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TAO Nightclub

at The Venetian Las Vegas 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109
Music:House, Main Stream Hip-Hop, Top40, Mash-Ups.
Open:Thursday, Friday - Saturday: 10:00 p.m. to 5 a.m.
Dress Code:Upscale & trendy (men are recommended to wear collared shirts).
Line Wait:Up to 3 hours.
Events:Worship Thursdays Industry Night.
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TAO Nightclub

TAO may not be the newest property on the Vegas Strip, but its popularity more than trumps its age. Opening way back in September 2005, this Club has stood the test of time in a city where Mega-Clubs are being built and opened up almost bi-yearly. What sets TAO apart from other nightclubs is its insistence at going above and beyond to take care of its female clientele. From a nightly hour-long and free all-you-can-drink wristband offer for all females to its platforms and secure areas for all ladies to dance the night away. TAO is by far one of the most accessible and value-filled spots for girls and bachelorettes to enjoy their nights out in Las Vegas!

Located on the 2nd floor of the Venetian Hotel & Casino underneath the stunning hand-painted Grand Colonnade, Tao is a bustling and sprawling Club that is open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. It also houses a world-renowned five-star restaurant under the same name with arguably the highest quality Asian bistro selections in the City. Whether it's a bachelorette party that brings you to TAO or a girl's night out, if you play your cards right, you will easily have the night of your life.

Once inside, your senses will more-than-likely go into an overloaded state. After the dizzying effect of this Club's decor subsides, your eyes will adjust to the welcoming sites of bathtubs filled with flower petals and dancing vixens and a whole mess of Buddha statues. Past the flower-filled tubs, the Club opens up into a vast sea of people. Taking cues from Asian culture and architecture, Tao serves as a monument to the far east countries of China, Japan, and Thailand, with statues and artifacts placed throughout the venue.

Like any other nightclub in Vegas, the best way to experience TAO Nightclub is in the comfort of a VIP booth with Bottle Service. There are two ways to accomplish this. The first and less cost-efficient way is to spring for the VIP Table and Bottle Service yourselves. You can get in touch with us at Bachelorette Vegas and pre-arrange for the Bottle Service with a set minimum spend agreement or one of our exclusive all-inclusive Bottle Service deals. By doing this, you will be granted a personal VIP Host and VIP Entry into the Club. The second method, which may take a little finesse and smooth-talking, would be to find some guy to pay for it for you. Being one of Sin City 's hottest clubs, TAO houses an array of wealthy men looking to throw their money at the first girl that talks.

Tao Nightclub Layout

On the 2nd floor of this massive 60,000 square foot venue is where you will find the Main Room of TAO's impressive Nightclub. With over 56 Main Room Tables and 2 full-service bars, TAO provides guests all of the necessary amenities that a proper Las Vegas nightlife experience should provide.

Lower Dance Floor Tables – 12 Tables laid out in a square surrounding the Dance Floor and DJ Booth in the middle.

Upper Dance Floor or Moat Tables – 12 Tables elevated above the back Lower Dance Floor Tables, separated by a comfortable dance platform that only ladies can stand on.

Lower Skybox Tables – 6 Tables that are divided into 3 2x tables side by side that line the initial entrance to the Main Room. These tables are massive, comfortable, and provide easy access to any part of the Club.

Upstairs Skybox Tables – 10 Tables that are on the 3rd floor of the venue on the balcony overlooking the entire room. The Skybox provides a spacious area away from the crowded walkways and also offers an amazing panoramic view of the party below.

Entry Level Tables – 5 Tables that are behind the main bar against the wall. Although these are away from the main crowds and the party, these provide a somewhat quiet and seclusive spot for you and your group to sit and enjoy the night.

TAO Nightclub Bottle Service & Table Costs

Tao typically has resident DJ's that perform a wide variety of Top 40, Open Format, EDM, and Hip-Hop hits. Sometimes they book major DJ's and artists like DJ Mustard and DJ Khaled, however, most nights they have residents Justin Credible, Eric DLux, and DJ 5ive Spinning.

Pricing is fairly consistent most nights, however, they can increase based on talent booked or the time of year.

Below are the normal price ranges for Bottle Service @ Tao Nightclub


$600 per 3-6ppl entry level

$1000 standard

$1500 - $2k+ Prime

Most Friday and Saturday Nights:

$600 per 3-5ppl entry level

$1200 + Standard

$2k - $2.5k+ Prime

Holiday Weekend + Major Talent Booked:

$1000 per 3-6ppl entry level

$1500-$2000+ Standard

$3k-$5k+ Prime

The minimum spend agreements or "The Min" is the amount of money you agree to spend to reserve the table or real estate in the night club for a night. Most Premium 1L Bottles on the menu vary in price but are usually within the $575 - $650+ each range. The spend amount is a credit to be used on the menu towards Bottles, Red Bulls, or Waters. Standard mixers like Soda, Sprite and Cola Products, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Orange Juice are unlimited and brought to you by the cocktail servers throughout the night as you run out. So, say you did a $2,000 minimum spend agreement, that would allow you to get at least 3 1L Bottles of let's say Grey Goose Vodka your choice with about $50-100 leftover for Red Bulls, or Waters.

Let's do the math:

Say you do a $2000 minimum spend agreement + $167.50 Taxes (8.375% City Tax) + $160.00 Venue Fees (8.00% Venue Fee) + $400 Tip to the waitress (20% Gratuity) = $2727.50 Total Cost if the minimum spend is not exceeded.


Where is Tao Nightclub Located?

Tao Nightclub is at Venetian Hotel & Casino. It is on the 2nd floor of the property; giant escalators can be taken from the casino and lead up to the Grand Colonnade. Take a quick right from the escalators and you will see a Fat Tuesday walk-up bar; beside that is the main entrance to Tao Nightclub & Restaurant. The physical address is 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

What Is The Dress Code at Tao?

Dressing to impress is always the best strategy. Just about anything goes for girls, as long as you are wearing a top that adequately covers yourself and a skirt or dress that isn't way too short with heels. The only items frowned upon are hats, flip flops, shorts, sandals, sneakers, ripped clothing and steel toe shoes like Timberlands.

What Are The Best Nights to Go to Tao?

Tao Nightclub is open every week, Thursday through Saturday nights. The Club is open from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am and the restaurant hours are 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm Sunday-Thursday and 5:00 pm – 12:00am on Saturday Nights.

TAO's Worship Thursday's are a must-attend if you get to Las Vegas and start your weekend a day earlier. On these nights, and also on Fridays and Saturday nights, they offer ladies an open-bar wristband from 11:30 pm – 12:30 am. This open bar of well liquor and champagne offers an inexpensive way to drink. It will set you and your girlfriends up for a highly intoxicated night of dancing and fun.

Friday and Saturday nights are just as popular and sometimes are more crowded than Thursday Nights. Either way, TAO's open bar for ladies is a deal that can't be missed any night you are looking to go out.

How Much are Drinks at Tao?

Mixed Drinks start around $12-15 and can go upwards of $25+ for specialty drinks like Red Bull. Beers, on the other hand, are more reasonable around $10-$15 each, while Shots can vary based on the specific type of liquor; priced from $10-$20.

How Much Are Tickets At TAO?

General Admission tickets at TAO Nightclub are usually $20-$30 for ladies and $40-$75+ for men. However, on holiday weekends or nights where unique artists or DJ's are booked, those prices can increase.

TAO Guest List

As stated before, TAO's Guest List offers the most value for ladies, offering an All-Inclusive Open Bar wristband from 11:30 pm – 12:30 am every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Nights.

Guest Lists at Tao are free for ladies from when the Club opens until 1:00am and can be free with Men as well with an even ratio of guys and girls in a party.

If you do want to be added to the Guest List at TAO, please fill out a form by clicking on the link. (Insert Link for Guest List automation) or by calling us direct @ +1-702-850-8044

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TAO Package Deals

Experiencing Tao Nightclub is best when it is done with one of our Value All-Inclusive Packages! These packages offer an organized and set schedule itinerary, all leading up to a fun night at TAO! Our "Hot Night Out" Package is a value-filled night for any bachelorette party or girl’s night out. The evening begins with a private limo transport from your hotel or Airbnb residence to the Rio Hotel & Casino. From there, you will have exclusive tickets and entry to the world-famous Chippendales Live show. These men will dazzle you with their choreographed performances and their chiseled abs and buns of steel. This 75-minute heart-racing show is perfect for a bachelorette night out and will provide hot and steamy memories for years to come. After the show, your tickets will serve as exclusive entry passes to the Voodoo Nightclub on the rooftop of the RIO. This lounge has an outdoor dance floor and DJ playing tunes to keep the party going after the Men of Chippendales have tired you out. It also provides an intimate view of the Las Vegas Strip and is an excellent place to get a group picture. After a drink or two at Voodoo, your limo driver will return to pick you girls up and bring you to Tao Nightclub where you will arrive right on time for the 11:30 pm – 12:30am Open Bar for Girls. Our trusted partner and promotions manager at TAO will meet you outside and escort you into the bar to get your free drinks. Depending on availability, seating may be provided as well for your group at one of the promotions tables. After the drinks have set in and your night has fully turned into a blur, dance the night away on the upper dance floor platform for a wild night you will never forget, or for some you will never remember.


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