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Top 8 Cheap Bottle Service Deals – Las Vegas

Las Vegas, full of adventure and surrounded by glitz, glamour, and neon lights, is a sensory overload! But that doesn't stop the millions of people from all over the world who travel to Sin City every year for the day life and nightlife activities on "The Strip" – the heartbeat of the city lined with mega casino resorts, hundreds of dining options, and over 40 attractions. While many vacationers come for the gambling, shopping, and shows, thousands come to experience the legendary club scene. In this ultimate guide we go over the top 8 cheap bottle service deals in Las Vegas and even have some honorable mentions.

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With incredible popularity and competitive demand, the Las Vegas club scene has turned itself into quite an expensive affair, especially for those looking to live the lavish side of it with a table reservation. Minimum spend agreements at many of the upper echelon clubs such as XS Nightclub at the Wynn and Encore resort, and Marquee Nightclub can vary from an entry-level of $1,000++ tip, taxes, and fees up to $10,000+ depending on the artist performing, the date, and whether you have an average table or prime positioning.

Individual Bottles on the menus at these clubs have skyrocketed over the last decade. The higher-end clubs like Wet Republic or Omnia Nightclub have peaked at heights of $700 - $795+ for most major brand name liquors like Grey Goose, Cîroc, or Don Julio.

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For those coming to Vegas in groups that might not be willing to ball out with imposing numbers like that but still want to have a reserved and spacious area for your special night out with a sufficient amount of alcohol to last the entire evening, we have some options for you.

Having worked in the nightlife industry myself for five years, and with Bachelorette Vegas being in existence for more than 15 years, we have a great deal of industry experience and solid connections across the city to provide you with the up-front costs for all tiers and price ranges.

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Below are a few of the Cheapest Locations for Bottle Service and Cheap Bottle Service Deals

1. Circa’s Stadium Swim @ Circa Resort & Casino

  • Circa Resort and Casino, brand new for 2020. The first resort in Old Vegas, built from the ground up in over 40 years.
  • Six different pools, all heated and open 365 days a year.
  • Private Cabana, Daybed, and spacious couch included with reservation.
  • A live, high-energy DJ provides fantastic music and a great vibe flow.
  • Mega Screen – 135 ft. tall and 45 ft. wide playing sports and popular events.
  • Day and night venue open from 8 am to 11 pm.
  • Average bottle cost: $300 - $350 (Before Tax & Gratuity)

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2. On The Record @ Park MGM

  • Unique venue – tons of cute and vibrant backdrops for social media shots.
  • Multiple rooms, experiences, and live performers, including a live band.
  • Multiple live DJ's including one in a cutout Rolls Royce, and another in a Double Decker 1960s era British Passenger Bus.
  • Hidden Speakeasy with a musical twist for ordering drinks.
  • Perfect for couples.
  • Karaoke rooms are available with a reservation along with patio seating.
  • Average bottle cost: $400 - $500 (Before Tax & Gratuity)

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Light Nightclub @ Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino

  • Mega-club size and feel; sensory overload with lights and sound system.
  • 38,000 square foot venue with 68 tables available for bottle service.
  • Three different levels of tables.
  • World-class Hip-Hop and Open format DJ's and Performers.
  • Spacious aisles and table space to freely move around and dance.
  • Platforms on top of tables to stand on and dance.
  • Average bottle cost: $495 - $595 – Skyy Vodka $350 / 50 Blu Vodka $475 (Before Tax & Gratuity)

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4. Foundation Room @ Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino

  • Rooftop lounge and nightlife venue.
  • Spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Open-air balcony with tables available to reserve.
  • Live DJ with dance floor and multiple bars.
  • Sophisticated design, with mysterious rooms and hallways.
  • Unique Presentations.
  • Average bottle cost: $350 - $500 (Before Tax & Gratuity)

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5. Tao Nightclub @ Venetian Hotel & Casino

  • A world-renowned and recognized brand and venue.
  • Most popular club for Ladies and most generous with drinks.
  • Open Bar wristband for 1 Hour (10:30 pm - 11:30 pm)
  • Exclusive upper dance floor area for Ladies to dance and mingle.
  • Exhilarating LED display and high energy dance floor.
  • Top-tier Hip-Hop/Open Format/EDM/Top-40 DJ’s performing.
  • Above average bottle cost: $575 - $625 (Before Tax & Gratuity)
  • Affordable Deals.

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6. Daylight Beachclub & Nightswim @ Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino

  • Dayclub & Nightclub Pool Party.
  • Cabana, Daybed, and Pool Side Couch accommodations.
  • Spacious pool for public swimming.
  • Semi-Private pools for Cabana reservations.
  • Open Format / Top 40 / high-energy DJ’s.
  • Average bottle cost: $495 - $595 – Skyy Vodka $350 / 50 Blu Vodka $475 (Before Tax & Gratuity)
  • Affordable Deals.

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7. Chateau Nightclub @ Paris Hotel & Casino.

  • Stunning views of the Bellagio Fountains.
  • Chateau is located underneath the Eiffel Tower.
  • Open-air venue with a spacious floor for easy mobility.
  • Open Format / Top 40 / high-energy DJ’s.
  • Big nightclub feel and atmosphere.
  • Average bottle cost: $375 - $500 (Before Tax & Gratuity)
  • Affordable Deals.

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8. Troy Liquor Bar @ Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

  • Full Fremont Street Experience and stunning views.
  • Directly in front of the Fremont Street main stage with live music and performances.
  • Inside/outside venue with booths.
  • Open Format / EDM / Top 40 / high-energy DJ’s.
  • Spacious dancefloor and ambient LED lighting display.
  • Average bottle cost: $225 - $350 (Before Tax & Gratuity)
  • Affordable Deals.

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Honorable Mentions

1. VooDoo Lounge – Average bottle cost: $250-$400

2. APEX Social Club – Average bottle cost: $450-$550

3. KAMU Karaoke - Average bottle cost: $400-$550

4. Barbershop – Average bottle cost: $400-$500

5. Flamingo Go Pool – Average bottle cost: $300-$450

***Note these bottle prices do not include tax & gratuity.

Expensive Nightlife & Day Life Clubs

1. Encore Beach Club – Average bottle cost: $750-$795 **Minimum Spend Agreements $750 - $10,000++

2. Omnia Nightclub – Average bottle cost: $650 - $750 **Minimum Spend Agreements $1,000 - $10,000++

3. Drai’s Nightclub – Average bottle cost: $625 - $750 **Minimum Spend Agreements $600 - $7,000++

4. Hakkasan Nightclub –Average bottle cost: $650.- $725 **Minimum Spend Agreements $600 - $7,000++

5. XS Nightclub –Average bottle cost: $695 - $795 **Minimum Spend Agreements $1,000 - $10,000+++

6. Marquee Dayclub & Nightclub –Average bottle cost: $695 - $795 **Minimum Spend Agreements $600 - $8,000+++

7. Wet Republic –Average bottle cost: $700 - $800 **Minimum Spend Agreements $500 - $10,000k++

***Note these bottle prices do not include tax & gratuity.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide to the most affordable bottle service deals and bottle rates in the city, along with a shortlist of the most expensive ones. Click the links for each club to be directed to their ultimate guides for additional information and to pick which venue is right for your next big day or night out.

Ladies, while hanging out in a Las Vegas dayclub or nightclub is a fun, exciting, and memorable experience on its own, there is nothing quite like being able to return to your own table, away from the chaos of the dance floor, to relax, socialize, and rest your feet.

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Bottle service is the best way to enjoy the party and an excellent opportunity to be the center of attention. With our affordable bottle service deals, we can help you make the most out of your club experience. Whether it's a girl's weekend, a Bachelorette Party a Divorce Party, a Birthday Party, or any particular group occasion, we at Bachelorette Vegas have you covered with all your VIP needs. We are ready, willing, and able to help you plan your next trip to Sin City!

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