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Hakkasan Nightclub

at MGM Grand3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89169

Music:A Variety of Musical Genres
Open:Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00 pm - 4 am
Dress Code:Dress codes enforced, no hats or tennis shoes.
Line Wait:Up to 2 hours.
Events:Tiesto, Lil Jon and other famous Djs
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Ladies, you’ve been partying it up in Las Vegas for so long that there’s no doubt that you’ve hit every club that exists. You’ve even tackled off of the “off the Strip” locales, even those undesirable locales that you were warned about. So, now here you are and you’ve got a bachelorette party to plan. You want a fresh background, someplace that can cater to everything your party needs. Luckily for you, the MGM Grand stepped up to provide a new source of entertainment on the Strip; a location that combines everything you could possibly need for your night of extravagant partying. A place with a name that may difficult to say, but is extremely memorable. A place that’s made its routes in cities like New York, London, and Dubai. A place named Hakkasan.

hakkasan nightclub mgm

It can easily be described as the ultimate venue. Providing a restaurant, nightclub, lounge, and private party space, Hakkasan is the ideal space to spend your bachelorette party at. If you’re not planning your own party, then it’s time to start dropping hints. Everything is fresh and new, from the unique and ornate Chinese décor to the intricate menu offered by the five-star restaurant. From dining to dancing, this venue provides it all.

The restaurant offers a vast menu of authentic Chinese dishes, with options that may ring familiar such as Peking duck, hot and sour soup, and a delectable take on sweet and sour pork. Flavors range all across the board and are sure to touch on every palate imaginable. An extensive seafood menu caters to more exotic flavors while poultry, beef, pork, and even vegetarian dishes are more familiar, but just as delicious. The chef’s at Hakkasan spare no expense, so you can expect exceptional cuisine on every visit. For your party, you may even consider simply ordering off of the vast appetizer menu and sharing dishes between you and your girlfriends. No matter what, there will be something for everyone.

Once you’re done gorging on authentic Chinese cuisine, your party can move up to the third floor, where you can engage in some light dancing at the Ling Ling Club. This smaller space filters into the Ling Ling Lounge, which I where you can take a load off in a far more intimate atmosphere. The Ling Ling Lounge acts as a quiet space where you can your fellow guests can converse without competing with a pounding bass. When you’re ready to really party, you just go up one more floor to main club.

Here, after being greeted by intricate floor to ceiling LED screens, you will experience the hottest party on the Strip. Fueled by the musical talents of deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Aoki, Hakkasan’s dance floor is the place to be. Surely, being your bachelorette party you would have sprung for VIP access, so not only are you able to walk right into both the restaurant and nightclub, but you are also provided ring-side seating that overlooks the main focus of the club while also allowing you the chance to drink in the authentic and eye-catching décor. With your VIP access, you will also get a bottle of the club’s premium liquor as well as table service of the club’s favorite beverages, mixed fresh by the expertly trained mixologists.

hakkasan vegas

Though it may sound impossible, the club still offers more. An outdoor space connects to the main club and offers the ability to get some fresh air while still feeling like you’re a part of the nightly party. A two-story water feature and gorgeous, live foliage welcome you into the desert night air while a bar, topped off with its own private DJ, beckons you to quench your thirst. Even still, there is more to this mega-space.

On its top floor, Hakkasan extends the night club experience while still offering a semi-private space for affairs. Separate rooms offer a more private experience, allowing different events to retire up to a private space when they grow tired of the club. This fifth floor may be separate from the club, but it still offers a means of getting to the dance floor easily.

There’s no doubt that if you’re looking for a fresh space for your bachelorette party that Hakkasan is the ideal place for you. From VIP access to exquisite dining to several perfect party spaces, this new establishment is sure to give you the night of your life – which, considering it’s your last one as a truly “single” gal, you’ll want it to stand out amongst the others.