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Omnia Nightclub

@ Caesars Palace: 3570 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV, 89109
Music:DJ-spun, EDM, House
Open:Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday - Sunday 10:30 p.m. - 5:00 a.m.
Dress Code:Dress codes strictly enforced.
Line Wait:Up to 2 hours.
Events:EDM, Celebrity DJs hosted events
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Omnia Nightclub

Located at the world-famous Caesars Palace, in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, OMNIA Nightclub stands as one of the newest and most extravagant entries to Sin City’s Nightlife scene. Previously known as the iconic Pure Nightclub, this space underwent a massive $100 million-dollar renovation in 2014 by the world-renowned Rockwell Group and evolved into what is now one of the best clubs in the world. Re-opening in 2015, Omnia transformed into a massive and overwhelming 75,000 square foot mega-club highlighted by its massive 22,000-pound kinetic chandelier that hangs over the main dance floor. This opulent and spectacularly layered centerpiece is a modern marvel that needs to be seen to be believed. Once the main DJ starts his performance, this eight-ring towering sculpture moves like a UFO, rising and falling to the beat drop, while also twisting and turning to the bass line. It truly is a structure that will take your breath away.

While the Main Room m is a sight to behold, the three-level venue, known as Omnia Nightclub, has a diverse array of environments within it as well. The Terrace is an incredible ode to Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It is a fully outdoor and open-air venue with its own DJ and sound system separate from the Main Room. It stands facing outwards from its humble abode at Caesars Palace with an incredible panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip. The Terrace also has a full-sized dance floor along with a multitude of tables available to reserve for Bottle Service for those looking for a more sophisticated and mellow Club experience as the DJs typically spins a more relaxed trance or deep house mix.

For those who are not a fan of listening to heavy-hitting EDM tunes, no need to worry as Omnia also has its own Hip-Hop Club within the massive 75,000 square foot structure. The Heart of Omnia is secretively located behind the Main Room with a secluded hallway that leads guests into a much different tempo and experience. Filled with a spectacular array of LED Lights, lining the walls that surround the more intimately designed Club, the Heart of Omnia is a sharp departure from the Terrace and Main Room. Open Format DJ's pound the rooms impressive sound system with Hip-Hop and R&B Hits, while patrons dance and pop bottles throughout the night.

As for the headlining entertainment at OMNIA, needless to say, it packs a huge and explosive punch. Heavy hitter EDM industry artists like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Steve Aoki, and Calvin Harris headline the Main Room weekly. Its impressive 2nd tier of artists includes the likes of Lil Jon, Party Favor, Cash, Illenium, Nervo, and Loud Luxury. Overall, Omnia is an incredible experience from top to bottom that is perfect for any girl's night out or bachelorette party.

Bottle Service at Omnia Las Vegas

VIP Reservations at Omnia Nightclub for Bottle Service are appealing for any girl's night out or Bachelorette Party, however, several factors influence the pricing. As one of the newest and most popular Clubs in Las Vegas, Omnia's pricing structure is definitely on the higher side of the spectrum with minimums typically ranging from $1,000 - $10,000 before tax, tips and fees. The date of the event, the DJ or the Artist performing, as well as the location of your table in proximity to the DJ and the dance floor, along with the number of guests in your party, are all taken into consideration for a minimum spend agreement to be set for your group.

The Main Room will always be the most expensive for Bottle Service which includes the dance floor tables to 2nd-row tables, then third row, and lastly the balcony.

The Heart of Omnia showcases a nightly Hip-Hop type DJ. This room has two tiers, the Lower Dance Floor Tables and Upper Dance Floor Tables. While on the Terrace, its atmosphere is geared towards more of a deep house, trance, or tech-house DJ who plays a mix of house music all night. On the Terrace the levels of tables start with the Strip-View Tables, the Dance Floor Tables, and the Cabana Tables.

Generally, no more than ten people are allowed per table reservation, however, with our high-level connections with the management, we can fit in larger groups of people if needed.

Bottle service cost examples at Omnia

Pricing is subject to change based on demand, and minimum spends to get the table located in the area listed.

3rd Tier DJ Price Night

Artists like Party Favor, Loud Luxury, Lil Jon, Cash, Resident DJ

Main Room
  • Dance Floor - $6,000 (15ppl)
  • Upper Dance Floor - $5,000 (15ppl)
  • 2nd Tier - $4,000 (10ppl)
  • 3rd Tier - $3,000 (8ppl)
  • Balcony
  • Skybox – $4,000 (20ppl)
  • Large Balcony – $3,000 (15ppl)
  • Small Balcony – $2,000 (10ppl)
  • Heart of Omnia

    Owners Tables - $1,500 (10ppl)

    Dance Floor - $1,500 (10ppl)

    2nd Tier - $1,000 (6ppl)


    2nd Tier - $1,500 (10ppl)

    Cabana - $1,000 (8ppl)

    Strip View - $1,000 (6ppl)

    2nd Tier DJ Price Night

    Artists like Zedd, Steve Aoki, Nervo, Martin Garrix, Tiesto

    Main Room

    Dance Floor - $8,000 (15ppl)

    Upper Dance Floor - $6,000 (15ppl)

    2nd Tier - $5,000 (10ppl)

    3rd Tier - $4,000 (8ppl)


    Skybox – $5,000 (20ppl)

    Large Balcony – $4,000 (15ppl)

    Small Balcony – $3,000 (10ppl)

    Heart of Omnia

    Owners Tables - $2,500 (10ppl)

    Dance Floor - $2,000 (10ppl)

    2nd Tier - $1,500 (6ppl)


    2nd Tier - $2,000 (10ppl)

    Cabana - $1,500 (8ppl)

    Strip View - $1,000 (6ppl)

    1st Tier DJ Price Night

    Artists like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Sometimes Zedd and Martin Garrix.

    Dance Floor - $10,000 (15ppl)

    Upper Dance Floor - $8,000 (15ppl)

    2nd Tier - $6,000 (10ppl)

    3rd Tier - $5,000 (8ppl)


    Skybox – $6,000 (20ppl)

    Large Balcony – $5,000 (15ppl)

    Small Balcony – $4,000 (10ppl)

    Heart of Omnia

    Owners Tables - $3,000 (10ppl)

    Dance Floor - $3,000 (10ppl)

    2nd Tier - $2,000 (6ppl)


    2nd Tier - $3,000 (15ppl)

    Cabana - $2,000 (10ppl)

    Strip View - $1,500 (6ppl)

    What's the minimum spend at Omnia?

    The prices listed above are the minimum spends, or in Vegas terms, it is what we call 'the min". For example, let's say you want a Dance Floor Table in the Main Room for a night out headlined by Calvin Harris. You will be looking at a $10,000 minimum spend agreement. This minimum is a credit on the menu to spend on bottles of alcohol and champagne. If you do not exceed the $10,000 credit on the menu, you will still be charged the $10,000 minimum as that is what you originally agreed upon to get that real estate space in the Club for the night. Once you close out your tab, your spend gets effected by a few other factors, as shown below.

    How do I Calculate My Bill?

    Let's do the Math

    $10,000 (min) + $837.50 (8.375% City Tax) + $1,063.00 (10.63% Venue Fee) + $2,000 (20% to the server) = $13,900.50 Total Cost if you do not exceed the minimum spend agreement.

    In many instances, there is an opportunity to get lower-than-posted-pricing with what's called a "handshake" in Las Vegas; basically, it is a gratuity to the podium for a lower minimum and a potential upgraded location. Sometimes a podium tip is required for a particular table or even to get a location on certain nights.

    Omnia Nightclub Bottle Service Menu

    Omnia Nightclub Layout

    Inside Main Room Lower Level

    With 33 tables available for seating, the lower Main Room has plenty of space for guests to enjoy with Bottle Service. These tables are always the most popular and in the highest demand nightly. With its high demand and popularity also comes a higher cost. These are the most expensive tables in the Club on any night of the week.

    The Lower Dance Floors

    The Lower Dance Floor Tables are a small fortune no matter who is performing. These tables are positioned in a large oval shape that surrounds the dance floor that is typically jam-packed with wild party goers. These tables are also placed directly underneath the opulent chandelier that will blow your mind countless times throughout the night as it rises and falls right above you. These tables, labeled 11-19 on the Map, have the best unobstructed views of the DJ Booth and Stage. Table 15 is the Owner's Table, centered directly in front of the DJ Booth behind the crowd and under the chandelier. This is one of the largest areas in the Club for Bottle Service, and on most nights, they split that into 15A and 15B to create two separate tables. However, if you are a big enough spender, you can easily have both tables and that entire section to yourself on any given night

    Second Tier and Upper Dance Floor Tables

    The Second-Tier Tables are labeled 20-29 on the Map, with Tables 24 and 25 also split into 2 separate tables most nights like the Owners Table down below it. These tables are elevated above the Lower Dance Floor Tables and provide a stadium-style effect. These tables have cushioned platforms around it that make it perfect for you and your group to stand on and dance to the music. Also positioned underneath the chandelier, these tables provide a slightly more comprehensive panoramic view of the venue and chandelier, as mentioned earlier.

    Think of this light fixture like a mosquito bug lamp, your eyes will be drawn to it the entire night as it moves and transforms in bright and mysterious ways. You will find yourself wanting to reach out and touch it, but thankfully the designers made sure to not let the 22,000-pound masterpiece drop low enough for those on the ground floor to reach it.

    Third Row Tables

    The 3rd-Row Tables are labeled 31-36 on the Map and are overall a very solid space for a night out at Omnia. Tables 31 and 36 are two of our favorite tables at Bachelorette Vegas. These tables are spaced sufficiently similar to the 2nd-Row Tables and are also positioned directly in front of the main walkway for you to enter and leave the table very quickly. Table 36 also has one of the main lower level restrooms behind it which is very convenient in a Club where its crowded walkways are extremely difficult to maneuver.

    Tables 32 through 35 have slightly less space and they are also positioned underneath the main balcony towards the back of the Main Room. This ceiling that hangs above you takes away from the visceral experience Omnia and its chandelier provides. These tables are also positioned directly in front of the main bar and entry to the Club. This means that people will be walking by and sometimes standing around your table throughout the night. This lack of privacy is more apparent once the main DJ comes on, and people jam pack as tight and close as possible to get a video recording for their Snapchat or Instagram stories.

    Behind the DJ Booth Tables

    Tables 1 through 8 are centrally located behind the DJ and in front of the DJ Bar. These are very high-quality tables that face both the DJ and the Main Dance Floor. They provide an intimate look at all that is going on throughout the entire venue. These tables have cushioned couches and small platforms that make it easy for guests to stand on top of to see more of the show and venue.

    Specifically, Tables 1 and 2 are broken up into two separate tables, each like the Owner's Table, so these are usually four tables unless a big spender needs a large area. These tables are the closest to the DJ Booth and DJ spinning, so if you really want to attempt to get a selfie with Calvin Harris, these are the tables you will want to request.

    There is also a section directly behind the DJ that is not for sale; this area is generally used for the artist's personal friends and family.

    Second Floor of Omnia's Main Room

    Large & Small Balconies

    The second floor or Mezzanine of Omnia Nightclub is shaped like an oval similar to its lower level. At the front of the Oval, over the top of the DJ Booth on both sides, there are two massive Skybox Tables that can each comfortably hold 25-30 people.

    The other Balcony Tables are labeled on the Map as 211-216 and 221-226, respectively. These tables provide an exceptional view of the chandelier in its entirety as it rises and lowers throughout the night. Being elevated over the dance floor and Lower Level Tables, these Balcony Tables are prime for people watching below. If you are looking for a spacious area with the best overall views of the entire room, then the balcony will be the best section for your group. Some of these balconies are larger than others so please let us know your group size and we will make a recommendation on which table is best for you.

    The Heart of Omnia (Main Level of Omnia)

    This Ultra-Lounge concept of Omnia Nightclub is a departure from the pulse-pounding electronic beats it provides in the Main Room. It is a rectangularly shaped room and it has one large main bar on the north end of the room. The DJ Booth is in the center of the room and in this room the Hip-Hop and Open Format genre DJs spin this room nightly, while on Sunday Nights, the "Desso" Latin theme transforms the Heart of Omnia into a Salsa dancing fiesta. Labeled on the Map as the 100 Tables, 101-163, the Heart of Omnia provides three types of tables, the Lower Dance Floor, 2nd tier, and Owners Tables.

    The Lower Level Dance Floor Tables, labeled 121-123 and 161-163 respectively, are positioned directly on the edges of the dance floor with the main dance floor directly in front of it. These tables provide easy access to the walkways that surround the outside of the room and are sufficiently spaced for larger groups to enjoy their nights.

    The 2nd Tier Tables, labeled 101-108 and 151-158 respectively on the Map, are smaller and tighter areas for groups. These tables are bundled together for smaller groups to enjoy; elevated above the lower dance floor in a stadium-style seating. They have a somewhat wide walkway between them which lets guests walk freely to and from them. They also have a platform in front of them that connects it with the Lower Dance Floor Tables. These provide an area to dance and make you feel like you are in the spotlight to the Hip-Hop tunes that will surely get your hips grooving.

    Tables 131 and 141 are the Owner's Tables in the Heart Room. These tables are centrally located with the dance floor and DJ Booth directly in front of them. These are larger tables for larger groups looking to be in the center of the party. These tables are connected with 141 on the floor and 131 directly above and behind it. Similar to the larger tables in the Main Room, Tables 131 and 141 are often split in half to form two tables for two different parties.

    The Terrace (Second Level of Omnia)

    Outside of all the madness at Omnia lies the Terrace. This breath of fresh air shifts the vibe to a more comfortable deep house and trance music theme. These tables are the 300s on the Map and specifically labeled from 311-357. The area overlooks the iconic Las Vegas Strip and provides an endless opportunity for a perfect group photo. It has a full dance floor to grove on, along with a full Garden Bar to grab a drink. The spectacular lighting is on full display once you enter the room, the many LED Lights and fixtures change colors and shades continuously on the walls and throughout the ground tiles as well.

    Terrace Strip View tables

    The Terrace Strip View Tables are labeled 311-313 and 351-357. These tables line the outside of the space with only a glass barrier separating you from The Strip and the approximately 25-30 foot drop to the ground level below. These tables provide two couches that face each other and a table in between; these are perfect for groups of 6-8 people. Our favorite tables at Bachelorette Vegas are 334 and 335. These are the largest tables in the center of the Terrace that are also the center of attention.

    Terrace Cabana Tables

    Elevated above the Main Dance Floor, alongside an elegant wall of lights, are the Cabana Tables, labeled as 321-328 on the Map. These elevated tables offer a beautiful view of both the party below and the Las Vegas Strip. The tables on the Terrace are medium-sized and will accommodate groups of up to eight people comfortably. Tables 334 and 335 are designed with larger groups in mind and have more space for groups of up to 15 people to party the night away.


    seatmap of omnia seatmap of omnia mezzanine


    Location & Hours of Operation

    Omnia Nightclub is located at Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino next to the Race & Sportsbook and Poker Room. On any given night, the line for the guest list and general admission can stretch all the way past the Searsucker Restaurant and out the doors wrapping around the outside entrance to the casino. Its Cathedral style entrance has a large LED banner that displays the artist performing for the night and upcoming events. Directly below this is the VIP Check-in for Bottle Service.

    The physical address is 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

    Dress Code at Omnia Nightclub

    As one of the top Nightclubs in the City, Omnia should be approached as if you were going to be walking on the red carpet at the Oscars. You should pack your best and sexiest dress for this one special night as it is one of the top places to be seen in the City. Typically, girls wear tight dresses or tops with skirts that go above the knees with heels. Whatever your definition is of dressing to impress, this is the place to implement it. Like other clubs in the City, Athletic wear, sandals, baggy shorts, and steel-toed shoes like Timberlands are not allowed. If you do not feel that you will be able to handle a full night wearing your heels, pack a spare pair of flats to slip on and so you can feel comfortable which you dance the night away in this epic Nightclub.

    What are the best nights at Omnia Nightclub?

    Omnia is open to the public every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday night. During certain holiday weekends, it may open on a Monday night as well. It also opens its Terrace in a more relaxed setting every Thursday Night. During the summer months, Omnia opens it Heart Hip-Hop Room under the Desso Latin Theme Night with Bachata, Salsa, and other Reggaeton genres of music.

    Fridays and Saturday nights are the best nights to go to Omnia as headliner DJs like Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and others often perform. Be prepared for a sea of people though as Omnia often hits capacity before the main artists come on and it has clogged walkways and spaces to get through when the artists are performing. Secure your space with Bottle Service or arrive early to camp on the dance floor before the main DJ comes on. Be sure to use the restroom before 12:30 am because once the main act comes on, around 1:00 am, you likely will not be able to return to the main floor until much later into the night.

    The Cost of Drinks

    The extravagance of Omnia Nightclub does not end with its opulent design and layout. The drinks at the bar are priced to match with individual mixed drinks ranging from $20-$40 each depending on the brand of alcohol and mixed drink you choose. Beers range from $15-$20 each, and shots vary on the particular brand of alcohol and are normally priced between $15-$25 each.

    How much are tickets at Omnia?

    General admission tickets range based on the act or artist performing and also on the time of year. Typically pricing starts around $30-$40 per girl and $50-$75 per male. However, on nights with higher-tiered DJs like Calvin Harris, tickets can go up to $75-$100 per female and $150-$200+ for men.

    Omnia also has a bar card offer that gives you a general admission entry with a specific line and also credits to be used at the bar for mixed drinks. You can buy these tickets or General Admission direct from the venue from our link below.

    Omnia Guest List

    On most nights, the Omnia Guest Lists are available for girls only. These lists have very stringent time constraints for free or reduced entry. Sometimes, depending on who is performing and the number of people in the venue, the list can be cut off around 10:30-11:00 pm. Oftentimes, the Guest List line starts building up around 9:30-10:00 pm before the Main Club opens its doors at 10:30 pm. Most nights, with regular DJ's and performers, the Guest List goes until Midnight for Free Entry for ladies only.

    To get on a Guest List at Omnia Nightclub, you typically need to provide your full name, group size with male to female ratio, a phone number, and email address to a promotor or host. From there, they will typically give you instructions on where to go, how to check-in, and the time constraints of the night for free entry for ladies. However, with many other people trying to get into the Club for free on these lists, there can be an extended line and wait to get in. Sometimes it may take upwards of 45 minutes to an hour plus of waiting so be prepared to wait as the Guest List does not grant you immediate entry into the Club.

    If you do want to be added to the Guest List at Omnia Nightclub, please fill out a form by clicking here. or by calling us directly @ +1-702-850-8044.

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    Omnia Nightclub Package Deals

    Experiencing Omnia Nightclub is best when it is done with one of our Value All-Inclusive Packages. These packages give you a set and organized schedule with events laid out before you get to Omnia with VIP Hosted Direct Entry or with Bottle Service if it is within our group’s budget.

    Our “Ready for Action” Package is an affordable bachelorette option that provides an inexpensive male review along with Direct Entry into Omnia Nightclub timed perfectly before the main DJ Performs. The night starts with private transport from your hotel on The Strip to the world-famous Sapphire Gentleman's Club. Upon entry, you and your group will get direct entrance and VIP Table seating for the Men of Sapphire Male Review and Strip Club. For every four ladies in your party, you will get a bottle of champagne as well. The Men of Sapphire is a wild and rambunctious experience, to say the least. The men jump into the crowd and provide wild lap dances and stage dances for bachelorettes to experience their last night of freedom. The choreographed dances will have you and your bridesmaids on the edge of your seat and will get you all riled up for Omnia. Around 12:15 am, a private limousine will pick up your group and drive down The Strip to Caesars Palace. From there, one of our trusted VIP Hosts will meet you outside of Omnia and organize your group to get in directly through the VIP table line in 5-10 minutes tops. Once inside the Club, you can unleash all your pent up energy that you have been holding in from your experience with the sexy Men of Sapphire onto the dance floor to the likes of Calvin Harris, Tiesto, or Zedd. Bottle Service can be added to this package; however, it will be a substantially higher cost based on the minimum and location of table required.

    To secure this package or customize your own package centered around Omnia Nightclub, please submit a contact form HERE or call us directly @ +1-702-850-8044.