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Light Nightclub

at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino 3950 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV 89109
Open:Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10:30 p.m - 4: a.m
Dress Code:TBA
Line Wait:TBA
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Light Nightclub

When the sun goes down, and darkness falls across the Las Vegas Strip, one nightclub venue dares to “Light” up the night. Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino stands as a veteran entry to the scene. Opened in 2013 after being remodeled from the previous Rumjungle Nightclub, Light is a spectacle of both sound and visual entertainment. The club itself is a 38,000 square foot venue with over 150 moving lights, 50 stationary lights, 700 video panels, and 68 total tables for Bottle Service. Light is a massive venue with 3 different levels of tables downstairs, along with a sparsely used balcony upstairs. It also has 3 full-service bars, including the main bar. True to its name, Light lives up to the hype with explosive energy and a crowd that will have you dancing the night away. Originally opening as an EDM style club, Light has shifted into more of an Open Format and Hip-Hop based venue. A few of its most famous residents who perform include Rick Ross, Jeezy, E-40, Saweetie, T-Pain, and London on the Track. Its resident DJs include world-renowned DJ E-Rock from San Francisco, DJ Neva, and J-Nice.

What You Need to Know about Light Nightclub

Where is Light Nightclub Located?

Light nightclub is located at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino directly next to LUPO Restaurant by Wolfgang Puck and near the entrance to the Mandalay Bay and Delano Parking Garages. Its bright logo of "LIGHT" is unmissable when you are walking past it. From the main entrance of Mandalay Bay, follow the walkway directly through the casino past the gaming tables. You will see the Rhythm & Riffs Lounge that usually has live music playing and a lively crowd dancing. Continuing forward, you will see LUPO and then Light Nightclub. Typically, there are long lines that stretch out to the casino on busier nights. Its physical address is 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, NV and its hours of operation are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday Nights from 10:30 p.m. – 4:00 a.m.

What is the Dress Code at Light Nightclub?

As with any nightclub in Las Vegas, dressing to impress is always the best strategy. At Light, just about anything goes for girls, as long as you are wearing a top that adequately covers your top, along with a skirt or dress that isn't way too short.

Due to it being more of an urban Hip-Hop venue, the dress code restrictions are pretty relaxed as Jordans and designer gym shoes are allowed. For ladies, as long as you don’t wear athletic gear and sandals, you should be fine. Typically, the only items frowned upon are hats, flip flops, shorts, sandals, sneakers, ripped and baggy clothing and steel toe shoes like Timberlands.

How Much are Drinks at Light?

Like other clubs in Las Vegas, individual drinks can get pricey. Mixed drinks like Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Soda and Rum and Coke can range from $15-$20, while premium beverages like Red Bull Vodka or specialty liquors can bring the price upwards of $20-$25+ depending on how much of a tip you want to leave your cocktail server. Beers range between $10-$15 each, and shots vary on the brand but are typically in the $10-$20 range each.

How Much are Tickets at Light?

Tickets are $20 for Ladies and $30 for Males on regular nights, however, on busier nights with higher end talent performing like Rick Ross, T-Pain, or Saweetie, ticket prices may increase based on demand.

Light Guest List

Guest Lists are a part of all nightclubs in Las Vegas, including Light. To be added to a Guest List, you will need to provide your full name, group size with ratio of men and women, a phone number, and sometimes an email address for the promotor or host. Once given, the promotor or host you are dealing with will provide you with instructions on where to go, how to check-in, and the time constraints of the free entry for ladies. Most nights, the guest list goes from 10:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.; some nights it can go up to 1:00 a.m. However, with many other people trying to get into the club for free on these lists, there can be an extended line and a long wait to get in. Sometimes the way may take upwards of 20-30+ minutes. Being on a Guest List does not guarantee immediate entry into the venue so be prepared to wait to get in as you are skipping the cover charge to get in free.

If you do want to be added to the Guest List at Light Nightclub, please fill out a form by clicking on the link. or by calling us directly @ +1-702-850-8044

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What are the Best Nights to go to Light?

Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest nights at Light. Depending on the weekend, typically the major resident artists like Rick Ross, T-Pain, or Saweetie are booked on Saturday Nights. Friday nights are themed by E-40 as "Function Fridays. Typically, E-40 plays there every other weekend on Fridays during the busy season, and always draws a lively crowd. Wednesday nights are a big Industry Night and a great value night to party as well. If you are looking to party with the locals and are looking for a bargain Bottle Service night out, then look at Light for Wednesday nights. If you are a large enough group of girls, typically, you can get a complimentary table set up with 1-2 free bottles of alcohol on these nights with prime seating.

Light Nightclub Venue Information & Bottle Service Costs

Upon entry to Light Nightclub, you will be dazzled by the first staircase that winds around a bend to the Main Room. It fully encapsulates the Light theme with its mesmerizing LED mirror display that lines the walls surrounding the stairs. This is a must-stop for a dazzling picture to post on Instagram with you and your group! Once past the staircase, the sheer magnitude of the venue size will hit you immediately, its main bar stretches down what feels like the length of a football field. There is plenty of room to squeeze in and grab a drink. The center staircase that leads down to the Main Room of the Club is overwhelming at times as the sheer magnitude of the venue and the lights hit you as you take that first step into the open air. On each side of the staircase are entrances to the three tiers of private tables with Bottle Service. A security guard ropes off the walkways to these sections to ensure complete privacy for the paying clientele. At the bottom of the staircase, the main dance floor is always packed with partygoers dancing the night away. Overall, Light is a massive venue that has plenty of room to move in it. If you love Hip-Hop music and want to be able to move around and enjoy yourself, then Light is the Club for you!

While Light is considered a Mega-Club based on its size in Las Vegas, it doesn't carry the enormous costs and minimums compared to other Clubs like XS, Omnia, or Drai's. Minimum spend agreements are much lower for premium tables, and on most nights a two or three bottle minimum might position you on the lower dance floor or on a prime first tier table.

Typical Minimum Spend Range

Wednesday Nights

2nd tier - $300 minimum

Upper Dance Floor - $500 minimum

1st Tier / Lower Dance Floor - $1,000 - $1,500 minimum

Regular Friday and Saturday Nights

2nd tier - $300 - $500 minimum spend

Upper Dance Floor - $500 - $1,000 minimum spend

1st Tier / Lower Dance Floor - $1,500 - $2,000+ minimum spend

Elevated Nights (Holiday Weekend or Major Act Pricing)

Balcony - $500 minimum spend

2nd Tier - $1,000 minimum spend

Upper Dance Floor - $1,500 - $3,000 minimum spend

1st Tier / Lower Dance Floor - $4,000 - $6,000 minimum spend

(Minimum spends are a credit to spend on the menu for Bottles and Drinks)

(Taxes, Tips, and Service Fees are not included, they are calculated once you close your tab)

So, let's do the math:

Let’s say you want 2 Bottles of Grey Goose ($575 each x 2) = $1,150 minimum spend + $96.31 Taxes (8.375% City Tax) + $80.50 Venue Fee (7.00% Venue Fee) + $230 Tip to the waitress (20% Gratuity) = $1,556.81 Total Cost out the door if you did not order anything else on top of the bottles.

Light's stadium-style seating provides each tier an exceptional view of both the DJ booth and its overwhelming LED Video board. Each level is significantly elevated above and also divided by railings from the subsequent lower sections. This provides plenty of space between each table and also prevents tables from becoming overcrowded and overflowing into other sections. Most tables are surprisingly comfortable, and there really is not a bad view from any of the tables downstairs.

Its Bottle Service prices are slightly lower compared to the nightclubs in the rest of the City. Premium One Liter bottles start around $475-$525 each with higher-end bottles like Grey Goose, Cîroc, and Hennessey ranging from $575 - $650 each.

Light Nightclub Package Deals

Experiencing Light Nightclub is best when it is done within one of our Value All-Inclusive Packages! These packages give you a set schedule and a flexible itinerary of different events before ending the night or beginning the night at Light Nightclub! Our “Bridesmaids Hangover” Package is a wild take based on the popular movie with the same name.

The night begins with a limo pickup from your hotel down The Strip to Planet Hollywood Hotel and the Miracle Mile Shops. From there you will have an all-you-can-eat meat feast at Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse. This rodizio buffet-style dining will serve your group 15 different types of mouth-watering meat. A one and a-half hour all-you-can-drink Well Liquor and Beer Open bar is added to get you all drunk to begin the night. From there, a private vehicle will pick you up and whisk you away to treat you to the Men of Sapphire at Sapphire Gentleman's Club. This Male Strip Club is a perfect place to release your inhibitions and celebrate your bride's last night of freedom. The men will spoil you with intimate lap dances and will also allow you to take the bride on stage for a spotlight dance that she will never forget! To cap the night off, your limo will pick you up and bring you to Light Nightclub where you will have VIP Direct entrance along with two Premium One Liter Bottles of your choice and a private table with Bottle Service for the remainder of the night to set yourself up for an epic hangover the next day!


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