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Las Vegas for Ladies

What you need to know about Las Vegas

A quick look at Las Vegas from the outside would give anybody the impression that the cities soul purpose is to objectify women. A brief stroll or drive down Las Vegas Boulevard would bring to light the countless pamphlets and large mobile billboards offering nude, petite women directly to your hotel room. The casinos and hotels along the strip don’t help the image either as cocktail and poolside waitresses are forced to dress in the skimpiest of outfits. Despite this initial image that Vegas seems to thrive off of, the city does have another side that caters to its female tourists. From the early morning to the late night hours, Sin City has plenty to offer for its X chromosome guests.

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Your girl-centric day in Las Vegas should start with something relaxing and stimulating – something that can prepare you for a long day of activities that could get your heart pumping. If you’re spending your vacation in one of Sin City’s top billed hotels (think Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grande, the Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, etc…), you can expect to be in the vicinity of a four or five star spa facility. Stationed at the Venetian Hotel and Resort is the Canyon Ranch Spa, which is arguably Las Vegas’ top Spa. With a full fitness center (which even includes a climbing wall), an attentive staff that ensures your every need is met, and suites that allow for a group of friends to enjoy the experience together, Canyon Ranch is a huge bang for your buck. If you’re looking for something a bit more classic and refined, then you may find enjoyment in the Grecian bath-houses at the Caesar’s Palace Qua Baths and Spa. To get the full experience out of any spa, you’ll need to experience one of the expert masseuses, so if you’re not into being touched by strangers you’ll need to find your morning r & r elsewhere.

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If you’re traveling to the desert between the months of April and September, chances are the weather is going to be warm enough to justify lying by the pool at nine in the morning. Most pools along the strip open at 8 am and will typically start to get crowded around 11 in the morning. Though the sun isn’t at its strongest in the earlier hours in the day, if you arrive early enough you can procure a spot to lie in for the next few hours or until you start to get that desired sheen for the day’s activities. To add a little pizzazz to your pool time, you can pay a small cover charge for access to a private pool club. These pool clubs, which include the likes of MGM Grande’s WET Republic and the Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay, create a nice adult atmosphere with a nearby bar and a steady stream of Top 40 and house mixed music. You can even eradicate the tan lines at European-style pools like the Mirage’s Bare.

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Once you’ve received the desired results from your morning, be it a thorough massage or a sun induced glow, it’s time to get the afternoon and evening activities started. Whether you’re with your group of girls or traveling solo, the Las Vegas nightlife scene caters to a somewhat specific type of lady. To get the most out of your time in Sin City, you’re going to have to take part in that objectification of women that is oh so predominant throughout the city. A general rule of them when it comes to getting immediate access to many of Las Vegas’ nightclub is the skimpier the outfit, the quicker the entry (unfortunately, that equation can also be translated to “the more uncomfortable you are, the quicker the entry). Once inside your club of choice, you can gauge how hot you look by the amount of drinks you don’t have to buy. When picking the night’s club, be sure to choose a higher end establishment like TAO at the Venetian or Pure at Caesar’s palace. The nicer the location, the more money there should be available to be spent on you and your crew. If you travel off the strip to a place known as Town Square, you will find the Blue Martini club which, on every Wednesday, holds a ladies night where gals drink free and are privy to complementary handouts.

Seeing as how you’re visiting this city filled with sin, you may want to partake in the livelihood that gave the city the nickname Sin City. Despite how it may seem at first glance, Las Vegas is certainly home to many different strip clubs that cater to the female crowd. Club’s that typically feature all female dancers do have the occasional male review, making the strip club the perfect location to hold anything from just a random girl’s night on the town to a wild bachelorette party. Strip clubs like Sapphire and the Palomino hold male reviews that should get the blood of any living female boiling.

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If a strip club comes off as a bit too seedy for your tastes, Las Vegas is home to two of the biggest male review shows. Chippendales at the Rio and the Excalibur’s Thunder from Down Under are two world renowned stage shows of broadway proportions. Taking erotic dancing to the next level, Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under utilize the hunkiest of men to bring the fantasies of most women to life. Cowboys, doctors, and construction workers grace the main stage and perform various mini scenes to coordinate with the costume. Chippendales offers a bit of interaction as certain points of the show call for audience participation.

Though your first impression of Las Vegas may lead you to think that this is just a “guy” town, there are plenty of activities for female guests to partake in. From relaxing days at the spa to a heart-racing night ogling the nude figures of Las Vegas’ sexiest men, there is plenty in this town to partake in. If you or anybody you know has a bachelorette party on the horizon, Sin City should be at the top of the list.