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Las Vegas Pole Dancing Class

Have a sexy pole dancing lesson in sin city.Perfect option for Las Vegas bachelorette party. Time to get fit and have a fun!

Pole Dancing Class In Las Vegas

las vegas pole dancing

There are numerous things that come to mind when a talking about a Las Vegas bachelor / bachelorette party. A lot of alcohol, fancy and skimpy dress attire, and some form of stripper-related activity are known to be the norm when a party is taken to the Las Vegas level. Of those usuals, one thing can typically be assumed to make an appearance - Pole Dancing. When thinking of a bachelor party, pole dancing is the act that tends to bring the whole night to a close. Gathered around either a private or main stage, dollar bills are offered up to the hardworking girl that, somehow, found a way to climb up a completely smooth fire pole. When looked at in regards to a bachelorette party, though, the pole dancing tends to be the activity for the partying group of girls. In several locations on and off the Las Vegas Strip, pole dancing comes in the form of a pole dancing party and is the perfect garnishment for a night of wild fun.

pole dancing bachelorette party

The art of pole dancing is far more difficult than the voluptuous ladies on stage make it look. Any guy that thinks they can hop on stage and master the pole is, quite frankly, an arrogant fool simply looking to impress (or fail at it, rather). The muscle work and coordination that goes into pole dancing is very similar to gymnastics and requires a lot of training and practice. To give "regular" girls hope that they could perform like real strippers on the main stage, locations like Pole Fitness Studio located on Arville Street next to the Palms Casino offers classes seven days a week to give up those secret techniques that give strippers that sexy allure. To round off the perfect bachelorette party, the lady of honor can show (or, rather, try to show) her party guests just how lucky of a man she's marrying.

las vegas pole dancing lesson

The art of pole dancing is, quite frankly, a somewhat dangerous one. While a good portion of the routine can take place with two feet at a safe distance to the ground, some strippers tend to want to show off and take their act to new heights. Hanging upside-down from the top of the pole gives a stripper the chance to show off both their skills and their assets. While it shouldn't be an expected outcome of attending just a few Pole Fitness Studio's class's, learning to climb up to the top of a pole is bound to get you both praise and plenty of phone numbers.

In a city where sex sells and is quite often a currency in and of itself, its no surprise that something like pole dancing would be an acceptable activity for the everyday girl. Whether it's used to entertain a mass of men looking to let off some steam at the end of the day or as an added activity to a bachelorette party, pole dancing is far more common in Las Vegas than in other cities.