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Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs 2024

sapphire stripper

Las Vegas, known as the City of Sin, is a premier adult playground that offers a variety of carnal pleasures and sexual fantasies for both men and women – some legal and some illegal! While there are several sketchy opportunities out there, rest assured, at Bachelorette Vegas, we do not condone illegal practices or work with individuals and services who offer them. We work with only the legal adult entertainment options in the city.

This page is a comprehensive guide and listing with direct links to each of the Las Vegas Strip Club's ultimate guides featuring male strip clubs and Las Vegas Strippers.

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Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, a Hen’s Night Out, Divorce Parties, or any other special occasion are perfect opportunities to experience these strip clubs in person. They can make for a wild and unforgettable night. At Bachelorette Vegas, we offer customized packages and itineraries that include special deals at these venues, Vegas pool parties, Las Vegas Nightclubs to break up your trip and add a unique twist to your celebration.

For more information on a particular venue, to book admission VIP entry, or to build a customized package, call us directly at +1-702-933-8997(Click to call) or click here to submit a contact form. We will respond within one business day via email and a personalized call and consultation.

The old saying, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – most of the time happens in a strip club, so turn up the heat 🔥 and make your night in Sin City an erotic experience!


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Vegas Strip Club Transportation

las vegas strip club limo

Transportation to a Strip Club can be a tricky proposition to say the least. Basically, strip clubs pay drivers a kickback for bringing people to their club, so what that means is that all drivers, Taxis, Lyft, Uber, and Limousines will do or say whatever it takes to get you in their vehicles. They are snakes 🐍 and will lie and tell you they are your driver and then once you get to the strip club you have to pay a hefty cover charge in order for them to make money on the back end.

If you book a Bottle Service or Entry deal to any strip club we use the direct transportation offered by the strip itself for a more secure and seamless experience. If a deal is agreed upon then that deal at that price will be honored whether or not you pay at the door or pay us beforehand.

However, as we previously mentioned if you get into a different vehicle then what is sent for you, expect to pay a cover charge at the door as our Bachelorette Vegas deal becomes null and void at that point. So, make sure you are entering the vehicle sent for you, most of the time the vehicle has the specific strip club logo or branding on the side of it to confirm this. Also, if a driver is sent to pick you up, make sure you give him a call when walking up to the vehicle to confirm it is him.

Here is an example.

You agree to Transportation + VIP Entry + 2 Drinks Per Person for $40.00 at Crazy Horse 3 Gentleman’s Club.

You get into the wrong vehicle. Upon arrival to the club you will be charged $100.00 per person, and not get any drink tickets.

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Fully Nude Strip Clubs

dancer palomino

Many people that come to Las Vegas to check out the adult entertainment venues are unaware that the vast majority of these strip clubs are not fully nude but topless only.

The difference between the topless clubs and the fully nude clubs are that the dancers or entertainers at the fully nude clubs can expose both their tops, and bottoms. While topless, is as the name implies tops off only.

The reason for this is to the law changing in Nevada back in 1999 prohibiting the sale of alcohol and full nude entertainment.

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Top Strip Club in Las Vegas?

If you are looking for professional entertainers to rock your world and dazzle you with their pole dancing skills and touch you in ways that only a woman knows how to do while mesmerized by their beauty and flexibility, then be sure to check out the best Female Entertainer Strip Clubs in Las Vegas below!

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Spearmint Rhino

rhino stripper

Spearmint Rhino's main attraction is its world-famous Rhino girls. With 300-400 different girls working on any given weekend night, the Rhino, as it is affectionately referred to by us locals, houses the most attractive and exotic women in the city. We call is the best strip clubs in Las Vegas for good reason.

Rhino Las Vegas is billed as a high-end, luxurious venue with multiple showrooms, multiple stages, and plenty of hidden sections and private rooms. This legendary club has all of the makings for a wild and unforgettable experience. You can often find celebrities, athletes, and many significant individuals dropping tens of thousands of dollars "Making it Rain" within private tables available for Bottle Service.

Like other strip clubs in the city, the female entertainers love when stagette groups and bachelorette parties come to celebrate and let loose. Many of the entertainers feel more comfortable dancing for a female crowd than with guys, which we all know can be a bit handsy and creepy at times.

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Crazy Horse 3


Located across the street from the brand-new Allegiant Stadium (home of the Las Vegas Raiders) is the massive Crazy Horse 3. This pleasure paradise hosts hundreds of women weekly from all around the world who showcase their talents and mingle with both men and women to provide unique and unforgettable sensual experiences.

With 5 different VIP bars, 30 giant HD TV Screens, multiple stages, and many luxurious and hidden private rooms to reserve, Crazy Horse Las Vegas is one of the best places in the city to appreciate the female body. Bachelorette Parties and Girls Night Outs are welcome and are often given more attention than the men in the club. If you and your girlfriends are open-minded and have an appreciation for the female body, you will want to party it up in one of the largest and most famous gentleman's clubs in Las Vegas. CH3 exceeds expectations and should be a stop during one of your nights in Sin City.

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Sapphire Las Vegas


Sapphire Las Vegas is a 70,000 square foot mega-club and is technically the largest adult entertainment venue in Las Vegas. The club also has its own topless pool party called Sapphire Pool. Sapphire is without a doubt a one-stop-shop for all of your adult entertainment needs and desires. On weekend nights, expect upwards of 400+ women entertaining on stage, roaming the floors interacting with the guests, and working for "happy bucks!"

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Treasures Gentlemen’s Club


Treasures Las Vegas lives up to its name and is labeled as "The Most Luxurious Gentleman's Club in the World." With its opulent and breathtaking mansion-like exterior and cathedral theater-type interior, you will undoubtedly agree. This venue is located just off the Las Vegas Strip and also features a high-end, world-class steakhouse that offers premium steaks and fresh seafood selections that can be enjoyed with some of the hottest entertainers in the city.

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Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas


Peppermint Hippo Las Vegas is a chain of popular and successful Gentlemen's clubs with 7 locations in five states, the newest being in Sin City on the Las Vegas Strip. Billed as the "newest high-energy social playground," this 24/7, 27,000 square foot upscale club is filled with hundreds of stunning and sexy topless entertainers in all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities skilled in the art of lap dancing, two performance stages with stage side seating, state of the art lighting and sound, full-service bars, a live DJ spinning a mix of music plenty of comfortable tables and booth seating, and private rooms.

Self-described as "Everything is designed to delight the senses and leave you eager for more. Peppermint Hippo Club is the place to be for those who want to let loose and party hard." It offers affordable drinks, VIP bottle service, and over-the-top bottle presentations and provides the ultimate photo op with its 888-pound stainless-steel hippo named "Pepper."

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Hustlers Las Vegas

larry flynts hustler

The world-famous Hustlers Las Vegas is hands down one of the best and most diverse adult entertainment venues in Vegas. This three-story, 70,000 sq. ft. exotic playland includes six different bars, six different stages, 15 private Honey suites for more intimate encounters, an outdoor rooftop club, one of the world's longest stripper poles, and Hustler Hollywood, a 20,000 sq. ft. boutique filled all the adult toys and paraphernalia you could ever need and didn't know you needed.

And if all that wasn't enough, the Kings of Hustler is a Male Strip Club is hosted here every weekend on Thursday to Sunday 9 PM to 2 AM. So, if you and your girlfriends want to see a bunch of entertaining and partially nude men and women, look no further than Hustler Vegas! After the Kings show on Friday and Saturdays the roof deck is transformed into the Terrace Afterhours, a tech-house Vegas afterhours club which is open from 2 AM to 8 AM, and if you want to keep the party going take the elevator downstairs to see the females strippers since the Hustler Club

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Palomino Las Vegas


The Palomino Club is the oldest strip club in Las Vegas. It’s located in Downtown Las Vegas near the famed Fremont Street Experience. The Palomino is the only totally nude club in the city that is allowed to serve alcohol. They were able to use its "old age" and a grandfather clause to continue to operate this way when the laws and rules changed back in 1999, banning alcohol from being served in all-nude establishments.

The Club itself is a multi-level 30,000 square feet establishment that features a large stage with two giant poles, comfortable couch seating, and VIP booths on the first floor, with an ultra-lounge and several private rooms on the second floor. The fully nude aspect makes Palomino a unique experience and offers a beautiful display of the entire female body.

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Scores Vegas


This popular New York City-based strip club chain Scores finally made its way to the strip club capital of the world. Scores Las Vegas, one of Sin City's newer strip clubs, is upscale and inviting and features featuring some of the city's most beautiful women. The club is a bit more relaxed and laid back compared to some of the other ones and allows for a more intimate setting where you can really get to know an entertainer if you wanted to. Recently, the blew out the back of the building and expanded and even added an upper level!

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Sophia's Vegas


Sophia's Gentleman's Club offers world-class women and some of the best hands-on customer service in the city. This club features two separate stages, a multi-level VIP area for private dances, and three full-service bars. Sophia's leans toward a more intimate and casual setting compared to some of the higher traffic mega strip clubs that are always jam-packed.

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Centerfolds Cabaret


Located directly across the street from the Virgin Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Centerfolds Cabaret has a large main room lined with plush leather seats and tables. The "Cristal Room" is where you can really heat up the action with a private dance from your favorite entertainer. The club offers VIP bottle reservations and Hookah. If your group is open-minded, loves to have fun, and a little kinky, Centerfolds is a great place to spend a girl's night out or a bachelorette party. Centerfold’s Las Vegas has a great burlesque show at 11 pm every Tuesday to Sunday.

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Little Darlings Las Vegas

little darlings
little darlings

One of the only clubs in Las Vegas where the minimum age to enter is only 18. Entertainers are allowed to bare it all at Little Darlings; both the tops and bottoms come off these female entertainers allowing them to showcase all of their beautiful bodies while dancing gracefully on the pole and giving intimate lap dances. Alcohol is not served at this venue; standard drinks, red bulls, and nonalcoholic Champagne only. Little Darlings features Hookah service, couch dances, private dances, and private room reservations.

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The Library


Formerly Cheetahs Strip Club – made popular from the famous movie Showgirls from the '90s – the ownership recently changed, and the club has transformed into The Library Gentlemen's club. This California based strip club chain dropped some serious money into gutting and its remodeling. The result is a modern strip club experience – plush booths surround the centralized lit up main stage with three different poles, Blue LED lights line all the walls in the main room, and a state-of-the-art sound system provides a unique environment reinvigorating this classic venue. The Library went full-nude and topless, but decided to go back to topless with booze! 🍻

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Diamond Cabaret

Diamond Cabaret
Diamond Cabaret

Formerly known as Eve's Cabaret, Diamond Cabaret is an intimate and popular gentlemen's club conveniently located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and self-described as "The sexiest addition to Las Vegas' nightlife and adult entertainment!"

Diamond Cabaret does not offer alcohol, but what it does offer is hundreds of fantasy-fulfilling female fully nude dancers, ages 18 and up; a Hookah Lounge featuring over 60 unique flavors; VIP rooms for private, up-close experiences; stellar customer service; a wild party; a main room with lots of seating, 3 poles, and a great place to watch stage shows; and the ideal spot for a bachelor or girls gone wild party.

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Déjà Vu Showgirls Las Vegas

Déjà Vu Showgirls
Déjà Vu Showgirls

The Déjà Vu Las Vegas is a smaller strip club, but where it lacks in size, it makes up in world-class entertainment and exotic women prowling the floor. Next door to the club is the Déjà Vu Love Boutique, a fun and sexy store with tons of toys, lingerie, and other adult items that you can bring home as a souvenir.

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Girl Collection (That Money Team - TMT)

girl Collection
girl Collection

Floyd Mayweather, the former world champion and undefeated boxer, was an avid strip club fanatic in Las Vegas and around the world. He decided to create his own perfect strip club, so he built Girl Collection which is the old Sheri’s Cabaret. This multi-level strip club features a massive, elevated stage, plush couch seating, and multiple private rooms available for reservation. Girl Collection easily takes the crown for the best all Hip-Hop and R&B music strip club, and on certain nights you might feel like a music video is being filmed here with all the dollars raining from the sky.

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Honorable Mentions Vegas Strip Clubs

dancer platinum vegas

These clubs did not make the top 15, however if you want to check them out, we didn’t want to leave them off our comprehensive guide.

Club Platinum

club platinum vegas

One of the lesser-known strip clubs in Las Vegas for tourists is the Club Platinum. Most notably known for being featured on the popular TV Show Bar Rescue, this bar does not charge cover for patrons, and also has very cheap drinks as well. Popular with locals, this isn’t a wild a crazy strip club compared to many others on this list, but it does have a place as a more casual environment to sit, enjoy a cheap drink, and talk to the entertainers that work there for a more personal connection.

Talk of The Town

talk of the town

An interesting hybrid of an adult book store, novelty store, and video store along with a fully nude strip club near old Downtown Las Vegas is Talk of the Town. The club itself is not as widely known or as popular of a venue as most of the others on this list however it does serve as another relatively low cost and cheap fully nude strip club in the city. It touts the ten-dollar budget lap dance as one of its key selling points, and also has some nude happy hour specials as well.

Wet Afterhours

wet afterhrs

Replacing Iconic Nightclub and adding to Sin City's vibrant nightlife scene is Wet Las Vegas Adult Entertainment & After Hours. Located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip at 4636 S Wynn Road between Naples Drive and Tompkins Avenue, Wet After Hours is a 24/7 club that features a resident roster of celebrity DJs, two levels of entertainment, a state-of-the-art sound system, Hookah service, VIP sections and cabanas, bottle service, space for private events, and more.

El Infierno

el infierno

El Infierno Cabaret is a new club and an adult Latin playground in Las Vegas located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip by the Orleans Hotel & Casino. They offer a selection of beautiful girls, a mix of Top 40 tunes, and Latin music with a big nightclub atmosphere. Every week they feature special events such as Sexy Threesome Thursday, buy 2 get 3 on Modelo and Don Julio 70 bottles, Toxic Reggaeton Fridays, bring your ex and get a free shot, Saturday Banda Nights, and Sexy Sucias Sunday.

Chicas Bonitas


Chicas Bonitas Latin-themed Adult Entertainment Club is located off the beaten path about 20 minutes from the Strip in North Las Vegas. It bills itself as "Las Vegas's first and only Latin-themed strip club." It features a roster of sexy and friendly Latin and American topless dancers, a full-service bar, great food, first-rate customer service, and a VIP room.

Honeys Las Vegas


One of the newest gentlemen's club opening soon is Honey's Las Vegas, located at 3750 South Valley View Boulevard, minutes from the Strip. It features over 15,000 square feet across three levels, and it will be filled with beautiful entertainers from all over the world, plus cutting-edge lighting and sound, premier bottle service, the "Honey Drip" VIP lounge for viewing sporting events or the entertainment, VIP suites where your choice of dancer and a private attendant will join you for a night of fun and entertainment!

Best Male Strip Clubs for Ladies

male entertainers

If you're looking for the sexiest men in Las Vegas – you know – the handsome hunks with 6 pack abs, buns of steel, and chiseled muscles, then check out the male strip club option below!

Kings of Hustler

Kings of Hustler
Kings of Hustler

Located on the top floor of the world-famous Larry Flynt's Hustler Club just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip is the Kings of Hustler male strip club – perfect for any budget Bachelorette Party. These sexy Hustler hunks strut their stuff in a more casual and intimate setting. While the small room and stage have a dive bar feel, there is also access to Hustler's rooftop Terrace Afterhours after the men’s show. This patio offers stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip and also allows for a breath of fresh air under the stars and a chance to converse with the Kings of Hustler. Lined with tables, seating, and fire pits, this rooftop experience makes this strip club unique compared to others. As for the men, they live up to every expectation and exceed them with a wide variety of men hailing from all corners of the world.

Let these men sweep you off your feet for a private lap dance, or have the bride get brought on stage for a sensual display she will never forget, or if you are feeling extra naughty, negotiate private one on one time with the man or men of your choice in one of the 15 private hustler honey suites. If you are feeling adventurous and want to experience the female side as well, the 70,000 square feet Hustler Club below has tons of female entertainers to dazzle you with skills on the pole. In addition, on-site, there is also a 20,000 square foot Hustler Hollywood Adult Boutique store, with has an extensive collection of sexy toys, lingerie, and other adult items that you can purchase and take home with you. A lasting memory of Las Vegas and the Kings of Hustler that you will never forget!

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Strip Club Etiquette

crazy horse 3 entertainers

Make sure you are aware of proper Strip Club Etiquette before heading to a strip club. While lap dances are encouraged and some touching is allowed, keep it within reason and try not to violate a male or female entertainer by touching their privates. Most of the time a dancer will warn you before calling Security over to swiftly escort you out of the building.

Also, handling your liquor is of the upmost importance. If you get too turnt up, and can’t function properly or even hold your balance, then eventually the security will kindly ask you to leave as well.

What Type of Music Do Strip Clubs Play?

pole dancing vegas

It depends on the strip club, but most strip clubs in Las Vegas have video DJs that play open-format music, which is a combination of hip hop beats, EDM club vibes, Top 40 tracks, and even Latin club vibes. The only real Hip-Hop, R&B, and Urban Strip Club in Las Vegas is Floyd Mayweather's Girl Collection and Latin venues are El Nefierno and Chicas Bonitas.

How Do I Book Bottle Service?

champagne server

You can give us a call directly by calling 702-850-8044 or submitting a contact form. We will give you bottle service pricing and deals for any strip club you wish to go to.

You can also find more detailed information on bottle deals and prices, along with direct bookable links for bottle service deals on each clubs' ultimate guide page on this website. To access a page, scroll up to find the club of your choice. Click on the link text for that club or picture to direct you to that club's guide or use the menu and guide to find your desired club above.

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How Much are Drinks at Strip Clubs?

sapphire tequila girl

Typically, drinks at strip clubs are more expensive than anywhere in the city. They can sometimes range between $20-$30 per alcoholic beverage, depending on the brand and mixer. Beers are $15-$20 per bottle. You might want to do some Las Vegas Drinking at your hotel or a cheaper place beforehand.

What is The Strip Club Dress Code?

exotic pole dancer girl collection

We have a complete guide to Las Vegas nightlifedress codes, common sense would dictate dress to impress the opposite sex!

Dress Code Guide

How To Get In The Best Strip Clubs in Vegas?

treasures dancers

Generally, cover charges for gentlemen's clubs at the door, without reservations, on weekend nights are about $100.00 per person. Some clubs vary depending on the night of the week from $20-$40 per person. On busier nights, $50-$100 is typically the range for entry if you and your friends just showed up or took a taxi /limo / Uber / Lyft.

Please note that we do have special Transportation, Entry, and Drink deals for many venues in the city. Avoid paying the cover without getting anything in return, set up a Transportation + VIP Entry + 2 Drink Deal for a strip club of your choice, or reserve a table with bottle service for you and your group booking online via the packages above.

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What are the Hours of Vegas Strip Clubs?

hippo girls

Many of the strip clubs used to be open 24/7. Hours are still fluctuating per venue as time progresses. A few clubs are only open Thursday - Sunday from about 8 pm - 5 am, give or take a few hours on each side, while some are still open 7 days a week. Check with Bachelorette Vegas, and we can let you know.

What is The Best Strip Club for Bachelorettes?

kings of hustler

Strip clubs that have both male entertainer and female entertainer sides under one roof are definitely the best options for bachelorette parties. That way you can freely hop from side to side to experience the amazing talents and bodies of both sexes. Clubs like Kings of Hustler have separate rooms and theaters for the male and female entertainers.

Kings of Huslters

Las Vegas Male Revues

vegas male stripper

While not technically a Las Vegas Strip Club, we have to include the Las Vegas male revues in this list as well. Some of the shows below do have up close and personal interactions, lap dances, and also stage dances. But the main difference between the male revues shows and the male strip clubs is that you can actually pay to play with the male or female of your choice at the strip club, while the male revue is a full-scale production show with various skits and costume changes.

Magic Mike Live

Magic Mike Live
Magic Mike Live

Based on the Channing Tatum Mega-Hit movie, the Magic Mike Live show opened up in a brand-new theater and also in a brand new hotel! Now at the Sahara Hotel & Casino, the city’s most popular, in demand, and highest production budget male revue is set to

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Chippendales Las Vegas


One of the longest running, and most widely recognized name in the male entertainment world is none other than the Chippendales Las Vegas. The show which has been running for more than 15 years at the Rio Hotel & Casino is perfect for any bachelorette party or girl’s night out looking for some wild and naughty fun!

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Thunder From Down Under

Thunder From Down Under
Thunder From Down Under

The sexiest Australian men from down under invade the Excalibur Hotel & Casino for a wild night of sexy and intimate fun. The Thunder From Down Under men have been another male revue show veteran in Las Vegas and for good reason. These Aussie hunks put on one of the wildest shows in the city that is perfect for any girls night out or bachelorette party.

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Black Magic Live

Black Magic Live
Black Magic Live

Based on the hit Lifetime TV series by Vivica A. Fox titled Vivica’s Black Magic. The show set its sights on sin city by introducing a full production live show of all chocolate dancers and entertainers. Black Magic Live parleys the success from the show into a spectacular and sexy male revue and has been consistently one of our most popular shows.

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Aussie Heat

Aussie Heat
Aussie Heat

Located at the Notoriety Theater off Fremont Street, the Aussie Heat men’s show has quickly grown in popularity and fanfare in the city for male revues. These blokes from down under will dazzle you with their washboard abs, chiseled chests, and intoxicating accents. This wild and unpredictable show will have you and your girlfriends on the edges of your seats the entire time.

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Las Vegas Stripper Party Bus

las vegas stripper

Ladies and gentlemen, you will find the hottest, and most-talented Las Vegas Strippers at all of above venues. We also have an entire roster of talent independent Vegas girls and male strippers that are available for packages, sexy shows, party buses nd special events. We have little people and gay-friendly acts that go over great with mixed bachelorette or bachelor group. We are on call to assist you with you booking the stripper party bus is very popular.

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Vegas Strip Clubs Final Word

score stripper vegas

Strip Clubs are not just for men! Women are welcome and encouraged to come and enjoy all the wild and crazy shenanigans that take place in a Sin City strip club. To spice up any girl's or guy’s night out, milestone birthday, or bachelorette party, break from tradition and make plans to celebrate in a strip club, whether it's an all-female entertainer club or an all-male club. A Las Vegas strip club is a fun, exciting, and life-changing experience! If you would like to check out our strip club crawl to see several strip joints in a night or weekend or one of our fully nude strip clubs, or get a Las Vegas Escort, and private entertainment we have guides for those, check them out by clicking on the button below. 👇

Andrea V.

Influencer Party Planner Lifestyle Food Las Vegas Adventurer

You’ve heard it said before, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – and that is especially true in Las Vegas! Anyone living in or traveling to Vegas would do well to follow and connect with Andrea V, the premier Bachelorette Vegas Socialite.

Andrea is charismatic, personable, and approachable and she generates a large following from people of all ages. She has over 20 years of living the "Las Vegas Life” and is an expert on all things Sin City. She is well-known, well-respected, has a solid reputation, and established credibility as a party planner with a wide-ranging social media outreach.

Andrea can be found at the most exclusive clubs, and hottest bars and lounges around town. If you need advice on where to go and what to do as far as daylife and night life destinations, pool parties, clubs, shows, restaurants, attendance-worthy events, and hidden gems, Andrea has the low-down on what’s happening in and around the city. She is an expert party planner and will custom create the perfect party for birthdays and bachelorette parties for the ultimate Vegas experience.

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