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Tips on Tipping Etiquette in Las Vegas

We all know that it can be an expensive endeavor during a night or day out at a bar or club, especially in a city like Las Vegas where everything is priced higher than normal, but regardless the cost of shows, spas, activities, specialty drinks and bottles are, it’s important to tip; tipping is not only proper etiquette, but it can also amplify your experience with better and faster service. We all know the purpose of tipping; it shows an appreciation for a job/service well done to those who rely on this extra money to make ends meet. But how do you know who to tip and how much? First, if the service is bad, it's up to you how much to leave if anything, but typically a good rule of thumb for great service is 20% in restaurants and 15-20% at the clubs and shows.

The Tourism industry in Las Vegas, which includes entertainment, hospitality, and gaming, is the city's largest industry. Everyone gets tipped from the bellman, valet, and housekeeping to VIP Hosts; dealers; bouncers; strip club dancers; tour guides; taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts; bartenders, waitresses, and cocktail servers; the concierge, room service, and restroom attendants. The list is endless. When discussing per-person costs for your Las Vegas bachelorette party or girl's getaway, be sure the group understands the importance of tipping in this town and includes extra cash in the budget.

Tipping can often be confusing and stressful, and there are a lot of variables. Below is Bachelorette Vegas' tipping guide for Sin City.


Bellman store your luggage should you arrive before your room is ready or hold it if you need to check out of your room before you are prepared to leave the property, and they will deliver and pick up from your room as requested. The customary tip is $1-$2 per bag or a flat fee of $5.



If valet is free, $5 is a good tip with an additional $1 per piece for luggage assistance, If, however, valet is $20, then figure 20% of that for the tip.

Room Service

Room Services

Typically the gratuity is included on the bill, but if the room service attendant sets up your meal, then add $5. If no gratuity was added, then leave at least 15%.

The Front Desk

You might not think you would tip the front desk clerks, but remember, this is Vegas. Depending on the information they offer and how helpful and friendly they were, anywhere from $5-$10 is a good tip.


A hotel concierge assists guests with various tasks like arranging spa services, show tickets, transportation, etc. A customary tip would start at $5, but if they score you a dinner reservation at the hottest restaurant in town, you should consider sliding them $10-$20.



Separate from a pay-to-play situation that includes lap dances and private back room performances, these entertainers love lots of bucks in their G-strings, but for pole dancing, $5-$20 goes a long way.

Casino Hosts and Dealers


The Casino Host can hook you up with rooms, meals, Bottle Service, and more. This, of course, is all based on the amount you gamble. The more you gamble, the better the services. The gratuity should be based on the size of the hookup and if comps are included. Customary tips start at $20 up to $100.

As far as dealers go, it depends on how long you stay at the table and if you're on a winning or losing streak. It’s entirely up to you whether you leave a tip, it’s not required; however, when you leave the table, etiquette dictates that you should tip between two and five percent of your winnings.

VIP Hosts

If the gratuity is not included on your bill, then leave an 18%-20% gratuity. At the clubs, an extra $100 "shake" or "handshake" goes a long way – this means you tip on top of your table minimum and the tip, tax, and venue. (The "shake" or "handshake" to the podium goes into the host's tip pool). When taking care of the front door you sometimes can get moved to an upgraded table or a better location by doing so. For comped bottles and tables, the tip is 15-20% based on the price of the bottle. Considering most bottles in the city are anywhere from $600-$800 each, a $75-$100 tip should do the trick.

Your Cocktail Server

The majority of nightclubs and pools in Las Vegas are doing auto gratuities for the cocktail servers which means that no matter what you spend, you are going to be tipping the server 15 to 20% whether they do a good job or not, otherwise 15% to 20% is the norm. However, be aware, these servers can be quite aggressive when it comes to their tips. When they present you with your tab, they often create and write out their own tip guide which sometimes pushes guests to leave 25 to even 30+% gratuity. Do the math, don’t succumb to the sob stories these girls give you, trust us, they make bank throughout the night and weekend. If anything, if you are feeling generous, give that extra tip back to the host, busser, or security to further intensify your experience.

Your Bartender


Even though drinks at the bar can be very overpriced, anywhere from $15-$25+ per drink at some places, we recommend $2-$5 tip per drink.

Your Waiter or Waitress

Many restaurants in Vegas auto-grat the bill otherwise leave at least 15% up to 20% or more if the service was exceptional.

Restroom Attendant

It might seem ridiculous for restaurants and clubs to have restroom attendants, but they keep the restrooms cleaned, stocked, and organized, so $2-$5 per visit is a considerate gesture.

Your Housekeeping

A suggested tip for housekeeping is $2 to $5 per day, but if you leave your room looking like a cyclone hit it, consider leaving more.

Taxis, Ubers, and Lyfts

The standard is 20% depending on the service and if your 15-minute rides takes 45 minutes because the driver to the “long way.”

Your Airport Shuttle Ride

If you want to save money on your transportation to and from the airport, consider taking a shuttle. A tip of $2 to $5 is a fair amount.

Your Tour Guide

The professional tour guides are informative and entertaining and often work in extreme temperatures. Show your appreciation by adding a 15% to 20% gratuity to the overall cost of the tour.

The Street Hustlers

Talk about entertaining and working in extreme temperatures, the Vegas Street Hustlers are a lot of fun and put on quite the show and they will provide you with a great photo op. A good tip is $2 to $5.

Your Airport Skycaps

Airport Skycaps provide a convenient curbside check-in service for your luggage. The going rate is typically, $5 per bag.

The Final Tip

Tipping is a reward for good service, but as we said, there are a lot of variables involved when deciding on how much to leave. Hopefully, our guide has eliminated some of the confusion. A few last thoughts, while some places auto-grat the bill leaving you no choice, for the most part a tip is not mandatory and should not feel like an obligation; it’s a reward for good service. While no one wants to be called cheap and stingy, ultimately it is your decision on who to tip and how much to leave.