress Code: Dress to impress: Proper pool footware including sole. No European bathing.
Line Wait: 10-30 minutes
Events: Tech House Artists, and Concerts

Encore Beach Club at Night Las Vegas

Located at the iconic Encore Hotel & Casino on the tail end of the main Las Vegas Strip, Encore Beach Club has quickly become the standard for Pool Parties not only in Las Vegas but also in the world. During the summer months, the world-renowned Encore Beach Club opens its doors at night for an incredible night swim event. This 3-tiered pool complex with cabanas, bungalows and over-sized lily pads makes up its impressive 60,000 square foot party paradise. Also included in this venue are multiple gaming tables made accessible for the public to gamble while DJs blare raging tunes. Encore @ Night as it is branded, blends all of what makes it one of the best pool parties on the planet during the day and morphs into one of the best nightlife experiences available in the City.

nightswim encore beach club

It is important to note that every Encore Beach Club at Night party is NOT a night swim. Typically, the night swims begin toward the end of April and run until mid to late September. On nights that there is not a night swim, the outside pool deck is still open, however, a massive platform is placed on top of the middle of the pool extending across and connecting the other side of the pool with the front of the pool.

On summer nights when the temperature is comfortable and the pool is open, the party gets wild with crazy floaties and massive inflatable rafts, supplied by the Club, fly and splash around when the beats are knocking. If you are looking for a wild night, this party will have you covered.

encore beach club platform

The impressive and vast selection of Wynn Nightlife residents headline Encore at Night. The recent resident DJ’s include Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Alesso, SHAQ, Elephante, Valentino Khan, R.L. Grime, Lost Kings, Cedric Gervais, Gryffin, Fisher, SayMyName, Two Friends, Chris Lake, Dillon Francis, Salvatore Ganacci, Flosstradamus, and Nora En Pure. For one weekend in March and one weekend in October, the center of the pool expands with a large platform and transforms the day and night party into a tech-house wonderland called Art of the Wild.

This imaginative 3-day festival turns Encore at Night into an Ibiza-style Club with vast amounts of art, costumed dancers, and innovative installations that transform the party into an incredible intimate experience.

Booking with Bachelorette Vegas

art of the wild encore beach at night

Our team is a licensed independent host company, we have hosted world-class weekends for over 20 years, and we work with all the top hot spots in town. We have the best packages for the bride’s big weekend, and we get prime table locations, much better than if you book directly online.

We offer behind the scenes information, top-tier customer service, and always fantastic prices. We only work strictly with the upper management at all the venues in Vegas, and we are well-respected in sin city. We will give you exact instructions, host your entry, professional timeliness, and are available for any questions around the clock via our website, messenger, call, text, or email.

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Bachelorette’s Guide

Location & Hours of Operation

Where is EBC at Night Located?

Encore Beach Club is on the west side of the Encore Hotel facing the Las Vegas Strip, located directly across from the main parking garage. It also connects to the garage from the 2nd Floor via a walkway. The Physical Address is 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

When is Encore Beach at Night Open?

Hours of operation 10:30 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. Encore Beach at Night is open every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights during the summer high season of March – October. The Pool typically opens around late April and lasts until about Mid to late September.

What is the Dress Code at Encore Beach at Night?

What to wear to ebc nite Las Vegas btv

As with any nightclub in Las Vegas, there is a dress code. However, since Encore at Night is occasionally a pool party, the dress code is fairly flexible on those nights but other times, without a night swim going on, the dress code is more like other nightclubs in the City.

There are two dress codes:

1. For the night party when it's not night swim

2. For the night party when it's the night swim.

For the non-Night Swim: Business Casual or formal attire is preferred and recommended. Shorts, sandals, hats, Timberlands, boots, baggy pants, jean shorts, and sweatpants are not allowed.

However, when Encore holds its night swim parties on most summer nights, bathing suits and shorts are permitted but only April to September. For ladies, please dress to impress and stay away from any athletic gear. If you can't make it all night in your heels on the non-night swim nights, then consider another pair of shoes. On any given night swim, you will also see some people dressed in regular club clothes.

How Much are Drinks at EBC at Night?

drinks at encore beach at night

Drinks vary in price at the bar based upon the specific brand of liquor and type of drink you are ordering. Encore is above the industry standard of pricing for drinks and range from $15 - $25+ per drink, while Beers are typically priced from $12 - $17 each. Individual 1L Bottles start at $695 plus, and Bottle Service minimums typically range between $695 - $8,000+ before tax, tips, and fees.


The Vibe & Artists

encore beach night swim event

EBC Las Vegas plays a good mix of Top 40 / Electronic - EDM / Trap Music. Some of the more prominent artists are Dillon Francis and Nora En Pure. Their main opener is great and he knows how to get the party started.

Overall, the club has some great resident DJs have some pretty cool special events. They occasionally book talent and they may book mid-level artists like DJ Diesel or Connor McGregor. Expect a mixed crowd with a lot of different cultures and ethnicities represented.

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Does Encore Beach Club at Night have a Guest List?

The Guest List is usually a good option for this party. Typically, ladies are free, and guys are either free or reduced, as long as you have an even ratio of guys to girls. Cover, if any, will depend on the artist they have booked.

Sometimes they have a Encore Beach at Night Guest List for ladies only that ends at a specific time, and other nights, they don't have a Guest List at all. To be safe, we would highly recommend tickets on Friday or Saturday night as this sometimes changes on the fly. To be added to a Guest List, you will need to provide your full name, group size with ratio of men and women, a phone number, and an email address. Once given, our team will provide you with instructions on where to go, how to check-in, and the time constraints of the free entry for ladies.

However, with many other people trying to get into the club for free on these lists, there can be an extended line and wait to get in. Sometimes it may take upwards of 20-30+ minutes of waiting. Being on the Guest List does not guarantee immediate entry into the venue so be prepared to wait to get in as you are skipping the cover charge to get in free.

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How Much at Tickets at EBC at Night?

encore at night concert tickets

Ticket pricing depends on the night and also the act who is performing that night at Encore. Most nights, Encore Beach Club at Night tickets for ladies start around $20 and men are $40 each. Be prepared for some taxes and fees to get added to your tickets at checkout. The bigger artists on Fridays and Saturdays are considered ticketed events, and the further out you buy the tickets, the less they will be. You can always count on a higher price closer to the date, and on the night of the event expect a ridiculous cover charge at the door.

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Wynn Nightlife Security

You must be 21 years of age to enter the club and have a valid form of ID; pictures on your phone of your identification won't be enough for entry, and neither will a temporary paper document. If you are not from the United States and have a foreign ID, you will be required to show your passport, so please bring it, or you will have to go back to your room to get it.

When coming to the club, expect to go through a security check point. The have a full-on TSA airport style metal detector wand. They also have a zero-tolerance policy for hardcore drugs and other substances. If you are found with these, there is a possibility you will be permanently banned or “86ed” from the property. Marijuana is legal in Nevada for recreational use, but the casinos are operating under Federal licenses, which still makes weed off limits in the casino clubs-weed pens included.

EBC Specials and Bottle Packages

Management has cheap bottle deals on most nights without a big headliner. Usually, a couple of bottles and entry for ten people in the $1350 range is the best deal you will see at a prime club on a prime night.

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What is Bottle Service?

By definition, Bottle Service means purchasing alcohol in higher quantities from the venue directly instead of having to wait in line at the bar and buy drink after drink. With Bottle Service, you get a full-service waitress and busser to pour drinks for you and your group while also keeping your area clean and secure for the night. You will be paying a premium to secure a table and Bottle Service in the Club but it does have many perks aside from the service staff.

champagne bottle service

The bussers, servers, and runners at Encore Beach Club at Night are top of the line; they always have your ice bucket and mixers refilled and they do an incredible job keeping the table and your general area clean. Most importantly, with Bottle Service, you get a private area that is yours for the entire evening. This area often includes seating, whether it is on a couch or on a lily pad – being able to sit down and get off your feet occasionally throughout the night is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

What's a Minimum Spend?

night swim encore tower display

The minimum spend is the amount you agree upon in advance to spend on alcohol. The minimum amount determines which table or real estate in the nightclub you are reserving for the evening. The better tables at EBC at night, like the Bungalow or Cabana sections, will have a higher minimum spend agreement required to secure it. Also, on nights with more prominent DJs or Artists booked, you can expect a higher minimum to reserve a particular table.

Having a direct line of communication with your Bachelorette Vegas host who you are working with and being upfront and accurate with your time of arrival, is the best strategy for a stress-free and hassle-free Bottle Service experience.

Typical Minimum Spends at EBC at Night:

Below is the typical minimum spend at Encore Club for most of the DJs on nights when they are performing and headlining. These prices can fluctuate based on the time of the year, demand, and also whether or not it is a holiday weekend such as Memorial Day Weekend. On nights when Alesso is performing, the price range is significantly higher.

A minimum spend agreement is defined as an amount of money you agree to spend to secure a particular table for the evening. The minimum is a credit on the menu to be used towards bottles. At the venue, Premium 1L Bottles start at $750 each, with bottles like Grey Goose and Belvedere Vodka affordably priced at $795 a pop.

The higher the minimum spend agreement, the more selection of tables will be available for you to reserve.  The minimum spend is also not the total cost of the table, as local and state taxes, service fees, and gratuities to the cocktail servers are factored in once you close out the tab.

Night Party Tier #1 (Most DJs)


Large $4000 (15ppl)
Medium $2500 (10ppl)
Small $2000 (6ppl)


Dance Floor Section $5000 (15ppl)
Dance Floor Table $3000 (6ppl)

(Platform When Not Night Swim)

Premium Platform $4000 (12ppl)
Platform $1500 (8ppl)

Lower Bungalows $4000 (20ppl)
Lower Cabanas $2000 (12ppl)

L Couches $1200 (8ppl)
Center L Couches $1500 (10ppl)
Daybeds $1000 (8ppl)
Gaming $1000 (8ppl)
Beach Couches $750 (6ppl)


6ppl $750
8ppl $1000
10ppl $1500

Night Party Tier #2 (Dillon Francis)


Large $5000 (15ppl)
Medium $3000 (10ppl)
Small $2000 (6ppl)


Dance Floor Section $5000 (15ppl)
Dance Floor Table $3000 (6ppl)

(Platform When Not Night Swim)

Premium Platform $4000 (12ppl)
Platform $1500 (8ppl)

Lower Bungalows $4000 (20ppl)
Lower Cabanas $2000 (12ppl)

L Couches $1200 (8ppl)
Center L Couches $1500 (10ppl)
Daybeds $1000 (8ppl)
Gaming $1000 (8ppl)
Beach Couches $750 (6ppl)


6ppl $750
8ppl $1000
10ppl $1500

Night Party Tier #3(Diplo)


Large $6000 (15ppl)
Medium $3500 (10ppl)
Small $2500 (6ppl)


Dance Floor Section $6000 (15ppl)
Dance Floor Table $4000 (6ppl)

(Platform When Not Night Swim)

Premium Platform $5000 (12ppl)
Platform $1500 (8ppl)

Lower Bungalows $5000 (20ppl)
Lower Cabanas $2000 (12ppl)
L Couches $1200 (8ppl)
Center L Couches $1500 (10ppl)
Daybeds $1000 (6ppl)
Gaming $1000 (6ppl)
Beach Couches $1000 (6ppl)


6ppl $1000
8ppl $1200
10ppl $1500

How do I Calculate My Bill?

Say you want 3 Grey Goose Vodka and have a $2000 minimum spend:

$2000 min
+ $167.50 (8.375% City Tax)
+ $255.00 (12.75% Venue Fee)
+ $300 (15% to the cocktail server)
= $2722.50 is your Total Cost out the door.

In many instances, there is an opportunity to get lower-than-posted-pricing with what's called a "handshake" in Las Vegas; basically, it is a gratuity to the podium for a lower minimum and a potential upgraded location.  Sometimes a podium tip is required for a particular table or even to get a location on certain nights.

Encore Nightclub Layout

The Pool Deck

Bottle Service has its perks, from VIP entry to a personalized server and security for your section, can make your big night out extra special. We walk you right past any lines with expedited entry. For table options, click on the option you want a quote please use our 3D clickable Map section for a quote to choose your area.


The Bungalows and Cabanas at EBC are a Vegas-must! If you are looking for an engaging and immersive experience, Encore Beach Club is the spot; it’s popularity lives up to its hype.

Lower Bungalow - (20ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Upper and Lower Bungalow btv.jpg

The Lower Bungalows are some of the best tables in all of Las Vegas. From the private bathroom to a shared pool with the Bungalow next door. You will typically find the elite people spending time here as the minimums and spend requirements to secure these tables for an evening are typically astronomical.

Upper Bungalow - (15ppl)

The Upper Bungalows are the same setup as the Lower Bungalows just up one level without a private pool, but they are large, roomy and comfortable for hanging out. These are slightly more removed from the party but provide an intimate upper deck view of the party and madness going on below.

All luxury cabanas come equipped with a TV, refrigerator, a safe, a private lounge area and a daybed in front of the Cabana.

Lower Cabana - (12ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Lower Cabana Inside btv

EBCs Lower Cabanas are the most popular choice for Bottle Service. Stacked side by side on both ends of the venue, these along with the upper cabanas, have the most selection of different areas to choose from and they also have a full-sized Daybed in front of them for additional seating.

Upper Cabana - (10ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Upper Cabana btv

EBCs Upper Cabanas are directly above the Lower Cabanas with an intimate-sized Daybed in front as well. They provide a higher and more panoramic view of the party below.


DJ Tables - (10ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas DJ Booth Table btv

There are six tables directly in front of the DJ Booth; these are considered the DJ tables. They face the dance floor which is insanely packed when the main artist is performing. So, if you're looking to be in the heart of the action, these tables are for you.

Center L Couches - (10ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas L Couch btv

In the center of the Map Table, 703 to 710 are the Center L couches. These are literally in the “center” of the action. They have a great view of the DJ from across the pool and they seat 6-8 people.

L Couches - (10ppl)

The L Couches on the Map are 700, 701, and 702 on the south end. On the north end, the L Couches 711, 712, and 713. They comfortably seat 5-6 people and are in a high-traffic area on the Pool Deck.

Daybeds - (8ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Day Bed btv

Popular among the ladies and couples, the Daybeds give you a beautiful area to layout and soak up the sun. These beds are on the far north and south end of the Pool Deck. There is a total of 5 on each side. They comfortably accommodate 3-4 people laying out at once. Most of the daybeds have a couple of extra stools for additional seating.

Gaming - (6ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Gaming Pavilion btv

These are located in the Gaming Pavilion. Six out of the eight tables face the DJ from an elevated platform. Tables G1 and G8 have a little more room, but they face the gaming tables. If you want to be eye level with the DJ and you're into gambling, these tables are for you.

Beach Couches - (6ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Beach Couch btv

Beach Couches will be on the left and right if you are facing the DJ. They seat 3-4 people, and some setups have a couple of stools for extra seating.


Food is not allowed on the water.

Water Couches - (10ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Water Couch btv

These are the best seats in the pool - a large L Couch and a Daybed with plenty of room in the shallow water section to host a large group. Did we mention you are the center of attention?

Center Pool Lily Pads - (6ppl)

Encore Beach Las Vegas Lilly Pads btv

There are a total of 8 Lily Pads in the center, 4 to the right of the DJ and 4 to the left. These typically fetch a higher minimum since you're closer to the action and in the center pool. They can seat 4 to 6 people on the Lily Pads and they sit in the shallow portion of the pool.

Lily Pads - (6ppl)

There are 14 other Lily Pads, 7 on the south and north ends in their respective pools. The Lilly Pads can accommodate 4 to 6 people and they sit in the shallow portion of the pool.

Bachelorette Vegas Table Number Map

To assist you with your booking, we've included an 2D Map with the table numbers which makes things easier to discuss.

Encore Beach Club at Night Table Number Map

Bottles will be on the higher end here, starting around $750 and up for Absolut Elyx on non-holiday weekends. Add on the tip and tax and you are looking at $1000+ per bottle.

Encore at Night Package Deals

Our value filled All-Inclusive Package deals are perfectly crafted to be centered around a night out at Encore Club. One experience in particular is our Head Over Heels Package. This high-flying night out is designed for the ultimate thrill seeking stagette party. The night starts with an exclusive limo pick-up from your hotel down the Las Vegas Strip with a quick pit stop at the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign.

After you and your group take cute pictures, the limo will bring you next door to Maverick Helicopters where you will be checked in and treated like royalty with complimentary champagne and boarding passes for your 15-20-minute Helicopter tour over the Las Vegas Strip. This high flying adventure provides some of the most pristine views of Sin City. After coming back down to earth, a private transport will pick all of you up and bring you to the World-Famous Sapphire Gentleman's Club.

Upon arrival, you and your group will be greeted and escorted directly to the Men of Sapphire Room. Once the show starts, get out your dollar bills as these men will give you a show you won’t ever forget. This hybrid male-revue and male strip club offers guests a tasteful and exotic escape from the real world, perfect for bachelorettes or a girl’s night out. Around midnight, a private limousine will be waiting for you and your girls to drive you to Encore Beach Club at Night where one of our trusted VIP Hosts will meet you and escort you directly inside to cap off an incredible evening dancing the night away!

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What Else You Need to Know

Encore Club Bottle Presentations

mid life crisis at encore at night

If you are celebrating a special occasion or you want to get noticed in the club then plan on ordering around $2000+ and some champagne to trigger a bottle presentation. EBC has some good ones and the more you order the bigger and better the presentation!

The Best Nights

dj event at encore at night

Any night they are open is really a great night to hit up EBC at Night they have such a powerhouse lineup of talent performing that it is almost always crowded. If you are a big fan of Diplo, then this is one Wednesday industry night you should not miss. The Friday and Saturday nights are mid-level artists during the summer months.

Kygo nights are also an experience to say the least, however, the tickets are pricey and we might be limited on the bottle packages. These parties are wild and rambunctious, with hordes of people splashing recklessly in the pool when the beats drop.

Quality of Crowd

ebc at night vegas girls

This party on the weekends tends to lean more on the EDM or electronic dance music side.  Although you can expect a very diverse crowd.  From hen parties, to birthdays, to hotel guests, to Vegas party girls to tourists, you will find them all at this party.  Come with a smile and we are confident you will find what you are looking for here.

How do I get my guests in if they arrive late?

encore at night dj main room

Barring an issues with a capacity crowd, this is a pretty simple process. Your guest(s) can walk up to the ropes and mention the table number and the name the table is booked under, and they get right in. Some exceptions are that capacity issue, and they just can't physically allow anyone else in via the Fire Marshal's rules and regulations, or if you are way over your limit on the number of people at your table.

If you have some uninvited guests at your table for some reason, the proper way to handle that is get security to have them removed. I strongly suggest that you DO NOT try to remove them yourself as an altercation could occur, and potentially everyone at the table will get kicked out. With over 20+ years of experience in this business, please trust us, that is the best way to handle things.

Wynn Nightlife’s Other Venues

encore beach club las vegas girls

If you have stayed at the Encore or Wynn then you know the Hotel is deluxe and their other venues are just as nice, the pool party is Encore Beach Club and they open Intrigue nightclub on special occasions, and XS nightclub is arguably the best party in town especially on Sunday nights in season for the Sunday Nightswim. The property has several great dining restaurants, one this is for sure, this complex is upscale and classy.

Bachelorette Vegas Advice:

encore beach at night pool toys

Well, there you have it, if you made to the end of our book, thank you for sticking around. This venue still best and only Friday and Saturday night-swim in the city. The party is festive, great artists, and the music is not too loud. Nothing beats a crowd of beautiful people that can actually talk to each other. Consider one of our package deals to get the most bang for your buck, as this is one of our top picks for bachelorettes! 🎉

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Andrea is charismatic, personable, and approachable and she generates a large following from people of all ages. She has over 20 years of living the "Las Vegas Life” and is an expert on all things Sin City. She is well-known, well-respected, has a solid reputation, and established credibility as a party planner with a wide-ranging social media outreach.

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