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Bare Pool Lounge

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Bare Pool Lounge

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Las Vegas pool parties have been dwindling in numbers and popularity, but one that continues to stand the test of time is Bare Pool Lounge at The Mirage Hotel & Casino. This relaxing 14,000-square-foot oasis, which is hidden within the Secret Garden of the Mirage, is a Polynesian-themed pool club filled with rentable cabanas, daybeds, and poolside lounge chairs.

While this pool used to be topless, in 2023, the new Hard Rock owner changed the rules. Now, the atmosphere and vibe of Bare is much more subdued compared to the Mega-Clubs in the City. This venue is perfect for a chill Sunday Funday or a bachelorette party looking to recover after a full weekend of shenanigans on the strip. With reasonable bottle prices and lower minimums, Bare is a value beach club for those looking to be a VIP for the day.

When the Las Vegas desert heat index soars into the triple digits during the summer months, there is really no better place in the city to cool off, refresh, and recharge than at Bare Pool Lounge. Whether you and your friends need to recover from an all-nighter in a shaded Cabana or you are interested in replenishing your energy levels with a poolside brunch, Bare Pool has you covered.

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Booking with Bachelorette Vegas

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Our team is a licensed independent host company. We have hosted world-class weekends for over 20 years, and we work with all the top hot spots in town. We have the best packages for the bride's big weekend, and we get prime table locations, much better than if you book directly online.

We offer behind-the-scenes information, top-tier customer service, and always fantastic prices. We only work strictly with the upper management at all the venues in Vegas, and we are well-respected in Sin City. We will give you exact instructions, host your entry, professional timeliness, and are available for any questions around the clock via our website, messenger, call, text, or email.

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Bachelorette's Guide

Location & Hours of Operation


Bare Pool Lounge is located at The Old Mirage Hotel & Casino, now called the Hard Rock on the Main Pool Deck, hidden in the tropical and artificial forest on the outskirts of the pool next to the Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin exhibit. We definitely recommend checking out both of these before or after your day at Bare. It is an amazing experience to see Lions, Tigers, and Dolphins up close and personal.

The hours of operation at Bare are 11 AM - 6 PM, and it is open seven days a week during the Summer season. Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays are the most popular days. Finding Bare can be confusing, to say the least; follow the signs or ask security personnel to guide you to the entrance as you're making your walk through the casino. Once you arrive, you will meet your Bachelorette Vegas VIP Host, and we will get you right in.

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When is The Mirage Pool Open?

Monday – 11 AM – 6 PM.
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 11 AM – 6 PM.
Saturday 11 AM – 6 PM.
Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM.

What is The Bare Pool Dress Code?


Bare's dress code is fairly relaxed since it is more of a lounge-type pool. Pool attire is recommended; however, many girls wear sundresses and gowns as well.

Outside of traditional pool clothing, chains, baggy clothing, ripped or cut-off clothing, see-through clothing and clothing with studs and hooks, cargo shorts, khaki shorts, jerseys, pants, undergarments, and any athletic gear are not allowed. Sunglasses and hats are permitted. Ladies, you will need cover-ups for your swimsuits and bikinis for entry.

Vegas Dress Code Guide

The Cost of Drinks

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Similar to all MGM Group venues, the drink prices fall into the industry standard of $12-15 for a beer and $18-$25+ for a specialty cocktail. Pricing depends on what type of alcohol or mixed drink you order and if you want a single, double, or triple drink. We have Bare's 2021-2022 Menu below, just click on the button and scroll down.

Menu Below

What is the Music at Bare Pool Lounge?

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Management usually books a roster of local DJ talent that will spin a combination of open-format music and Hip Hop. On a rare occasion, they might bring in a mid-level EDM or a Latin music DJ for a special promotion Saturday, check out the Bare Pool Lounge events page for all the latest promotions or search your dates in the events feed below.

Bare Pool Lounge Events

Does Bare Have a Guest List?

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The Guest List is pretty relaxed. Typically, women are free until 2:00 PM, and even ratio groups of guys to girls are free as well during these times, with the only exception being a Holiday Weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day.

As an MGM Nightlife venue, they have a large street team that continually walks up and down The Strip throughout the weekend trying to recruit women to come to its venues, including Bare. However, if you are looking to get on the Guest List at Bare, please click the link below to submit a contact form with your full name, party size, ratio of guys to girls, your phone number, and email address with the date you are looking to be added.

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Tickets for Bare Pool Party

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Tickets are not usually necessary for this venue; the only exception would be on a holiday weekend or potentially a very busy Saturday. If you do want Bare Pool Lounge Tickets

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MGM Nightlife Security

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You must be 21 years of age to enter Bare and have a valid form of ID; pictures on your phone of your identification won't be enough for entry, and neither will a temporary paper document. If you are not from the United States and have a foreign ID, you will be required to show your passport, so please bring it, or you will have to go back to your room to get it.

When coming to Bare Pool Lounge, expect to go through a security checkpoint. There is a zero-tolerance policy for hardcore drugs and other substances. If you are found with these, there is a possibility you will be permanently banned or "86ed" from the property.

Vegas Security Guide

Las Vegas Pool Crawl

pool crawlers

🤗 We also offer a pool crawl for a very reasonable price. The crawl includes three pool parties, transportation to the venues, and light beer and water on the party bus between stops. We don't know the official crawl line-up until the Tuesday before the weekend, but the venues are always great! The pool crawl is offered on Fridays and Saturdays and will look something like this with the first stop being the Flamingo Go Pool, the second stop will be Daylight, and the final stop will be this venue. Venues are subject to change.

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What is Bottle Service?

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By definition, Bottle Service means purchasing alcohol in higher quantities from the venue directly instead of having to wait in line at the bar and buy drink after drink. With Bottle Service, you get a dedicated cocktail server to pour your drinks, a busser to keep your table clean and stocked, and security to keep your area secure for the day. You will be paying a premium to secure a table and Bottle Service in the club, but it does have many perks aside from the service staff. Private seating, an area to safely secure your belongings, and a home base for the day are just a few of them.

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What's a Minimum Spend?

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The minimum spend is the amount you agree upon in advance to spend on alcohol. The minimum amount determines which table or real estate in the Las Vegas nightclub you are reserving for the evening. The better tables in the Beach Club, like the Cabanas, will have a higher minimum spend agreement required to secure it. Also, on days that fall on holiday weekends, you can expect a higher minimum to reserve a particular table. Please keep in mind that all clubs in Las Vegas, including Bare Pool Lounge, operate on a supply and demand system.

When we quote pricing, it's just an estimate based on what we think the demand will be for that night; however, if there is an influx of clientele spending or you arrive at a much later time, the guarantee that you will get the particular table you are requesting may be in jeopardy as other guests might bid higher to reserve that section. Having a direct line of communication with the independent host you are working with and being upfront and accurate with your time of arrival are the best strategies for a stress-free and hassle-free bottle service experience.

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Typical Minimum Spends at Bare Pool Lounge

The food and beverage minimums are as follows:

Location Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
Chairs $50 $100 $100 $100 $100 $50 $50
Daybed (Main Pool) $250 $450 $650 $250 $550 $250 $250
Daybed (VIP Pool) $350 $650 $850 $350 $650 $350 $350
VIP Table $250 $400 $650 $250 $500 $250 $250
Cabana $500 $1,500 $2,500 $1,000 $1,500 $500 $500

Typical Covers

Cover Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed
Men $20 $40 $40 $20 $20 $20 $20
Women $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10

Bare Pool Party Table Sections

Bottle Service has its perks – VIP entry, a personal server and security for your section. It can make your big day out extra special, plus we walk you past any lines with expedited entry. Below are Table options. Click the button to see the 2D Bare Table Map



The Bungalows and Cabanas are a Vegas-must for the pool!

Cabanas Main Pool (20 ppl)

Bare_Las_Vegas_Caabana btv

Cabanas are labeled 1-6 on the Map and are located on the right-hand side of the venue from the entrance. These are perfect for a group of 15 to 20. They are very spacious and have a comfortable couch and a Daybed for lounging. By Vegas standards they are reasonably priced.

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VIP Pool Day Beds (6-8 ppl)

bare pool vip day bed

The VIP area boasts an elevated platform and a glass infinity-edge pool that overlooks the rest of the venue. Naturally, more women end up hanging out here, and the daybeds are more desirable, hence the higher minimum.

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VIP Table (10-12 ppl)

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Some people prefer to be in the VIP area but don't care for a Daybed. There are four VIP tables; they are more like standing 4-tops, with chairs around them to enjoy the scenery.

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Daybeds Main Pool (6-8 ppl)

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The Entry-Level Daybeds are perfect for smaller groups on a budget. These beds sit in front of the Cabana Row area and around the main pool. They offer a nice amount of space to hang out, and the prices are very reasonable compared to the other larger beach clubs in town. So, if your budget is tight or you want to get a package deal, the Daybed is a great option for a smaller hen party.

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Lounge Chairs Main Pool Only (1 Person Per)

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This is one of the few venues in Vegas that we consider a pool party that offers individual chairs. They're perfectly positioned right next to the main pool and sell at $50 to $100 for minimum spend. Reserving one of these side by side for each person in your party could be a good idea to control the pool deck. With very low minimums, these tables are a great way to split the bill and have each person in your party pay for what they want to drink and eat throughout the day.

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What is The Total Cost?

Let's say you wanted to reserve a regular cabana:

$1500 (minimum Spend)
+ $125.63 (8.375% City Tax)
+ $150 (10% Venue Fee)
+ $300 (20% to the server)
= $2075.63 Total

Cost out the door if you do not exceed the minimum spend agreement. This does not include any cash handshake to the podium for location, express entry, specific table, etc.; again, a "shake" can also help with a lower min spend. A "shake" is usually a cash tip that is given to the front door or podium as a "handshake" or favor to typically get better placement or a specific table. This tip is on top of your table minimum and the tip, tax, and venue fee you will pay. The shake tip you give goes to the podium and into the hosts who work at the club's tip pool.

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The Best Tables and the Best Value

daybed girl

While the Cabanas have the most space and are centrally located near the main pool, our personal favorite tables at Bachelorette Vegas are the Daybeds and tables elevated by the VIP Pool. With the infinity-style pool overlooking the pool deck, this area is very secure and is often the center of attention as many guests in this area choose to stay in the VIP pool.

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Bottle Service Deals & Packages

bottle server

To give you an idea of a typical bottle service minimum, you'd be looking at around $1,000 before tip and tax for two premium bottles of your choice. These bottles retail on the menu for around $495 each. After all taxes, tips, and service fees, the total cost comes to just about $1400 all-in. We can customize your experience with a package deal that includes limo service, a post-pool party dinner, and also tickets to a popular male revue show or male strip club.

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Bottle Service Menu


Premium one-liter bottles at Bare Pool Lounge start at $450 for Rum, while most premiums, including Grey Goose Vodka, are priced significantly less than other major beach clubs in the city at $500. Check out the Bare Pool Lounge Bottle Service Menu below.

Vegas Pool Package Deals


Experiencing this ultra pool is best when it is done within one of our Value All-Inclusive Packages! These packages give you a set schedule and a flexible itinerary leading up to a fun day and night. Our "All That Bachelorette" Package provides a private limo transfer from your hotel down the sin city strip to Firefly Kitchen & Tapas. From there, you will have an incredible 2-hour, all-you-can-eat Tapas plate selection, and an all-you-can-drink dinner experience.

Once you are all filled up with food or a little tipsy from all of the drinks, the limo will return to pick you and your stagettes up and take you to the wildest male revue on the Strip, Magic Mike. This wild and sexy show will have all of you screaming and hollering at the top of your lungs!

After the show, the limo driver will take you to the Resorts World, where our trusted VIP Host will meet you and escort you directly through the table line entrance for a VIP club entry. Once inside, you can dance the night away with your bridesmaids and cap off an epic night of fun!

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Bottle Service Presentations

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Like other beach clubs in the city, the cocktail servers are there to provide presentations for Bottle Service reservations. Stagettes specifically get catered to the most with confetti and signs congratulating the bride-to-be. Since the minimum spend agreements are lower at this venue compared to other clubs in the city, you can likely spend a reasonably low amount and get an excellent presentation.

We'll have to check with the cocktail server to see what the deal is on the event day. More than likely, you will have to order some kind of champagne to trigger a presentation. Let us know if you want a customized presentation, and we will make it happen.

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Other MGM Nightlife Venues

female djs

During the past few years, MGM has been slowly taking back more and more of the clubs and pools located on their properties. They took back Bare in 2019 from the Hakkasan Group, and recently, they took back Hyde in the Bellagio and turned that into Mayfair. The recently renovated Park MGM Hotel & Casino has a very unique venue, On the Record. They also operate the Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, which is a European-style pool. Since Bare is no longer topless, if that's your thing, you will like Moorea Beach Club.

On the Record Guide

Vegas Pools: What You Need to Know

Private Pools

Bare_Las_Vegas_Standing_Pool btv

The actual pool itself is pretty small, so at times, when no one is inside swimming, it almost feels like a private pool. The elevated VIP Pool area that has the see-through infinity pool glass is perfect for mingling and the closest they have to a private pool.

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Pool Toys and Swag

girls playing

This pool is upscale and classy, and while there might be some crazy splashing going on, it's not big enough for any pool toys or cheesy swag you see some bachelorette parties sporting.

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Lockers and Bag Check

sexy models

If you choose to go to the Club with regular admission or at a Daybed or lounge, these tables do not include a safe area to preserve and protect your personal belongings. Bare does offer rentable lockers to house these items, and they are located near the front of the venue. The pricing does change often, but typically the cost is $50-$75 for the day.

Las Vegas Security Guide

Quality of Crowd

vip pool

Since Bare is not a major beach club with chart-topping DJs and also not a high occupancy capacity venue, its crowd is a bit more diverse and leans more towards an older and more mature demographic. Many affluent socialites who are looking for a more relaxed setting choose to come to Bare. Overall, the age range is between 30-50 years old, with a mixture of younger guests here and there.

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Brian Pfeiffer's Final Take

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Bare Pool Lounge is a tropical oasis in the middle of the desert. Its compact size provides an intimate space for groups and individuals. If you're looking for a bachelorette party celebration or a unique place to relax and rewind, the affordable prices for Bare's Cabanas and the VIP Pool area are appealing. In our opinion, Sundays and Mondays are the best days to check out this Pool Club, or on a Thursday to start your weekend off, check out our all-inclusive budget bachelorette packages is an incredible compared to the normal pricing for bottles, not only at Bare but at all of the major beach clubs in the City.

This pools main competition for EDM crowd is Encore Beach Club, Marquee Day Club, Wet Republic, AYU Dayclub, the recently remodeled Tao Beach, and the new LIV Beach. All these venues have a long history of "trust" with their customers, always delivering a fantastic party, so to sum it up, Bare is still in that trust-building phase.

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You’ve heard it said before, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – and that is especially true in Las Vegas! Anyone living in or traveling to Vegas would do well to follow and connect with Andrea V, the premier Bachelorette Vegas Socialite.

Andrea is charismatic, personable, and approachable and she generates a large following from people of all ages. She has over 20 years of living the "Las Vegas Life” and is an expert on all things Sin City. She is well-known, well-respected, has a solid reputation, and established credibility as a party planner with a wide-ranging social media outreach.

Andrea can be found at the most exclusive clubs, and hottest bars and lounges around town. If you need advice on where to go and what to do as far as daylife and night life destinations, pool parties, clubs, shows, restaurants, attendance-worthy events, and hidden gems, Andrea has the low-down on what’s happening in and around the city. She is an expert party planner and will custom create the perfect party for birthdays and bachelorette parties for the ultimate Vegas experience.

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