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Las Vegas Pool Parties

It goes without saying that Las Vegas is a place where pool access is a necessity. The scorching desert sun mixed with the dry arid air does little to help you feel refreshed.

Pool Parties In Las Vegas

Las Vegas pool party

Casino owners are well aware of this fact and have gone through extensive measures to ensure that you will always have a place to cool off, going so far as to equip their pool areas with what could pass as mini apartments. In Las Vegas, shelter from the sun is key – and pool cabanas are an essential part of sun protection.

The next time you're lounging about in a Vegas pool party, take a look around. The numerous amounts of enclosed structures surrounding the outer parameter of the pool area give the feel of a small enclave. If you've never thoroughly inspected a Las Vegas cabana, you may be surprised to find that this small shelter leaves its renter in a better position than the students that inhabit a college dorm. At their core, Las Vegas pool parties' cabanas are like mini apartments.

Pool parties are littered throughout a Las Vegas weekend. At any given point in time during the three day stretch from Friday to Sunday, there is most likely a sponsored pool party going on. While these parties offer a chance to attend a social gathering, they make it difficult for more private individuals to enjoy an intimate experience while not being completely secluded from the party. Luckily for those with both a decent cash flow and good timing, the cabana rentals that are available on any normal day are also available during special events.

Typically outfitted with flat-screen HD televisions, mini-refrigerators, comfortably plush lounge seating, personal misters, and the occasional access to waiting staff, cabanas are a life saver on a brutally hot day. With an open view to the pool, all cabanas offer the ability to remain in a private environment without feeling too separated from the even that’s going on. In your own private cave, the DJs music still pounds heavily – so don’t expect to be able to relax in piece.

During events like Hard Rock’s Rehab where the guest list can sky rocket to over a thousand people, what normally seems like a decent amount of cabanas suddenly seems so minimal. In the case of a Las Vegas pool party, reservations are vital. Depending on which event you’re attending (as there are upwards of over a dozen during the weekend), you should be able to call ahead of time and reserve your spot in one of the coveted cabanas. Be wary, though, because what normally costs in the low hundreds on a normal day sky rockets to the low thousands during any pool event. With the crowd that builds up in the pool, though, the cost is worth having a little grotto to retreat to, especially if you’re trying to get to know someone a bit better.

Despite the increased price and limited availability, a Las Vegas pool party is made only sweeter when spent in a luxurious hide-away. If you’re already going to spring for the jacked up cover charge and the outrageous drink prices, you might as well go for the full opulence and sip your overpriced alcohol in the shade with a T.V.