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poker guide for girls

Poker Guide for Ladies

There is a stigma out there that says poker is a game for the men. The tense situations and critical thinking that goes into the game makes any man playing feel all the more impressive. TV shows and movies typically depict a group of beer drinking and cigar smoking men squaring off over a deck of cards while the doting wife either provides the food or is forced out of the room. Well, it's probably about time that that stigma be changed and the game of poker be known as a ladies game, too. Even if you don't have those card shark qualities flowing through your veins, poker is one of the easiest and quickest card games to get a hang of.

If you're struggling to think of a time where you and your girls could gather around to play a few rounds of poker, start with the next time you all are strutting your stuff on the Strip. If you're going to get all pampered up and be near a casino anyway, you might as well use your sexy look as a distraction during the game. Poker tables can be found in any casino and are usually filled up by men who are either trying to prove their machismo or win back everything they lost. Take advantage of their weakness' and sit in on the game with a friend or two. If you know how to flaunt what you've got properly, your crew could end up sweeping the table without even putting up much of an effort.

If you don't want to spend your time in a smoke filled room playing with individuals that play like their playing for blood, than another poker-night option could be a nice game at home. Men aren't the only ones that can sit around a table and munch on beer nuts and pretzels. Gather your girls up and set up a poker night. Again, if some of your group fall short of being poker-savvy, learning the game is simple and most decks of cards come with cheat sheets that show what hands win over another.

Care to keep the stakes high but don't want to loose money? Strip poker is a fairly popular variation on the game and would be perfect if you're proud of the body you've worked hard shaping. Rather than simply throwing money in a pot, your right to keep your clothes on is dependent on if you can win the hand or not. At the end of the round, any looser (which includes individuals that fold their hand) must peel off an article of clothing. Clearly, the winner of the game is the one left with the most clothing on. You can also put a bachelorette party spin on the game of strip poker and involve a male stripper. Set up the rules so that whenever the bachelorette wins a hand, the stripper peels off an article of their own clothing and provides a lap dance. It may end up being more of a distraction, but it'd certainly be a nice one.