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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas

No matter your tastes, Las Vegas is the perfect place to come for your bachelorette party.From relaxing days in the sun to the most risqué of evenings, this city can deliver the perfect night for any kind of gal.

Las Vegas Party Guide

“The City That Never Sleeps” is a well-known nickname for New York City, and while NYC may hold the official title, Las Vegas runs a close second. This city that never sleeps is a 24/7 town that was built on gambling but has since evolved into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, famous for its mega resorts and luxury spas; unique dining experiences with celebrity-chef helmed restaurants; vibrant nightlife and world-class entertainment.

While Las Vegas is beloved for many reasons, several people are under the impression that the City’s sole purpose is to objectify women. If you are a new visitor to Las Vegas, your first impression might be your last impression after a walk or drive down the iconic Las Vegas Strip with the countless pamphlets being forced in your face by hustling bystanders, the seemingly endless traffic-stopping mobile billboards that promise to deliver nude women directly to your room, and the countless hotel casinos who require their cocktail servers to dress in scantily-clad clothing. But first impressions are not always what they appear to be and despite this initial image that Vegas seems to thrive off of, the City does have a classy side that caters specifically to a large female clientele. Vegas has fast-become the ultimate girlfriend getaway. Whether it’s for a bachelorette party, to celebrate a birthday, a divorce, or to just let loose and party it up, Vegas is the epitome of fun!

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Being a Girl has its Advantages, Especially in Las Vegas.

For a group of girls traveling to Las Vegas, the possibilities for an epic and wild weekend are virtually endless. In order for men to show up at restaurants and nightclubs and buy alcohol, the venues need to guarantee that there will be a large female population so they offer girls discounts or “comps” to entice them to “fill the room”. They don’t do this out of the kindness of their hearts, this is a highly scientific, demonstrated, and proven social psychological strategy and SOP at all the nightclubs and beach clubs in the City. By having large groups of attractive girls in the establishments, the male groups who are known for spending large amounts of money on food, drinks and Bottle Service will be persuaded to come to the venue in hopes of “getting lucky”. For a group of flirty, friendly girls looking to get the most out of a Vegas Vacation, this system can be fully exploited if you want to take advantage of the situation and you know the right people.

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"Vegas is loaded with plenty of amenities, indoor/outdoor activities, and endless entertaining options. Before or after a day of walking, shopping, sightseeing and clubbing, take time out to relax, rejuvenate and revive in one of the City’s spa experiences."

If you are not looking to be “used” in return for your attendance, have no worries, depending on your budget, Las Vegas has many girl-centric alternatives to indulge in. For an ideal day in the City of Sin, you might want to start with a luxuriating facial or a relaxing massage to prepare yourself for a long stimulating day. We at Bachelorette Vegas have an exclusive partnership with Kalogie Medspa and we highly recommend their services. Located at the Aria Hotel & Casino, Kalogie Medspa was named one of America’s “Top Ten Spa Destinations” by ELLE Magazine. Kalologie, meaning “the study of beauty”, offers a variety of affordable, results-driven treatments such as IV Therapy, Coolsculpting, Micro-needling, injectables, and award-winning skin care products that improve and enhance your complexion. Kalologie Medspa has a welcoming, relaxing environment with an attentive and knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to helping you achieve and discover the best version of you. It’s a great place to rejuvenate before or after a night on the town

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If you are looking to recharge in the lap of luxury, Canyon Ranch Spa, a lavish day spa and fitness facility, is just the place. Located at The Venetian Resort and named by Forbes Magazine Travel Guide as a Four-Star Spa, this immersive sprawling oasis spans 134,000 square feet and offers over 150 unrivaled amenities, 90 different treatment rooms, and a full-service fitness center that includes a climbing wall. If you are looking to soothe your mind, body, and soul, Canyon Ranch offers a day of self-indulgent pampering.

For those who prefer a classic and refined environment, the award-winning, Roman-inspired Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace is the perfect spot. This 50,000 sq. ft. spa is centered around bathing and water. In ancient Roman times water was regarded as healing, holy, and essential to life and wellness. A day at Qua Baths and Spa offers unparalleled personal spa and wellness services that include a large selection of massages, facials, treatments, and special experiences.

Beach Clubs, the Ultimate Outdoor Party Experience

If you’re traveling to the desert between the months of March and September, a Vegas beach club experience is definitely a sight to behold and one that any group of girls should flock to at least once. A beach club is like being at a nightclub during the day. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there are several beach clubs that transform into massive gatherings of thousands of people partying and splashing to the sounds of the world’s top DJs and entertainers. VIP reservations at these venues are at a premium with many Cabanas, Daybeds, and Bungalows ranging in price between $2,000 - $10,000++ each. While reserving these sections are incredibly desirable, especially for a group of ladies, the price tag is not so appealing which is why, as previously mentioned, men who travel to Las Vegas reserve them and invite groups of females to accompany them throughout the day offering free drinks and shade. Being able to mingle and interact with these people provide the best opportunity to experience an expensive day for a very minimal amount of money.

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If the major beach clubs with hordes of people crowding around are not your thing, there are other pool clubs, hotel pools, and private European-style topless pools that are less crowded yet still provide the Vegas pool party scene. Park MGM’s JEMAA – the NoMad Pool Party is an intimately-designed, Moroccan garden themed elevated pool deck that provides incredible views of the Aria Hotel and City Center Skyscrapers along with stunning photo opportunities and social media sharing potential. This pool sets itself apart with its extensive selection of tropical craft cocktail explosions made by the world-renowned and award-winning beverage team from NoMad Restaurant and Bar.

For a more refined atmosphere, Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino is an exclusive, more mature European-style pool. This topless-optional beach club, named after a French Polynesian island, fully captures the tropical vibe of the region it comes from and its tasteful layout, affordable pricing for bottle service reservations, and progressive top-tional dress code makes it a value-filled beach club perfect for Bachelorette parties looking to celebrate on a budget.

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Preparing for an Evening in Sin City

After spending an enjoyable day in Las Vegas, it’s time to prepare yourself for the evening festivities. In a City of beautiful people make sure you glam up and dress to impress – there’s lots of competition out there.

Limousines are the essence of elegance and class and the quintessential luxury vehicle.

Whether it’s your first or fifth time in a chauffeured limo, this is the only way to see the iconic Las Vegas Strip that includes a stop at the world-famous, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign for that once-in-a-lifetime group picture you all will be eager to share with your friends on social media the second after you take it – a limo is an absolute must for any group of girls or bachelorette party. At Bachelorette Vegas we have a diverse fleet of luxury limousines to meet all types of transportation needs, and with casino-to-casino transfers throughout the night, you will avoid costly Ubers and taxis and arrive to your destination in style.

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Las Vegas is the Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas has an impressive roster of extravagant shows, headliners, and Broadway-style performances. Starting your night off with a Cirque Du Soleil show like Beatles Love at The Mirage, which combines the re-produced and re-imagined music of the Beatles with an interpretive, circus-based artistic and athletic stage performance, or Zumanity at New York-New York Hotel, a compilation of acts filled with dare-devil style acrobatics accompanied by state-of-the-art sound, stage, and costume designs, will leave you spellbound. A Cirque show is a perfect to set the tone for an unforgettable night out.

If you are looking for a more erotic show, Male Revues like Magic Mike Live, , Chippendales, and Thunder From Down Under, with a line-up of hot men showing off chiseled abs, tight buns, and skimpy thongs, take dancing to the next level as they perform a wide variety of tantalizing, taunting, and seductive numbers to high-energy music. This diverse group of handsome hunks bring fantasies to life with their many acts that include sexy Cowboys, Police Officers, and construction workers who perform various short scenes to coordinate with their costumes. One of the best parts of these shows is the crowd interaction that calls for audience participation. These steamy encounters might range from Lap Dances to an invitation to join the men on stage for an intimate dance - and the crowd goes wild!! These men will no doubt linger in your mind not only for the remainder of the night but for days and months to come. We highly recommend any Bachelorette Party or Girl’s Weekend Out in Sin City to experience one, if not all, of these male revues.

Las Vegas is a Mecca for Dining Options from Fine Dining to Fast Food

At some point in the evening, you will undoubtedly need to quench your thirst and your appetite. Las Vegas is home the most exclusive, extravagant, and expensive restaurants and world-famous for its wide variety of all you can eat buffets. The Wynn Buffet, with their seafood spectacular every Friday and Saturday, and the Bacchanal Buffet, the crown jewel of buffets, at Caesars Palace top the list for the most extensive and highest quality foods in the City.

But if over-indulging on a buffet is not for you, we highly recommend STK Steakhouse, an upscale steakhouse with a vibrant bar scene and a nightclub vibe, at the Cosmopolitan or the highly-acclaimed, fine dining NOBU at Caesars Palace, both provide a delicious dining experience, albeit expensive, that will more than satisfy your taste buds.

For those looking for a value dinner and drink option, check out our deal with FIREFLY Kitchen & Tapas, a unique dining experience and one of the most popular Tapas restaurants in the City located just off the Las Vegas Strip. This two-hour all-inclusive, all you can eat and all you can drink package is worth every penny.

Vegas After-Dark

Las Vegas comes to life with a vibrant, pulsating energy once the sun goes down and the bright, glittering lights begin to shine across the desert skyline. The more than 15 different nightclubs that this City has to offer party-goers are diverse and extravagant spectacles that will captivate your senses. The Mega-Clubs like XS, Omnia, Drai’s, and Hakkasan are by far the most popular venues in the City on any given Friday or Saturday night. These clubs often have big name DJs and Hip-Hop rappers hosting and performing to crowds up to 5,000+ people.

If you are looking for a less crowded and more intimate nightclub, rooftop lounge clubs like APEX Social Club at The Palms, Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay, or Skyfall Lounge at the Delano provide stunning panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip and a refreshing open- air experience.

As for the clubs that offer the most value to groups of girls, check out TAO Nightclub at the Venetian or Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan. These clubs offer ladies, through a special promotor guest list, the opportunity for an exclusive all you can drink open bar wristband from 11:30 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. every Friday and Saturday. With drinks priced between $17 - $25+ each at these clubs, taking advantage of free drinks for one hour is a cost efficient way to enjoy a night out with your girlfriends.

Planning a trip to Las Vegas with your best friend or a group of girls is always laced with excitement and the unexpected.

Considering that you are visiting “Sin City,” you might want to indulge in all the activities that gave Vegas this infamous nickname. Sin City is an adult playground and home to the best Gentlemen’s Clubs in the world, some that cater specifically to a female crowd like The Men of Sapphire, Men of Vegas, and Kings of Hustler. These all-male strippers perform sensuous moves for your viewing pleasure and provide several options so that you can fully appreciate their enthusiasm and masculinity – negotiations for lap dances, stage dances, and private room dances are only a tip away for you to truly experience the real meaning of why Las Vegas is called Sin City.

Las Vegas is chock full of nightclubs, dayclubs, restaurants, spas and an endless amount of activities. Hopefully, our short guide has provided you with a brief overview of what to expect for a group of girls traveling to Vegas. If you have any additional questions or want to discuss how to plan a weekend based around the options we have provided or discuss all the other great opportunities this City has to offer, please feel free to give us a call directly @ +1-702-850-8044 or by submitting a contact form by clicking here.

Bachelorette Party Tips

One of the more exciting parts about the entire wedding planning process is the little perks that come with being a bride. Outside of the free stuff that you may get when you’re out registering for gifts, you’re going to have a group of girls by your side devoted to making sure your day goes perfectly. These girls are also going to be in charge of the exciting night taking place shortly before the wedding – the Bachelorette Party. The process of planning the event can really be a fairly simplistic one if the persons planning known what’s bachelorette party ideas out there.

Las Vegas spa

Every girls night out must start with a little rest and relaxation for the bride-to-be. Assuming the party is going to take place in the late night hours, the bride should go into this event refreshed – and what better way to refresh oneself than with a trip to a spa. Five star spas are scattered all throughout Sin City, and choosing one all comes down to location and what you’re looking for. While most spas offer standard full body massages, you can easily come across one like the Country Ranch in the Venetian that offers a full sized fitness room.

Though the bulk of the hen night take place during the nightly hours, if you’re having your party in Las Vegas you really should get the most out of the desert sun. Starting from April and typically ending in September, Las Vegas is home to a slew of different pool parties. These parties normally take place inside the private pool clubs in the major hotels along the strip. Admission into these pools varies from place to place at the door and typically doesn’t grant you anything besides entry, but if you use the services at bachelorettevegas.com your dollar can certainly be stretched farther. When having your pool party package built, you bachelorette party can come equipped with a free round of drinks and transportation to and from the venue.

Las Vegas nightclub

As the sun starts to set, the real bachelorette activities can begin. During the night, you’re going to have numerous ideas as to what to do during your last night of freedom. If you favor the nightclub atmosphere, BacheloretteVegas can work its magic and get you VIP access to your favorite (or even the top rated) nightclub in the city. VIP access will grant you and your gals a round of top shelf liquor and a guaranteed table. You’ll also arrive in style as a limousine will be arranged to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at your venue. Want to catch a little grub beforehand to help you dance the night away? Tack on reservations to your favorite five star restaurants and you can expect to feel like a true VIP.

For a more risqué affair, Las Vegas certainly has no shortage of strip clubs and near-naked men and women to ogle at. Male reviews are put on at strip clubs like the Palomino, Sapphire, and the Olympic Garden – or you and your girls can take in a more elaborate show with the crew’s of Chippendales and Australia’s Thunder from Down Under. If attending a strip club doesn’t pique your interest, than maybe learning to be a stripper will do the trick. Various clubs across the strip offer Stripper 101 classes, and BacheloretteVegas.com can prearrange a class for you and your party.