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Marquee Nightclub

at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Music: Hip hop, house.
Open: Friday, Saturday and Monday: 10:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Dress Code: Dress codes strictly enforced.
Line Wait: Up to 3 hours.
Events: Monday nights with residents DJ VICE, DJ ERIC DLUX, and Red Foo from LMFAO.



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They say that as the world stands today, it is a man's world – apparently "they" have yet to step foot in Las Vegas. Being a woman in Las Vegas is much like holding the key to the city. Some men trip over themselves just to stutter through a simple "Hello" while others hand out money to the most scantily clad of the bunch to stay by their side at the table games and act like a good luck charm for the night. In short, Vegas is a woman's world, and even popular nightclubs in no need of publicity like the Cosmopolitan's Marquee cater heavily to the female crowd.

When planning that girl's night out to the Marquee nightclub, it is imperative to consider the surroundings. It is housed in one of Sin City's hottest properties, which just so happens to be known for its unending crowd of gorgeous people. While it may require a lot of finesse and a complete lack of clothing for one girl to stand out in the crowd, beauty and sex appeal is far more effective in numbers. Whether the occasion is a bachelorette party or just a girl's night out at the clubs, the perks will be far greater if everybody looks as put together as possible.

Once the difficult act of actually getting inside Marquee Las Vegas is accomplished (which, with the right attire, is fairly simple), the night will is all uphill from there. Being a newer property, It still has that fresh appeal that some of the older venues have long since lost. The decor is fresh and vibrant, the DJ is still very much into his job, and security works overtime to ensure the dance floor is free from any sloppy drunks. Also, being one of the new guys on the block will make Club Marquee an appealing place for other party goers to spend their night (i.e. single men with lots of money). Whether attending a bachelorette party or just partaking in a little girl's night out, there will always be time to be a free-drink recipient at any of the club's hefty bars. If luck is in the air, there may even be a guy willing to spring for a VIP booth and a bottle service, which typically immediately guarantees the perfect night out.

One downfall for the female persuasion at Marquee is the staircase that grants access to the more private Library. A group of high heel clad ladies will probably wind up with a few injured ligaments and the unfortunate inability to dance for the rest of the night. Overcoming obstacles like this require some planning, and if a spare set of shoes can be made available, it's worth the mild hassle to experience the uniqueness of the Library. You can try to make the climb up stairs either barefoot or in your stockings, but it's best not to test the mood of the club's security that night.

By the end of a night, chances are the group will have split up, leaving each girl to their own guy. If there is any indication of a night well spent, a complete division of the party is it.

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