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Stadium Swim - Bachelorette Vegas Expert’s Guide

@ 8 Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, NV 89101.
Music: Open Format and EDM
Open: Monday – Friday: 9AM – 9PM
Saturday & Sunday: 8AM – 9PM
Dress Code: Beach Attire.
Seating: Bungalows, Cabanas, L Couches, Water Couches, Daybeds and Lounge Chairs

Stadium Swim

stadium swim party girls

In a city where there is almost always a new nightlife or pool parties venue popping up, even in a tumultuous year like 2020, a brand-new resort casino has opened in an unlikely place. Old Vegas, or Fremont Street, what it is more commonly referred to today, hasn't had a new built-from-the-ground-up resort in over 40 years.

CIRCA Resort and Casino opened to the public on October 28, 2020, and with it comes one of the most impressive beach club venues, known as "Stadium Swim," the property's aquatic entertainment complex.

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Stadium Swim Highlights

circa big screen
  • Circa is the tallest skyscraper on the old Las Vegas strip, so it's not hard to miss.
  • This gigantic rooftop pool venue features 2 spas and 6 different pools with more than 15,000 sq. ft. of swimming space.
  • The pools are heated to various degrees of temperatures to lure guests into swimming, even during the coldest days and nights.
  • One pool is heated to 104 degrees, another at 92 degrees, and the pool closest to the screen is at comfortable 78 degrees.
  • Two swim-up bars on the pool deck's lower level for guests to order drinks without having to leave the water.
  • Stadium Swim is one of the first pools in Vegas to be opened, 365 days a year.
  • A 143 ft. 14-million-megapixel LED screen broadcasts major games and televised events – one of the largest screens in the city.
  • Stadium Swim has a great sound system and a resident DJ playing the top hits and chill electronic vibes.
  • More than 30 cabanas and super cabanas can accommodate up to 25 guests, 34 daybeds, 8 L-couches, and 340 Chaise lounge chairs.
  • The bottle pricing is affordable compared to the mega-clubs on The Strip like Encore Beach Club or Wet Republic.
  • Girl groups and bachelorette parties looking for a more laidback pool experience at an affordable rate, Circa Stadium Swim is a perfect venue to plan a day or early night out.
  • A capacity of 4,000 people.
  • A menu offering elevated poolside bites.
  • A 21 and older adult-experience.
  • Tableside services with dedicated servers.

Bachelorette’s Guide:

Location & Hours of Operation

The address is 8 Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Circa Stadium Swim is open 7 days a week, Monday – Friday: 9am to 9pm / Saturday & Sunday: 8am to 9pm, 365 days a year!

Dress Code and Proper Attire

What to wear to Stadium Swim Las Vegas btv

The Stadium Swim is a pool party, so the dress code is pretty straight forward. For more information, we have a complete Dress Code Guide that goes into further detail.

For Ladies, standard swim attire, including bikinis and cover-ups. When the weather gets cool, jackets, jeans, and regular clothing is allowed.

For Guys, swim trunks, tank tops, and t-shirts are the appropriate attire. For the colder weather, business casual, including jeans, jackets, and sweatshirts, are allowed.

As far as shoes go, you can wear flip flops or gym shoes. Boots with steel toes like Timberlands are not allowed.

How much are drinks at Stadium Swim?

Drinks at the bar are very reasonable; you can get 6 beers for $50 or a case of 24 for $195.

  • 32 Ounce Signature Cocktails @ $27 and up
  • Pitchers are $60
  • Individual drinks at the bar range from $10-$15 each

Below is the complete beverage menu.

Menu 👇

The Vibe, Special Guests, and Events

stadium swim dj

Stadium Swim is the only pool party and sports amphitheater in one and they have a lot of cool theme events. Many athletes and celebrities are sure to be sighted at this one-of-a-kind party spot. The mood is festive on the main deck with a lot of people crowding the dance floor, the upper deck is for guests looking to mingle and have a conversation. The music volume is not overbearing which makes it comfortable to conversate with others within its confines.

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How do I get on the Stadium Swim Guest List?

vegas girls stadium swim

We have complete page guest list, that will have all the details for the list. At the time of this writing it’s summer and management has set up tickets and general admission walk ups for $10.

Stadium Swim Guest List

How Much are Stadium Swim Tickets?

Most days, they offer a $10.00 cover for general admission; however, on larger events such as Super Bowl, the NFL Playoffs, or any big game, there will likely be an increased tickets cost of admission for entry.

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What is Bottle Service?

By definition, Bottle Service means purchasing alcohol in higher quantities from the venue directly instead of having to wait in line at the bar and buy drink after drink.  With Bottle Service, you get a full-service waitress and busser to pour drinks for you and your group while also keeping your area clean and secure for the night.

You will be paying a premium to secure a table and Bottle Service in the club, but it does have many perks aside from the service staff.  Seating, personal space, and an area to have bottles of alcohol to drink from instead of having to go to the bar for each drink are some of the most important benefits.

What's a Minimum Spend?

bottle presentatation stadium swim

The minimum spend is the amount you agree upon in advance to spend on alcohol, The minimum amount determines which table or real estate in the nightclub or pool party you are reserving for the day. The better tables in the day club, like the cabanas and super cabanas, will have a higher minimum spend agreement required to secure it. Please keep in mind that all clubs in Las Vegas, including Stadium Swim, operate on a supply and demand system. If the venue is busier than expected and more of its tables are filled or reserved, then the minimum spend pricing may increase for those remaining tables.

When we quote pricing, that's just an estimate based on what we think the demand will be for that night, however, if there is an influx of clientele spending or you arrive at a much later time, the guarantee that you will get the particular table you are requesting may be in jeopardy as other guests may bid higher to reserve that section. Having a direct line of communication with the Host you are working with and being upfront and accurate with your time of arrival, is the best strategy for a stress-free and hassle-free Bottle Service experience.

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What are the Table Minimums at Circa?

Since the Stadium Swim just opened, the prices listed below are only an estimate and are subject to change. For larger events and dates when there are big games, the prices and minimums may increase.

Typical Prices


Super Cabanas (16 ppl) $1,000-$3,000
Upper Cabanas (8 ppl) Not Released
Upper Day Beds (4 ppl) Not Released
Upper Lounge Chairs (1 ppl) Not Released
Lower Cabanas (8 ppl) $300 - $800 min
Pool Side Boxes (12 ppl) $300 - $800 min
Lower Day Bed (4 ppl) $200 - $400 min
Lower Lounge Chairs (1 ppl) Not Released

Saturday & Sunday

Super Cabanas (16 ppl) $3,000 - $5,000
Upper Cabanas (8 ppl) Not Released
Upper Day Beds (4 ppl) Not Released
Upper Lounge Chairs (1 ppl) Not Released
Lower Cabanas (8 ppl) $800 - $2,000 min
Pool Side Boxes (12 ppl) $800 - $200 min
Lower Day Bed (4 ppl) $400 - $1,000 min
Lower Lounge Chairs (1 ppl) Not Released

Locations and Table Options

General View

General View


Front Row Lounge Chairs

Lily Pads

Lower Cabanas

Main Deck Lounge Chairs

Pool Side Boxes

Super Cabanas

Upper Cabanas

Upper Deck Lounge Chairs

When management designed this venue, they had the view in mind. All tables face the big screen, and there is not a bad seat in the house. Below are your bottle service options and a picture of each recommendation.

The cabanas are a must! They come equipped with a TV, remote-controlled misting, a safe, a private lounge area, and a lounge chair in front of the cabana. If you are looking for an engaging and immersive experience, Stadium Swim is the spot; its popularity lives up to its hype.

Cabanas East and West, Upper And Lower (10 ppl)

stadium swim cabana

The cabanas are nice, not over the top by Vegas standards but nice none-the-less. There are 16 lower cabanas, eight on each side. The upper deck sports 12 cabanas, six on each side, and the cabanas are all the same on both levels. We like that some cabanas have a door that connects them from the inside, and you can combine parties with the group next door if you choose.  They say these cabanas accommodate about 10 people, but we should be able to squeeze in a few more.  These go quick on the weekends!

Super Cabana – one each on the East and West Sides - (15ppl)

circa super cabana

These lavish poolside retreats are perfect for a bachelorette party or hanging out with friends. It's like having your own private condo at the pool. They are furnished with a bathroom, a dedicated hot tub, a TV, remote-controlled misting, a safe, a private lounge area, and multiple lounge chairs.

They are spacious and can accommodate up to 40 people quite comfortably. You will be the envy of everyone around you. As you can see from the picture above, you even get a lovely, roped-off patio set up. The only drawback is you are either all the way to East or West; not in the center.

Lower East and West L-Couches - (10 ppl)

Circa L Couches

If you and your gal pals like being the center of attention, you will love the L-Couches. There are only eight, four on the East side and four on the West. You face the big screen, so the pool is behind you, but again, you are the center of attention. These are lush, plush, and comfortable, the center table can act as unsecured storage, and they are perfect for eight to ten guests.

Day Beds East and West Upper and Lower - (6 ppl)

bachelorette day bed stadium swim

The blue and white day beds are perfect for groups of three to six people who want to relax and soak up the sun. They come complete with a safe on the headrest and a table that can act as unsecured storage. Prices can range from no minimum on weekdays to a $500 min on busy days, and even more for significant events such as Super Bowl.

Upper and Lower East and West Lounge Chairs - (1 person)

stadium swim lounge chair

Calling all sun worshipers, the swim party has hundreds of comfy lounge chairs, and at the time of this writing, they are not making you agree to a minimum spend, which is excellent. You can pay the $10 to get in, find an open lounge chair, and set up shop for the day or evening.

stadium swim

What is The Total Cost?

Let's say you wanted to reserve a Regular Cabana with a $2,000 minimum spend agreement.

$20,000 (min)
+ $167.50 (8.375% City Tax)
+ $102 (5.1% Venue Fee)
+ $400 (20% to the server)
= $2669.50 Total

Cost if you do not exceed the table minimum.

Where is the VIP Check-in?

The Circa Stadium Swim is on the second floor of the casino, adjacent to the Overhang bar and the balcony overlooking the Sportsbook. Once you check-in, you will take a 90-second escalator ride up three stories to the main pool deck. Follow the signs toward the VIP Table Reservation Check-in. From there, you will register and be escorted in after going through security.

Stadium Swim Security

Like all pools in Vegas, they keep it tight on the front end so that they can weed out the bad apples from the get-go. We have a complete guide from A-Z on Vegas Pool Security; we encourage you to go over that in detail.

  • They search your bags on the way in.
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy for hardcore drugs and other substances. If you are found with these, there is a possibility you will be "86ed" from the property or permanently banned.
  • If you have a portable Vape device or a smoking contraption, you will be asked to either check it in or dispose of it.

Bottle Service Deals & Packages

bachelorette at stadium swim

Currently Circa’s Stadium Swim has several Cheap Bottle service deals; these are subject to change.

A typical Bottle Service package, you'd be looking at around $900 including tip and tax for two premium 1-liter bottles of your choice. These bottles retail on the menu for around $350 each. After all taxes, tips, and service fees the total cost comes to just about $1100 all-in. We can customize your experience with a package deal that includes limo service, a post pool party all you can drink dinner, and also tickets to a popular male strip club or male revue show.

Bottle Service Presentations

stadium swim bottle presentation

For special bottle presentations, let us know what the event is, and we will do everything in our power to arrange a memorable presentation for you and your group. Whether it is a Bachelor/Bachelorette bash or a birthday party, we can put something special together for you! Contact us for more information.

What Else Need to You Know

Private Pools

The only pools that are not a community pool are the upper deck pools. The East and West sides have separate pools, and you share with the people who bought cabanas, day beds, and lounge chairs.

When do the DJs Spin?

citca dayclub girls

The live DJ usually starts at 11 am and goes until close, which is around 11 pm. Music is a mixture of EDM/Top 40/Hip-Hop/Tropical Vibes.

Check Stadium Swim Events

Lockers and Bag Check

They built this venue for 4000 pool-goers. They have plenty of lockers and storage areas at all of the paid seating. We mentioned earlier that they search your bag on the way in, and from what we have seen, they are much looser on bags than places like Marquee and Drai's Beach Club.


With such massive capacity, the designers had to make the restrooms sufficient, we have yet to see a capacity party, but it seems to us they have plenty of showers and stalls to handle a sold-out show.

Bachelorette Vegas Advice:

circa stadium swim bachelorettes

Circa Stadium Swim is a refreshing new addition to the Las Vegas beach club scene. While mostly designed as a venue to watch the big game(s), it also provides multiple pools and a large space for partygoers to enjoy a relaxing day or night out. The bottle pricing is affordable compared to many other beach clubs in the city. Groups looking for a great value deal should look no further than Circa Stadium Swim.

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