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@ Virgin Hotels 4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169.
Music: EDM, Tech House, & Open Format.
Open: Friday-Sunday | 11 AM – 5 PM
Dress Code: Swim attire only
Seating: Stage, Premium VIP Cabanas North, Premium North Cabanas, South Cabanas, East Cabanas, Pool Deck Area


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While there's no beach in Las Vegas, there are plenty of "beach clubs" – defined as a fantastic place to relax, party, soak up the sun, and forget about the pressures of everyday life. They are the only actual "sand" beach in Vegas, the crowd is vibrant and sexy, and the prices are fair.


This brand new pool party, formerly known as Rehab at the old Hard Rock Hotel, is making a huge splash in town with its Mykonos-inspired paradise pool club, unique ambiance, and beautiful design. It will transport guests to the stunning Greek Islands' laid-back way of life and relaxing beach vibes. If you are looking for a new place that is fun and exciting, Élia lives up to the hype and exceeds everyone's expectations.

At Surreal, we like to showcase the "cool stuff" about the venue, and there is nothing more extraordinary than our friend Jenn Ranalli the Tulum style sway pole. She is one of our pole dancing instructors; she has a unique skillset and is the best in town. Her smile is electric, and her energy is fantastic! Be sure to break out the Snap Chat and get her in action.

Élia attracts a select crowd looking for beach vibes, tech house, deep house, and electronic dance music. All you club-goers and sun worshipers, come ready to dance, party, and have a good time.

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We are a professional and licensed independent host company. We have hosted world-class parties and events for over 20 years, and we work with all the top hot spots in town. We have the best packages for the bride's big weekend, and we get prime table locations; much better than if you book directly online, plus we host your group!

We offer behind-the-scenes information, top-tier customer service, and always fantastic prices. We only work with the upper management at all the venues in Vegas, and we are well-respected in Sin City. We will give you exact instructions, host your entry, and are available for any questions around the clock on our website, via messenger, call, text, or email.

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Bachelorette's Guide

Location & Hours of Operation


The beach club is nestled behind the newly remodeled Virgin Hotel just minutes from the Strip at 4455 Paradise Road; Las Vegas, NV 89169. Management built a convenient parking lot in the back, which is also ideal for limousines, Ubers, Lyfts, and taxis pick-ups and drop-offs. You don't have to travel through the casino to get to the venue, and we are not sure if that is a good or bad thing?!

In season one, management's pool party days are Friday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday is the more significant day.

What is the Élia Beach Club Dress Code?

elia Dress Code

Élia has a strict swim attire dress code for its pool parties. Please do not wear chains, baggy clothing, ripped or cut-off clothing, see-through clothing and clothing with studs and hooks, cargo shorts, khaki shorts, jerseys, pants, undergarments, and any athletic gear. Sunglasses and hats are permitted. Ladies, you will need a cover-up for your swimsuits/bikinis to go to and from the pool if you decide to enter and exit through the casino.

How Much are Drinks at Élia?

elia champagne

Drinks are about the average cost in Sin City. Mixed drinks range from $15 - $40, depending on which brand of alcohol and mixture you order. Beers are your typical $10 each. The most popular drink size comes in a 40 oz souvenir cup, which is four drinks in one. The cost is $40 each with several specialty choices, and they are pretty tasty. As for Bottle Service, individual 1L Bottles start around $550 each for Grey Goose. Bottle Service minimums typically range between $500 - $5,000+ before state taxes, gratuity, and venue fees are applied.

The Vibe & Artists

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Living up to the late, great Rehab is no easy task and trying to make an off-Strip pool party one of the most popular and in-demand spots for Las Vegas is also challenging. The vibe is incredibly diverse and often pretty laid back. Think Tulum in Mexico with tons of party-goers from around the world. Many people dress to extremes with scantily clad bathing suits and wild sundresses. Overall, Élia is a great place to be seen and to see the sexiest crowd. This multisensory venue engages the senses. At times, it's a bit difficult to take in everything that is going on around you, so if that happens, the best strategy is to take a deep breath and enjoy the house beats from the impressive sound system.


Once the main D.J. goes on around 3:00 p.m., the crowd will go wild, and there is a powerful and enticing wave of energy that kickstarts an enthusiastic and crazy dance party and playful beach scene. Élia draws the most beautiful people from around the world and mixes them into an opulent and spacious venue to create one of the more popular, if not the most popular, pool party in the world. Check out all the Élia Beach Club. It's always a party! 🎉

The programming is music-driven with mid-level talent in the opening season. Some of the more prominent artists include Deadmeau5, Morgan Page, Goldfish, Sultan & Shepard, Klingande, Sofi Tucker, and Loco Dice. We will see what they have in store for the future.

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Does Élia Beach Club Have a Guest List?

elia guestlist

Typically, you would need to get placed on an official Guest List at least 24 hours in advance. With the sometimes massive headliner D.J.s that perform, such as Above & Beyond, and the heavily inflated ticket costs that come with them, the Guest List serves as a cheaper albeit sometimes strenuous process to get into a club for free. You will need to provide your first and last name, party size, and the ratio of guys to girls.

Ladies are typically free; however, the list does cut off early, and sometimes the Guest List line starts filling up as early as 10:00 a.m. on busy Saturdays. If you choose to go the Guest List route, be sure to arrive early to expedite the sometimes 45 minutes to the one-hour wait time. You will line up next to the back parking lot and V.I.P. table line entrance. It is a bit confusing and can be chaotic during peak hours. To be placed on the Guest List, please submit a contact form with your full name, group size, and the date you wish to be added.

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How to Buy Tickets for Élia Beach Club?

elia ticket

Ticket pricing for general admission is quite broad. The amount typically depends on a couple of factors; specifically, the DJ/artist performing, and secondly, the demand for that specific day. In the weeks leading up to an event, the pricing may increase from $10-$25. The normal range for men and women is $40 - $75+ taxes and service fees.

You can buy tickets directly from us, and we recommend that you purchase tickets in advance. One thing to note about the venue, once you are inside, there aren't any non-table service locations to sit at except for the small lounge tables by the main bar. Reserving a table with Bottle Service is the only way to secure seating and a private area for the day. With the high cost of drinks and cover charges, we recommend splitting the money upfront with your group to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

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Where is the V.I.P. Check-in?


Behind the hotel, there is an entrance explicitly created for the dayclub. Management has plenty of signage to direct you to the proper line. If you are coming from the casino side, the host team has a satellite stand to steer you in the right direction. Bachelorette Vegas tip: be sure to get dropped off in the back of the hotel by the main entrance to avoid confusion.

Stringent Security


When coming to Élia Beach Club, expect to go through a security checkpoint that rivals the T.S.A. security checks at the airports. The club has a zero policy when it comes to hardcore drugs and other substances. If they catch you trying to bring anything like this into the club, you will be "86'd from the property and/or permanently banned.

What is Bottle Service?

Bottle Service elia

By definition, Bottle Service means purchasing alcohol in higher quantities from the venue directly instead of having to wait in line at the bar and buy drink after drink. With Bottle Service, you get a cocktail server to pour your drinks and a busser to keep your area clean and stocked. You will be paying a premium to secure a table and Bottle Service in the pool party, but it does have many perks aside from the service staff, such as private seating, a safe area to secure your belongings, and a home base for the day.

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What's a Minimum Spend?

Minimum Spend elia

The minimum spend is the amount you agree upon in advance to spend on alcohol. The minimum amount determines which table or real estate in the dayclub you reserve for the duration of the party. The better tables in the beach club, like the Dance Floor Sections and V.I.P. North Cabanas, will have a higher minimum spend agreement required to secure it. Also, on days with more prominent DJs or artists booked, you can expect a higher minimum to reserve a particular table.

Please keep in mind that all clubs in Las Vegas operate on a supply and demand system. When we quote pricing, it's only an estimate based on the demand for that day or night. However, suppose there is an influx of clientele spending, or you arrive much later than you initially indicated. In that case, the guarantee that you will get the particular table you requested may be in jeopardy as other guests might bid higher to reserve that section. You are working with a direct line of communication with an independent host, so being upfront and accurate with your time of arrival is the best strategy for a seamless Bottle Service experience.

Typical Table Pricing and Minimums

General View

General View

Beach Couch

Beach Daybed

Dance Floor

East Cabanas

Lounge Large

Lounge Small

Patio Daybed

Premium Cabanas North

Premium VIP Cabanas North

South Cabanas

Terrace Booths

Terrace Pool View Booth

Terrace Poolside Daybed

Bottle Service has its perks – from an expedited entry that comes with V.I.P. entry, a dedicated server, and security for your section. This level of service is the best way to experience Élia Beach Club. Below are your table options. Click on the button to see the table number that will make it easier to discuss on the phone with your Bachelorette Vegas.

If you want a lower minimum, express entry, extra guests in, or a specific table then there might be an opportunity to tip the podium. In sin city we call this the “handshake.” Ask us about what the handshake is to make stuff happen like getting 8 ladies in on a 6 person table or getting a table right on the water. A little “grease” in Vegas makes things happen!

Bottle Service Table Options

The luxurious Élia Beach Club floorplan offers cabana guests an immersive, exclusive, and welcoming experience with good vibes, great views, and plenty of room to dance, party, and soak up the hot desert sun while enjoying delicious food and hand-crafted cocktails.

Premium V.I.P. Cabanas North - 10 Guests

Premium V.I.P. Cabanas elia

When it comes to bachelorette bashes, Vegas is the "Party Capital of the World." For an authentic Vegas daylife experience and an unparalleled bachelorette bash, the beautifully-appointed Premium VIP Cabanas North is one of the best spots in the club.

Premium Cabanas North - 10 Guest

Premium Cabanas North

If you want a private spot to escape the sun and cool off for a bit, Élia Beach Club has you covered with their Premium Cabanas North. It's a great place to relax and enjoy some tasty bites and refreshing cocktails.

South Cabana - 10 Guests

South Cabana

The hip and trendy South Cabana is an ideal spot to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere, the sexy eye candy, and celebrate a bachelorette party.

East Cabana - 10 Guests

East Cabana

While there are so many ways to throw a fun and memorable bachelorette party, a private East Cabana will make for an unforgettable experience.

Stage Table - 10 Guests

Stage Table

If you want an epic bachelorette bash with a great view and great music, the stage table is a prime spot for partying.

Dance Floor - 10 Guests

Beach dance floor

Calling all brides-to-be and bachelorettes. If you want to indulge yourself, the dance floor tables are the most desired in the club, especially if you love to dance and want to be close to the DJ. Enjoy delicious food and hand-crafted cocktails while soaking up the sun.

Beach Daybed - 6 Guests

Beach Daybed

If you want to get your tan on in comfort and style, the beach daybeds are ideal.

Beach Couch - 6 Guests

Beach Couch

If you're looking for a poolside bachelorette party, look no further than the Beach Couch at this hip and trendy dayclub.

Patio Daybed - 6 Guests

Patio Daybed

If you're looking for a little sun and a little shade, the Patio Daybed is the perfect spot to hang out and party! It offers a great view of the DJ and pool.

Large Lounge - 5 Guests

Large Lounge

With a Large Lounge, you can soak up in the sun in luxury while enjoying tasty beach bites and hand-crafted cocktails and listening to great music.

Terrace Booths - 6 Guests

Terrace Booths

If you want a dynamic daytime destination to host your bachelorette party, a Terrace Booth will give you an experience you won't find at other dayclubs in Vegas.

Terrace Pool View Booth - 8 Guests

Terrace Pool View Booth

Take your pool party to new heights with great views and good vibes by renting a Terrace Pool View Booth.

Terrace Poolside Daybed - 6 Guests

Terrace Poolside Daybed

A great section for a bachelorette party, these comfy beds are perfect for a more private experience on the terrace pool deck.

Lounge Small - 4 Guests

Terrace Pool View Booth

This 4-seater is an excellent table for an entry-level price in the shade. This section is perfect for a group of four that want to "lounge" near the bar where the action takes place.

What is the Total Cost?

Let's do the Math

For example, say you wanted to do a $1,000 minimum spend agreement to secure a beach daybed:

$1,000 (min)
+ $83.75 (8.375% City Tax)
+ 50 (5% Venue Fee)
+ $180 (18% gratuity to the server)
= $1313.75

Total cost out the door cost if you do not exceed the minimum spend credit.

Bachelorette Vegas Table Number Map

We have provided a 2D Map where you can see the table number and submit a contact form to send you a personalized quote. The prices and minimums fluctuate based on demand which is why all our quotes are custom because we can usually work a deal for a better table!

Élia Beach Table Number Map

Élia Beach Club Bottle Service Menu

Below is the 2023 Menu. As you will notice, a premium One Liter bottle of Grey Goose is $550 a bottle plus tip and tax; by far one of the best values in the City.

Bottle Packages

We have some great two bottle packages, that will get you a great section on the terrace and same you some dollars. For groups of six with a max of 2 packages per group. We have Titos, Casamigos Blanco/Reposado, and Champagne, the packs are good for Friday and Sunday, have a look:

Searching Availability...

Bottle Service Presentations

Bottle Service

Typically, to get any presentation to your table for the guest of honor, the group will have to order a $1,000 - $2,000 minimum spend at one time that usually includes champagne and other alcohol. If you want to set up a special Bottle Service presentation for a bachelorette party or any other event, contact us directly by filling out a contact form here.

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Parties

Groups of girls worldwide flock to the Virgin Hotel to go wild and celebrate their stagette parties. This venue is the perfect place to make some Instagram memories. Many have color-matched swimsuits and outfits that identify their tribe, while the bride wears an all-white suit with a veil. Overall, Élia Beach Club is a fun place to celebrate a bachelorette party. In comparison, the pricing for Bottle Service reservations and bottles is reasonable in Sin City pool terms.

Money, Baby! And Kassi Beach House

kassi beach house virgin

Inside the new Virgin Hotel, you will find a couple of great concepts. Our Bachelorette pick for brunch before or after the pool is Kassi Beach house. For a sports bar and betting type of vibe, check out Money, Baby! We have some great packages for both when combined with the dayclub.

What Else You Need to Know

Getting Guests in Late


If one of the bachelorettes or "hens" sleeps in or runs late, all you have to do is text her the table number and the name the table is under, and she should get right in once past security. The only stipulation is if the table maxes out on guests or the pool is at capacity.

Staff and Waitresses

Staff and Waitresses

Management at the Sin City pools knows how to hire and train a world-class staff. The servers that work at Élia Beach Club are some of the most beautiful women in the world, while the bussers are in top shape and good-looking. They provide 5-star service throughout the day and make your V.I.P. reservation worth every penny. The auto gratuity is only 18%, so if they are on point and you like the service they provided, they will appreciate extra tips.

Does Élia Beach Club have Lockers?

They have lockers, and instead of having your belongings lying around on the pool deck, consider reserving one of these pods. They are pricey, but so is losing all your stuff.

Bachelorette Vegas Advice:


Élia Beach Club is the only authentic Vegas Pool Party with an actual sand beach. The venue is enormous, and the sound system rocks. The only downfall is that the place is massive and hard to fill, especially on a Friday or Sunday. We also don't like that any of the V.I.P. Cabanas have private pools, but it is the ultimate Beach Club in the city, with a private terrace pool and see-through infinity glass. Our pick for the perfect bachelorette party is the daybed on the beach or a daybed on the terrace. This pool party is not as popular and not considered one of the premier places like Wet Republic, AYU Dayclub, Encore Beach Club and Marquee Dayclub; however, they are new, and they will figure out the artists and marketing that work. Look for this venue to be a top dog in the coming years.


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