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Now that you've got the location of the bachelorette party picked out - and really, there's no better choice than Sin City itself - it all boils down to the entertainment. Chances are, the bulk of the evening will be spent hopping from one busy nightclub to the next as the bachelorette finds just the right amount of attention. Occasionally, though, there are those girls that shy away from the attention, and she may put it entirely on her traveling group to keep her entertained. If you find yourself in this situation, will you be prepared? Things can go downhill rather quickly if the right entertainment is not available.

When it comes to party games, the bachelorette party has a vast array that range from downright naughty to pure and clean family fun. As you get to know your bachelorette, if you don't already know her well enough, you'll come to find what kind of ideas you can try to put forward. If the night is bound to be taken to the streets, the party can partake in a game of "Dress the Bride". With "Dress the Bride", the bachelorette's girls attempt to organize the bride-to-be's attire for the evening by utilizing unconventional methods and materials. No matter where the night is bound to take the group, the bride is required to keep the attire on throughout the evening. From nightclub to strip club, the bachelorette will get a mix of humiliation and attention, two things she'll need to get used to for her big day.

scavenger hunt Las Vegas

One of the more active bachelorette party games is a scavenger hunt. Set up can either be done by the bride or one of the wedding party, but either way the person in charge will create a list of items to be located all over the city (homebodies can create a list of items that can be found around the house, but where's the fun in that if you're in Las Vegas). Once the list is created, the girls, bride included, will split up into teams and go out on the town looking for the listed items. From simple items like a casino chip to something that requires a bit more work, such as a blonde haired, blue eyed hunk willing to do a naked rumba in front of a group of giddy girls, the fun of the scavenger hunt is limited only by the creativity of the person putting it together.

For those parties that are doomed to stay either in the hotel room or at the house of one of the girls in the bridal party, creativity is key. Of course, everything can be broken down into a raunchy game of Truth or Dare. Reaching back to the childhood roots of some of the bride's more colorful friends, Truth or Dare as a more well-rounded adult could actually wind up being a bit more scandalous. Day in and day out, you're required to put on a specific persona to survive in the real world, one that may bore you to tears. During Truth or Dare, you can toss that "goody two shoes" stigma out the window and prepare yourself for that dare that has you (or one of the other girls) streaking through the public.

brida Trivia

The bride may have a piqued curiosity as to who knows her the best after the lengthy wedding planning process. A little game of Bride Trivia is sure to get her the answer she so desires. One girl will ask the bride a slew of obscure and random questions about the many facets of her personality, life, and relationships. The questions will be posed to the wedding party and whoever gets the most questions right is the bride's true BFF. Sounds boring, right? So you'll want to twist the rules up a bit and add that bachelorette flare. Rather than simply focusing on who knows the bride the best, make it interesting by making anyone who gets the question wrong take a swig of their nearby cocktail. By the end of the game, guaranteed at least one girl won't even know who the questions are about anymore.

History has shown that when a group of girl's get together, the male genitalia turns into a sort of muppet character. While it may make up the bulk of the decor and even be a part of the bachelorette's jewelry for the evening, nobody takes it seriously. So why not base a game from it? Variations of "Pin the Penis on the Man" and "Pecker Toss" can be purchased at most adult stores, but homemade versions may actually come with more laughs depending on how the game is arranged.

Last Minute Touches

Of course, there is one last "game" that surely nobody wants to partake in - not even the bride; and it's almost a guarantee that if this "game" even needs to be "played", the bride is far from a happy camper. A round of "Last Minute Touches" is sure to keep the bridal party and bride-to-be on edge throughout the evening until every last task is completed. From arranging home-made wedding favors to performing one last dress fitting, these bachelorette party games are sure to leave everybody in a less than desirable mood. Case and point - don't leave anything for the last minute. If the bride is falling behind, be sure to arrive in time to pick up the slack for her and ensure everything is completed so there can actually be a bachelorette party for any of these fun games can actually be implemented.

To get the most out of a Las Vegas bachelorette party, games are fun and all, but it's the setting that truly counts. Don't let the party die out in somebodies home. Spring for a luxury sweet through Bachelor Vegas for optimal space and environment for whatever game you choose.

If you're dealing with a lighthearted bride, you may even be able to get away with another variation on "dress the bride". Rather than dress her in unconventional attire, you'll equip yourself and the other participants with a roll of toilet paper. With said roll, you will try to construct the best wedding dress you can out of the 2-ply paper. Other than to humiliate the bride, this game serves little purpose unless you can construct a rather sturdy attire – than you can force the bride to go out in her new bathroom-shique gown. The person that winds up constructing the best toilet paper gown will get bragging rights – and potentially a new career in fashion design. For a little bit of an extension on this fun game, you can throw on a blindfold and pull out your makeup kits. While the bride probably won't be comfortable with her bridal party approaching her with masquera or eye liner, you can make the best out of an assortment of blushes, powders, and eye shadows. Turn your bride into a ghastly mess or, if you're extremely talented, a work of art and plaster your work all over Facebook.

You may, of course, not be dealing with a bride whose willing to sacrifice her beauty for the entertainment of others. In those instances, you'll need to be creative. If you can convince the bride to allow the Groom-to-Be to write up several sentences about her, you can have yourself an enticing game of Mad Libs. The sentences will need to be specific to the bride and will need to have removable words that can be replaced with something ridiculous and outrageous. For example, one such sentence can be " (insert bride's name) has the cutest blank". Surely you can take a guess as to how raunchy this game may end up getting, but what's a bachelorette party without a little raunch?

lingerie guessing game

It's no secret what typically happens the night of the wedding between the bride and the groom, and no matter how much you don't want to think about it, the conversation is going to come up. To deal with this fact, you must embrace it; and why not embrace it with a friendly game? As the bride's friends, you'll want to encourage her actions on her wedding night, so why not help her out by aiding in her nightly attire. Luckily, you can do so without feeling weird with a lingerie guessing game. Each friend will purchase some form of lingerie which will be displayed for the game's setup. The bride will than be charged with having to go to each negligee and undergarment and guess which of her friends purchased it. She will write down her answers and at the end of her guessing, will read off what she's written down. There are two ways the outcome of this can play out. You can have it so each correct answer is awarded with the article of clothing and each wrong answer is punished with a stiff drink or just simply let the bride keep each article regardless of the answer and just force her to take a swig of alcohol for each wrong answer. Not only will she get a sense of who her friends are, but she will also have an entire wardrobe to surprise her honey with at the evening's close.