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Flamingo Go Pool Las Vegas

@ 3555 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109.
Music: EDM
Open: 11am-6pm Thursday to Monday
Dress Code: Beach Attire
Seating: TBD

Flamingo Go Pool

In a city that has been built on the foundation of extravagant and expensive pool parties, one Beach Club truly provides guests with the best value for their dollar and that Beach Club is none other than Flamingo Go Pool. This extensive and flexible pool club is open to the public seven days a week during the summer months with the most popular days falling of course on the weekends. What truly sets this Beach Club apart from the rest is simple, the pricing for drinks and Bottle Service is significantly lower compared to major clubs like Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic.

Flamingo go entry

Although cheaper drinks are always a plus, the Club itself does not serve up a cheaper experience and products to its guests. This pool party is arguably one of the most immersive and exciting pool parties in the City. With DJs that often do old fashioned dance offs on stage to a special on stage presentation for Bachelorette and Bachelor parties, the energy in this venue is electric.

We are not entirely sure why they call it the Go Pool Party, but if you are in the City and are looking to have an incredible pool party experience, we suggest you "GO" to the Flamingo Hotel’s wild Beach Club. Recently renovated, the Go Pool and patio have been completely repaved and many of the spacious Cabanas, Couches, and Daybeds have been refurbished with plush new cushions and furniture.

As previously mentioned, the Bottle Service options are reasonably priced with premium 1L Bottles ranging in price from $250 - $375 each, compared to Encore Beach Club where they are $795 each before taxes, tips and fees. As for entertainment, occasionally the Go Pool books in some very random, yet recognizable talent to host the parties. Artists like Sugar Ray, Sisqo, Lil Bow Wow, Jesse McCartney, Ja Rule, Flo Rida, and even Coolio hype the crowd with various hits and live performances.

Bachelorettes and Stagettes looking for an affordable way to pop bottles and get an incredible Vegas pool party experience, look no further than Flamingo Go Pool. With the City’s most personalized presentations available, not to mention the substantially lower prices on both bottles and minimums for Cabanas, Flamingo Go Pool is an ultra-value Beach Club in a city where deals are few and far between.

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Bachelorette’s Guide:

Location & Hours of Operation

Flamingo Go Pool is open seven days a week during the summer months from March to October. The hours of operation are from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the busiest days and these are the days where they typically have premium talent booked.

The location of the Beach Club is a bit confusing; it sits past the live Flamingo Gardens and is combined with the main hotel pool. The venue entrance is near the parking garage and roundabout from the rear entrance of the casino. Just follow the signs or ask security as you are making your walk through the casino. When you arrive, you will meet your Bachelorette Vegas VIP Host and we will get you right in the GO Pool entrance. Please call or message us if you are having issues finding it and we will do our best to help guide you to the Club.

What is The Go Pool Dress Code?

What to wear to Flamingo Go Las Vegas btv

The Dress Code at Flamingo Go Pool is strictly pool attire. For the Ladies, one-piece or two-piece swimsuits and a coverup or sundress when entering. Baggy clothing, ripped or cut off clothing, see-through clothing and clothing with studs and hooks, chains, cargo shorts, khaki shorts, jerseys, pants, undergarments, and any athletic gear are not allowed. Sunglasses and hats are permitted.

Note: Go Pool allows bags and backpacks; however, they will be searched thoroughly. Items like Sunscreen, prescription pills, or any outside food and beverage will not be allowed.

The Cost of Drinks

Flamingo go drink

The drink prices at Flamingo Go Pool falls into the below average to average standard of pricing with individual mixed drinks ranging from $10 - $20 depending on the particular mixed drink and brand of alcohol you are requesting. Beers are typically priced between $10-$15 depending on brand as well. We have a full 2021-2022 Flamingo Go Pool Menu below, just click on the button and scroll down to it.

Menu Below

The Vibe & Artists

Flamingo go vibe

Management usually books a roster of local DJ talent and some special guests that will spin a combo of open-format music and hip hop. On a rare occasion they might bring in a mid-level celebrity DJ or old-school hip-hop act for a special promotion Saturday, check out the Flamingo Go Pool events page for all the latest promotions or search your dates in the events feed below.

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Does Flamingo Go have a Guest List?

flamingo go guest list

For the most part, both men and females are okay for free entry on the Guest List from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. During the weekdays the pool is open to the public unless an act or talent is booked for a live performance. To be placed on the Guest List, please click the link below and provide a full name, party size, ratio of guys to girls, and the date you are looking to go with your email address and phone number for confirmation.

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Tickets For Go Pool

Tickets are typically not necessary at Flamingo Go Pool unless a major artist or DJ is booked for a performance, or it’s a holiday weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day, but they will guarantee you entry. The guestlist does not.

Note: There is no place to sit inside except along the pool ledge. If you do not have a Bottle Service reservation and a table, security will politely ask you to move. Reserving Bottle Service will get you a place to sit and rest your feet for the day. We recommend putting your ticket money and what you will spend on drinks towards a reasonably priced Daybed or Beach Couch.

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Go Pool Security

You must be 21 to enter and have a valid form of ID; pictures on your phone don't cut it and typically neither will a paper document. If you are not from the United States and have a foreign ID, you will be required to show your passport so please bring it or you will have to go back to your room to get it.

When coming to Flamingo Go Pool, expect to go through a brief, yet thorough security checkpoint. There are a few major items that are typically not allowed and embarrassingly confiscated from you once they are found.

There are some lockers near the main restrooms up the stairs by the Main Bar and if you have a bag, they will make you check it and likely this will delay your entry so our suggestion, do not bring any bags.

Security Checklist

What is Bottle Service?

By definition, Bottle Service means purchasing alcohol in higher quantities from the venue directly instead of having to wait in line at the bar and buy drink after drink. With Bottle Service, you get a full-service waitress and busser to pour drinks for you and your group while also keeping your area clean and secure for the day. You will be paying a premium to secure a table and Bottle Service in the club, but it does have many perks aside from the service staff. Private seating, an area to safely secure your belongings, and a home base for the day are just a few of them.

What's a Minimum Spend?

The minimum spend is the amount you agree upon in advance to spend on alcohol, The minimum amount determines which table or real estate in the Beach Club you are reserving for the day. The better tables in the Beach Club, like the Cabana sections and Poolside Couch, will have a higher minimum spend agreement required to secure it. Also, on days with more prominent DJs or Artists booked, you can expect a higher minimum to reserve a particular table.

Please keep in mind that all clubs in Las Vegas, including Flamingo Go Pool, operate on a supply and demand system. When we quote pricing, that's just an estimate based on what we think the demand will be for that night, however, if there is an influx of clientele spending or you arrive at a much later time, the guarantee that you will get the particular table you are requesting may be in jeopardy as other guests might bid higher to reserve that section.

Having a direct line of communication with the Host you are working with and being upfront and accurate with your time of arrival, is the best strategy for a stress-free and hassle-free Bottle Service experience.

Flamingo Go Pool is the one of the few Pool Parties in Vegas that charges a rental fee for its tables. Sometimes they can work out deals to have it combined with the minimum or separate. Please contact us for more specific pricing options.

Typical Minimum Spends

The food and beverage minimums are as follows. Please keep in mind the rental fee will be an additional cost depending on the specific day and the artist performing.


Beach Club Daybed $100
Small Bed $100
Daybed $150
Wet Deck $150
Party Daybed $200
Beach Club Cabana $200
Pool Deck Cabana $300

Friday and Sunday

Beach Club Daybed $100
Small Bed $150
Daybed $200
Wet Deck $200
Party Daybed $300
Beach Club Cabana $350
Pool Deck Cabana $850


Beach Club Daybed $100
Small Bed $200
Daybed $300
Wet Deck $400
Party Daybed $450
Beach Club Cabana $460
Pool Deck Cabana $1200

Holiday weekends and special events pricing might be higher. Bottle Service has its perks. VIP entry to a personalized server and security for your section can make your big day out extra special. We walk you past any lines with expedited entry.

Below are Table options. Click on the button to view the areas available

Flamingo Go Pool 3D Map


go pool cabana

The Cabanas are a Vegas-must for the pool!

All luxury cabanas come equipped with a TV, fridge, bar, couch, two sun loungers, a mister, a safe, and a private lounge area.

Pool Deck Cabana (12-15 ppl)

Cabanas line the outer row if you are facing the DJ to the left. They are roomy inside, have a large couch and a couple of sun loungers. These Cabanas get the job done for a reasonable price.

Beach Club Cabana (12 ppl)

Similar to the Pool Deck Cabanas, the Beach Club Cabana is the same at the Family Pool. There are only a few of these but if you have a family, these are perfect.

Wet Deck Daybed (6-8 ppl)

flamingo go pool wet deck

The Wet Deck Daybeds are some of the coolest in Vegas. They rest right against the pool and there is an indentation in the pool for your own wading area. For the price, these are quite the deal.

Party Day Bed (6-8 ppl)

flamingo go pool party daybed

There are only a few Party Daybeds. They include an umbrella, provided it's not windy. The reason they cost more than the regular Daybeds is they are in better locations alongside the pool.

Daybeds (6-8 ppl)

flamingo go pool party daybed

The Entry-Level Tables are the Daybeds and they are perfect for smaller groups, couples, or a group of girls. The beds are placed poolside all along the Go Main Pool. They offer a nice amount of space to hang out, and the price is reasonable compared to other spots in town. So, if your budget is tight or you want to get a package deal, this Daybed is a great option.

Small Day Bed

The Entry-Level Tables are the Daybeds and they are perfect for smaller groups, couples, or a group of girls. They are located poolside at the smaller pool near the entrance if you are looking at the DJ on the left side. They offer a nice amount of space to hang out and the price is reasonable compared to other spots in town. So, if your budget is tight or you want to get a package deal, this Small Daybed is a great option.

Beach Club Day Bed

At the Beach Club Family Pool there are a few small Daybeds available for a low price.

What is the Total Cost?

Let’s say you wanted to reserve a Cabana:

$800 (Rental Fee)
+ $58.88 (CC Fee)
+ $33.50 (Processing Fee)
+ $160 (20% to the server)
= $1052.38 Total

The Fine Print:

Go Pool Cabanas include 2 Sun Loungers out front of Cabana, TV, Fridge & Couch

  • $500 F&B minimum spend plus sales tax & gratuity due upon arrival - additional to the rental fee
  • Entry to Go Pool is complimentary with the purchase of Cabana
  • Expedited entry into the 21+ Go Pool venue
  • Cabana is yours for the entire day
  • All juice and soda mixers are included with the purchase of a bottle
  • Server and host will be in your section to assist you for the day
  • Exact location will be determined when you arrive at the door
  • See ticket details for capacity restrictions, unless otherwise notified by management

Bachelorette Vegas Table Number Map

We have provided a 2D Map where you can see the table numbers and submit a contact form to us to send you a personalized quote. The prices and minimums fluctuate based on demand and talent booked, which is why we provide custom quotes because we can usually work a deal for a better table!

The Best Tables and the Best Value

The entire pool is an outstanding value compared to the rest of the Vegas Party Pools. A lot of people have their hearts set on a Cabana but at most places the pricing is ridiculous, especially for a bachelorette group. But at this spot, for $1,000 to $1,500, you can be sitting in a Cabana at a great pool party, compared to others that can sometimes range from $5,000 - $10,000++

A Bottle starts at $250 for New Amsterdam Vodka; the standard Grey Goose is a lot less than regular pool prices at $375. Check out the Menu below.

Bare Pool Lounge Menu

Bottle Service Deals & Packages

Deals and packages are demand-based but we can certainly work our magic for you. Just to give you an idea of a typical Bottle Service package, you'd be looking at around $600 all-in* for two premium bottles when the retail on that would be somewhere closer to $800 all-in. We can add in brunch or a party after the pool, and of course, limo service there and back.

Bottle Service Presentations

go bottle service presentation

As you would expect from a wild beach club, they go all out for an excellent Bottle Service presentation. Typically, an order of $1,000, ordered all at once, and some sort of champagne, will trigger a Bottle Service presentation. Just ask us or coordinate with the cocktail server and we will make it happen.

They also offer individual presentations that can be ordered on the menu, some of these include a champagne shower for the bachelorette, and also to get the bride onto the stage to be serenaded by the DJ.

Flamingo Go Pool Tips

Pool Toys and Swag

pool toy flamingo

This pool is classy and upscale, and although there might be some crazy splashing going, the venue supplies the pool toys; they do not allow you to bring in your own pool toys and cheesy swag. The might supply some rafts and “flamingo” floats on less busy days.


Inside they have a bank of lockers so if you want to put your keys/wallet into a locker, you can rent one for the day. The rental price for lockers changes often, but they aren't cheap; expect to pay a hefty amount for a small locker.

Quality of Crowd

flamingo go pool cabana girl

This pool has a demographically diverse crowd from around the globe of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. If you look at the website pictures for most of the pools in town, it will seem like the party is filled with beach bodies and models but that is not the reality. While there are some good-looking people, most are what we would consider “average”.

Anybody can get in, anybody can buy a ticket, and anybody can buy a table which means it's not like the old days when the pool club management could decide who they wanted to let in. Since the venues are attached to large casinos with very lucrative licenses, the last thing any of these casinos want is a discrimination lawsuit so the pool's only line of defense is either the cover charge or the dress code.

That's not to say you can't meet some quality people if you get Bottle Service with us, and also having a place to congregate like a Cabana or a Daybed, will increase your chances of meeting some attractive members of the opposite sex. Let us know and we will be happy to get your real estate set up.

Bachelorette Vegas Advice:

In a city of excess and indulgence, Flamingo Go Pool is a fantastic valued-venue when it comes to Beach Clubs and Cheap Bottle Deals. People flock to this pool for its amenities, atmosphere and affordable pricing. With a very intimate DJ and MC typically leading the party, the interaction between the crowd and the stage is second to none compared to other clubs. Overall, this is the perfect place for bachelorettes to ball on a budget with a Bottle Service reservation.

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