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Bride Tribe Bash

The bachelorette party is more popular than ever and it is one of the biggest events of your life, a final fling before your big day. It allows you to give your single days a proper goodbye and celebrate your new journey into marriage, surrounded by your squad. Whether you keep it local or plan a destination bachelorette bash centered around Sin City’s vibrant nightlife that is the envy of all your social media followers, you want to make sure this night is memorable. While there is no exact science when it comes to throwing the perfect party, there are important details to consider to ensure a fabulous experience for everyone. Start by creating a master checklist so nothing will be forgotten.

Once it has been decided who is in charge of the arrangements, a budget has been determined, and a location and a theme have been chosen, it’s time to start planning the specifics like where and what to eat, transportation, festive props, decor, games, party favors, and the must-have essentials.

The Coveted Sash

A bright pink or white silk sash with glitter lettering is a must-have accessory, it’s a fun way to designate the bride-to-be. In strip clubs and nightclubs, the sash will have heads turning and allow the bride to stand out from the crowd, making her a visible target for invitations to tables, free drinks at the bar, or for those a bit more adventurous – free lap dances by a male or female entertainer at a popular Vegas club. The coveted sash will have her looking and feeling like a star.

Spicing It Up

Most badass bachelorette parties are a night of shenanigans involving displays of sexual freedom, salivating over male strippers, and getting drunk. But if you want to elevate the fun and spice things up, adding adult “toys,” decorations, and souvenirs, that are sassy, kinky, and glow in the dark, will bring out everyone’s wild side, spark entertaining conversation, and create a whole lot of fun. Paying homage to male genitalia with phallic-shaped tiaras, penis straws, candy, candles, and balloons; blow job bibs; and the “Dicky Big Gulp,” – a reusable 10” purple penis-shaped sports bottle to name a very few, are sure to liven things up and maximize the craziness.

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An adult store, specifically the Adult Supermarket on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas, is where you will find everything you can imagine and beyond, with all levels of naughtiness, to add risqué humor, excitement, and a little or a whole lot of embarrassment for the blushing bride – like a beautiful white veil loaded with colorful “twigs and berries”.

Let the Games Begin

Cards Against Humanity

This party game is an unfiltered and unadulterated drinking game that requires players to fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases that can be nice, offensive, risqué or politically incorrect. This is a popular component at many of the bachelorette parties we host at Bachelorette Vegas, played during our two-hour, all you can eat and drink package deal at Firefly Tapas Kitchen + Bar, a unique dining experience highlighting small, flavorful dishes for sharing and house-made Sangria.

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Las Vegas is the most popular bachelorette party destination in the world and it’s the perfect place to celebrate before taking the plunge. The city is jam-packed with strip clubs, dayclubs, male revues, and world-class nightclubs, like TAO and XS, that specialize in bachelor and bachelorette parties. You can always count on the combination of cocktails and a party atmosphere, with great music and dancing, to add to the success of a bachelorette bash.

Bonding with your Besties

Whether you and your gal pals want to be naughty or nice, we at Bachelorette Vegas are your nightlife headquarters and we offer amazing bachelorette packages. Let us help you celebrate an epic Bach Bash with your besties!

If the bride's party is set to take place in the confines of a bridesmaids home, then you won't have to worry about keeping things a little more lighthearted to keep from offending any establishment owners or nightclub security. In short, the party should be as sexual as ever. For whatever reason, when women get together the male genitalia turns into an entertaining conversation piece and becomes the perfect decoration to hang on string or stir your drink with. At any adult store, more specifically the Adult Mart on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas, you'll find a vast assortment of favors, decorations, and games revolving around every straight women's favorite male accessory. Leave no corner of the house untouched by this human ornament and the bride-to-be is bound to be in a giggle fit for the entire night.

Not all favors need to be made up of a twig and berries to fit into a bachelorette party. When you think of this type of night, you should consider the fact that it should be a fun-loving and slightly immature event for the bride-to-be to enjoy prior to giving her life up to the supposed man of her dreams. Maybe you'll want to bring her back to a younger age where things weren't so complex and final, and while it may sound difficult to do with simple supplies and décor, you'd be surprised to find what candy necklaces and leis can do for a person's maturity level. Fill the bride up with decorative sugar and throw a lei around her neck to witness the magic behind this items first hand.