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Empire Ballroom Las Vegas

Empire Ballroom Nightclub Pictures

Empire Ballroom Nightclub Las Vegas

From Wednesday until Sunday, the Empire Ballroom offers a sexy environment for Las Vegas party goers looking for a good time. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Empire goes late night and is open from 1AM to 6AM. Some of the best DJs will be here playing a mix of popular dance music. The DJs include Carlos Sanchez, Keith Evan, and Joey Mazzola. One of the nicest things about Empire Ballroom is that it's independently owned. You will not have to enter a hotel to get to the party when you are going to Empire.

Empire Ballroom Vegas is made of multiple rooms so there are numerous different feelings in the same building. There is a comfortable, cozy VIP lounge, a patio that faces the Strip, and the main room with a lavish crystal chandelier. The Late nights at Empire, on the weekends, are not to be missed. With the guest DJs that are popular throughout the area and the whole country, and the bands (Veruca Salt and The Killers to name a few) that often come to play on the weekends, Empire is a hot spot that is well worth the visit.

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