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Vegas Strip Club Etiquette

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Las Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs are legendary and the epitome of adult entertainment. If you are a strip club virgin or don't frequent one often, you might not know about the unwritten rules, and while most are common sense, or should be, we have written a complete guide that will give you the secrets and the skinny on proper strip club etiquette.

Vegas Golden Rules of Strip Club Etiquette

Golden Rule #1
You have to pay to play. The Las Vegas Strippers are there to make money, first and foremost. What you might not know is that the stripper-tainers are independent contractors. They have to pay a "house fee" to work at the club. This fee varies on the time of day; the prime-time fee, or the fee at night, is higher than the daytime fee. When they start their shift, they are in the red. They don't have time for idle chit-chat; their time is money. Remember, you went to a gentlemen's club to be entertained—the entertainers who work there get paid to entertain.

Golden Rule #2
Don't be a tightwad! Bring plenty of money to enjoy yourself and show your appreciation for the dancers' time, talents, and skills!

Golden Rule #3
Look but don't touch. One surefire way to get a quick exit from the club is if you can't keep your hands to yourself. While the entertainers can touch you and put your hands anywhere they like, the same does not go for you. If you display inappropriate behavior or make the entertainer feel uncomfortable, Las Vegas Security will personally escort you from the club, and you could be "86'd," which means you are never to darken their door again.

Golden Rule #4
Do not show up overserved; you will be turned away at the door.

Golden Rule #5
If you over-imbibe at the club and it results in bad behavior, or if you ignore the house rules, Security will personally remove you from the club.

Golden Rule #6
Taking pictures or videos is strictly prohibited. If you even attempt it, your device will be confiscated, and you will be removed from the club.

Golden Rule #7
No soliciting! Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas. The dancers are not prostitutes, and a gentlemen's club is not a brothel.

Golden Rule #8
If you're interested in a lap dance or a private one-on-one experience with a dancer, when you negotiate the pricing, be sure it is clear before you engage. Avoid getting into an altercation with the dancer because, guess what, you will be removed from the club. Plan on tipping at least 20% on top of the price discussed, and please be sure to take care of the bartenders and cocktail servers.

Golden Rule #9
Just like the Vegas nightclubs, gentlemen’s clubs also enforce a dress code. We have a Guide on the  Vegas Strip Club Dress Code. Make sure you look at it before heading to the club because you won't make it in the door if you aren't dressed appropriately.

Golden Rule #10
Do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, show up with a dangerous weapon or illegal substance. Not only will you not make it inside, Security can and will detain you and call the authorities, and instead of sitting in front of a bunch of beautiful dancers bonding with friends and enjoying cocktails, you’ll be looking at a bunch of cops!

Strip Club Etiquette Final Word

strip club etiquette

While it might seem like there are a lot of rules, again, it's common sense. Follow the rules, don't break them! If you act correct and don't piss off Security, you will have a fantastic time!

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