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Bridal Shower Party Las Vegas

One of the best things about being a bride
comes from the amount of attention you’ll be getting in the coming months.

bridal shower party las vegas

From the moment you’re future spouse proposes to you and that ring grazes your finger, everyone you interact with will automatically revert to the same question – “When’s the big day?” Once those questions start pouring in, you’re likely to start feeling like a celebrity – and what kind of celebrity would you be if you didn’t have people throwing numerous parties in your honor. Throughout the planning process, your gals will pull you into several different events like a bridal shower and the infamous bachelorette party. Unlike the bachelorette party though (which is essentially a last ditch effort for the bride to have one last night of freedom), the bridal shower celebrates the gal for what she’s going to become once those rings are exchanged.

bridal shower ideas

Typical bridal showers take place about four to six weeks before the wedding and consist of a group of women gathering together for a surprise celebration for the bride. Once the shower starts, so does the counting down of hours until the guest of honor is finally ready to start tearing through her gifts. These gifts stem far beyond the sophistication of phallic party favors and are typically a generous offering to aid the bride in creating a future with her husband-to-be. The history of the bridal shower stems back to a custom that was created mostly for poorer brides. When a bride’s family could not provide a dowry for the occasion, the bride’s friends would gather together and give gifts that made up for the lack of money. As the custom grew, brides started to see small household items replacing monetary gifts to help build up the couple’s future home. Looking past the gifts, though, the bridal shower should be a time where the bride-to-be is made to feel like the most important person in the city.

When you think of a bridal shower and what it represents, you would think that the joy brought about just by talking about the wedding should be more than enough to fill the time. For some of these parties, though, it’s almost a requirement to break out into some form of cheesy party game. Amongst some of the favorites pits the party guests with the task of dressing the bride for her big day. What’s the catch? They can only use toilet paper as a dress and are blindfolded when they apply the make-up. Afterwards, the bride can expect to look exactly how she’s want to on one of the most important days of her life.

During a time when a woman is at her highest stress level, it helps to have family and friends nearby to ease the worry. While the bridal shower started as a means to help the bride and groom build up their finances, it has grown into an occasion that helps the happy couple start their lives off together with everything they may need.