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Ladies Guide to Las Vegas Pool Party

Pool Party las vegas

As summer approaches and temperatures rise around the world, one city shines bright amid excessive heat warnings and the unforgiving rays of the sun. This oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert offers relaxing experiences designed to rejuvenate and refresh. While Las Vegas is known as the party capital of the world, a famous gambling hub, and a place for first-class entertainment, it is so much more. Pool Parties and Beach Clubs have emerged as the popular go-to attractions for adults during the hot summer months.

Typically, the pool season in Vegas kicks off the first of March until sometime in October. The Las Vegas Strip is home to the greatest pool parties in the country, and they attract party-goers from all over the world. Mega-venues like the award-winning Encore Beach Club, one of the best pool parties in Vegas ; Wet Republic, one of the largest pool parties in the city , and Marquee Dayclub, the most sought-after day party destination , have christened the pool party scene over the past decade and set the standard for what a pool party should be.

Newer clubs like Drai’s Beachclub, a multi-level rooftop experience with incredible views of The Strip , Tao Beach Club – under extensive remodeling for 2021 – and the Flamingo Go Pool, a vibrant pool party with outdoor gaming , have made the beach club scene much more competitive and diverse.

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How to Choose the Right Club

A pool party and a beach club is an excellent way to beat the heat in Vegas during the sizzling summer days, and there are a lot of clubs to choose from – selecting the right one is essential to make the most of your time and get the best bang for your buck. Whether you’re interested in the location, the size, the music – whose spinning/whose performing – the vibe, from high-energy to intimate; a bottle service reservation, VIP Hosted Entry, or to be added to the guest list, Bachelorette Vegas has the right connections and plenty of options to help you find that epic party.

Club Entertainment

Depending on which club you choose, there will most likely be a major DJ or Rapper headlining the show. These acts typically play for 1.5-2 hours around 2-5 p.m. and can really get the crowd going and the energy flowing. Many clubs have a list of performers under residency contracts. For example, Encore will showcase exclusive performances by The Chainsmokers, Diplo, and Dillon Francis while Hakkasan Group properties, including Wet Republic, have superstars artists like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Steve Aoki locked down. If you’re looking for a Hip-Hop or R&B atmosphere, clubs like Daylight Beach Club, modeled after the world-famous pool party “Ushuaia” in Ibiza (Insert Link To Page), have performers like Jeezy, Rick Ross, and Metro Boomin during the clubs “LIT Sundays” Events.

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The Premier Outdoor Party Spot

The pool parties and beach clubs, including the hotel pools and lounges, are jam-packed during the summer, especially on the weekends. From Friday to Sunday, there will most likely be a significant party happening with a headlining DJ or artist performing at each property. While these parties offer a chance to attend a massive social gathering, they also make it challenging for those individuals looking for a private, more intimate spot at the party. If your budget allows, we at Bachelorette Vegas can hook you up with a daybed, couch, or cabana – a must for any pool or beach club experience – with bottle service.

Cabanas are the premier outdoor party spot providing a private place to relax and that much-needed protection from the brutally hot sun. They come equipped with flat-screen HD televisions, mini-refrigerators, plush lounge seating, controlled sound, and personal misters. With an open view of the pool, all cabanas offer the ability to remain in a private environment without feeling too separated from the party. Some cabanas, like the newly remodeled ones at Wet Republic , include semi-private vanity pools that are elevated above the crowd below. These exclusive pools make for an awesome pool party, and they offer quick and easy access for your group to cool off without having to share the same water as the thousands of other party-goers. It’s also is a great way to make everyone else at the party jealous!

During weekend events at clubs like Encore Beachclub, where the guest list can skyrocket to well over a few thousand people, what normally seems like a decent amount of cabanas suddenly seems minimal . In the case of a Las Vegas pool party, reservations to secure these in-demand sections are vital. Depending on which event you’re attending, (and there are more than a dozen during the weekend), you can call us in advance at Bachelorette Vegas and reserve your spot in one of the coveted cabanas or bungalows. Be aware, the minimum costs for tables will increase exponentially by thousands of dollars during any in-demand pool event. But with the crowd that builds up in the pool, that added cost is very much worth it to have a personal and secure space to retreat.

Despite the increased price and limited availability, a Las Vegas pool party is even sweeter when spent in a luxurious section where you and your group are the center of attention. When calculating the costs of individual drinks at the bar, priced at $20-$25+ each, plus the cost of food, the jacked-up cover charge for entry, a $75-$100 for a locker, if needed, splitting the cost of the table equally with each member of your group is much more cost-effective. In fact, it could come out to a lesser amount than what you might have spent on buying individual drinks and entering the club without a VIP Reservation. While the costs for a bottle and table are ridiculous at times, you might as well go for the full Monty and sip your overpriced alcohol in the shade and privacy of your own cabana. This is Las Vegas after all, go big or go home!! And for that bachelorette party celebration, day drinking with bottle service is the ultimate clubbing experience.

Exclusive Beach Clubs

If large crowds, big DJs, and big clubs aren’t your scene, there are plenty of smaller, more exclusive beach clubs around the city. Moorea Beach Club, an upscale and sophisticated pool experience , and Bare Beach Club, a favorite among many Vegas visitors , are both intimate European-style topless pools. These venues provide a safe and comfortable environment and are perfect for sun worshipers.

Jemaa, The NoMad Pool Party at Park MGM , is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Their luxurious oasis was inspired by the beautiful and tranquil Majorelle Botanical Gardens of Marrakech, Morocco.

Liquid Pool Lounge, an indulgent, adult-only pool paradise , is managed by Hakkasan Group and located at the Aria Hotel & Casino. Liquid offers an intimate dayclub experience with refreshing, handcrafted cocktails, cabanas, great music, and a menu featuring an eclectic selection of culinary creations.

Bottle service at these pools provides a true VIP experience and is the perfect setting for a mixed group of girls and guys who want to enjoy a day without getting intruded on or interrupted by other guests who might be overserved.

What is Bottle Service?

Maybe a paragraph here about bottle service at pools and beach clubs – I wasn’t sure of the exact wording and how it differs compared to the nightclubs.

How to Book

Regardless of which beach club, lounge, or pool you choose to spend your day at in Sin City, Bachelorette Vegas has you covered with VIP Bottle service reservations, VIP Hosted entry, and the most first-hand experience from daylife and nightlife experts to help you choose which venue and amenities are right for your group to celebrate the best bachelorette party or girl’s getaway.

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