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Ladies Guide to Las Vegas Pool Party Dress Codes

Pool parties in Las Vegas are far from your typical day at the beach. They are much more luxurious and require a bit more preparation. The dress code is something that many women don’t think about when planning a visit to a local venue, but by not following the strict dress code, you risk getting turned away at the door. Much like the typical garb you would wear to an upscale nightclub, pool parties in Vegas require a classy take on swimwear. Here’s a closer look at how to dress for a Vegas pool party.

Dress Code

When going to a Las Vegas pool party, your swimsuit will be the star of the show. As so, you want to look great and feel confident about the way you look, especially around the hundreds of other ladies that will be sprawled across the loungers and daybeds. If your swimsuit is more than a year old, consider upgrading to a new one. The last thing you want to do is show up to an upscale pool party with last season’s trends. Instead, shop for a trendy swimsuit in a style that reflects your personality while remaining classy and chic.

Both one-piece swimsuits and two-piece bikinis are acceptable at Vegas pool parties. While some women prefer neutral colors like black, others like bold colors, fun prints, or sexy cutouts. Showing a bit of skin while at a pool party is a given, but avoid showing too much. You don’t want to be accidently slipping out of your swimsuit. You also don’t want to purposely wear swimsuit alternatives that could get you kicked out, such as pasties instead of a swimsuit top. A standard one-piece or bikini is recommended and what you’ll find most of the other girls sporting.

While your swimsuit is what you’ll be wearing most of the day, you’ll need to have some type of cover-up when you arrive to the party destination. As most clubs require you to walk through a casino or lobby to get to the pool, you’ll have to meet the venue’s dress codes and cover up. When it comes to cover ups, there are a number of stylish choices. Lightweight wraps, flowy sundresses, and airy maxi dresses are popular options. Remember that temperatures in Las Vegas can reach three digits during the hot summer so you’ll want to dress very light to remain comfortable.

Pool Party Dress Code

While you have many great options when it comes to swimwear and accessories, there are a number of things you cannot wear to a Las Vegas pool party. First, you will likely not gain entry if you are sporting any type of athletic wear including baggy shorts or sports jerseys. The dress code also warns against clothing that is torn or cut-off, such as cut-off shorts or ripped tops. Also avoid clothing that is see-through, features offensive words or prints, or contains chains. Baggy clothing, sneakers, and hard soled shoes are also off limits. If you decide to bring a bag, know that items are subject to search.

Finally, you’ll want to consider your shoes and accessories. Before reaching for a pair of flip flops, you’ll want to consider an alternative. While flip flops are fine for the beach, most upscale pool party venues do not allow them. Instead, they suggest wearing a pair of high heels. You’ll also want to consider your overall image. While you may be planning a relaxing day by the pool, you’ll still have to look presentable. That means doing your hair and makeup. Throw on a sun hat and you’re ready for the pool party.