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Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend Guide

Come the end of May, most people are just looking forward to striking a match and setting fire to a pyramid of coal poolside. The weather is starting to be at its best and, in this desert valley of Las Vegas, the signs of summer are in full swing. While many may use Memorial Day weekend as the perfect chance to relax and simply enjoy the sun’s rays, other’s take the day off from work as an opportunity to plan an event for themselves. For the ladies of Sin City, the busy schedule of Memorial Day weekend and the extra day off make this the perfect time to sneak in a bachelorette party.

While the bachelorette party is best known as being a night time affair, the weekend’s events give plenty of reason to push a portion of the party to the middle of the day - and seeing as how you’re in Vegas, at any time of day it is never too early to have a drink. If you’re planning on dragging your hen party out early to catch up on your UV ray intake, you’re going to be greeted with quite the celebration. All weekend, hotel resort pools across the Strip will play host to an assortment of pool parties that, in the long run, you could pretend were intended to coincide with your bachelorette party. While city favorites like Rehab at the Hard Rock and the Palm’s Ditch Friday’s will be as active as ever, even lower-key pools like the MGM’s Wet Republic will be jumping on the Memorial Day weekend celebration bandwagon. Everyday throughout the weekend, these pools will see more activity than one could expect, so if you would like to spend your Memorial Day bachelorette party amidst refreshing water and continuos stream’s of alcohol, you will want to look into reservations and even potentially a VIP booth and bottle service. Seeing as it is your bachelorette party (and also a holiday weekend), you may be lucky enough to come across a generous man with deep pockets hat has an affinity for engaged women.

When you’ve soaked up enough sun, you’ll want to start preparations for the night. Before even making the trip out to Vegas, you should hint to your bridesmaids how nice it would be to be treated to salon services during your long day of partying. If you can squeeze out a massage and some time at the spa at your resort, you’ll be more than prepped for what is bound to be a wild night on the town.

Nightclub’s from one end of town to the next will be partaking in their own version of a Memorial Day celebration, but there is one common denominator between them all - celebrity guest appearances and highly anticipated live performances. During past Memorial Day celebrations, the likes of Deadmau5, Sean Paul, Fatboy Slim, and A-Trick have worked up the party at club’s like XS, TAO, and Marquee. If these performers catch wind of a bachelorette party in the house on a holiday weekend, you may quickly find yourself the center of attention.

You’ll want to get around town in style and have your own personal driver to cart your alcohol infused body from one club to the next. Whatever you do, though, just remember that you’re in the party capital of the country on what some deem the most important holiday of the year (mostly for its introduction of summer weather and activities) - while you are the bachelorette and should be the center of attention, the excessive amount of people partying just forces most in-house events to meld together into one large celebration.