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Bottle Service for girls

Vegas Bottle Service for Ladies

Every woman deserves a day or evening out to relax and hang with her besties, let loose, and have a wild time of booze-filled escapades. Whether it’s for a bachelorette party, celebrating a special occasion, or a much-needed girl’s getaway, you will most likely be visiting some of Sin City’s hotspots – dayclubs, nightclubs, and pool parties.

Getting Access to the Clubs

You are probably among the majority of people who hate standing in line in the hot sun waiting to get into a beach club, or wasting precious time in long, torturous lines outside a nightclub when you could be inside drinking, dancing, and having fun. The cost of waiting in long lines invoke negative emotions –boredom, stress, and that inevitable feeling that you are missing out.

At Bachelorette Vegas we start your day or night off right by getting you all of the options for quick access to the clubs. With our connections and years of expertise, we can get you complimentary and expedited entry into a club of your choice, VIP Bottle Service with a minimum spend agreement that includes a highly coveted table reservation in a designated, roped-off area – a place where you and your girls can chat, chill, and rest your dancing feet throughout the evening – plus security, a dedicated cocktail server and a busser; your area stays safe, and your table is kept cleaned and replenished for as long as you are at the club.

VIP bottle service

What is Bottle Service?

Bottle Service is the ultimate clubbing experience. It’s where you and your girls sit at a reserved table and enjoy VIP service at some of Vegas’ hottest nightclubs. In simplistic terms, it’s an arrangement that eliminates you having to stand in long lines in front of a crowded bar waiting to order drinks; instead, the club provides you and your party with a private table or booth and personalized service. Once you have purchased bottles of your favorite alcohol, they are served tableside by your personal waitress with all the appropriate mixers.

The Cost of Bottle Service

Bottle service in Las Vegas nightclubs is a big deal and it is one of the best ways to enjoy your experience at a club! It attracts attention from jealous onlookers; and the amenities, benefits, comfort, and convenience far outweigh the cost. This special VIP service is not just for high rollers, the wealthy, or a guys’ only thing. While admittedly bottle service is pricey, it is not unattainable especially when you and your gal pals split the cost.

There are no set costs, the price for bottle service depends on the club and the night you visit. In most cases, bottle prices are the same throughout the week at each venue. The price for a one-liter bottle of regular Vodka, such as Grey Goose, starts at $595 and can go up to $795 at some of the more popular clubs like Marquee at The Cosmopolitan. Premium brands like Belvedere can cost even more, and vintage champagne and various specialty drinks can also be expensive. In most nightclubs, city and state taxes plus a 15-20% gratuity will automatically be added to your bill.

Most Las Vegas nightclubs require that your party purchase at least one bottle for every three to four ladies in your group, while some require a two-bottle minimum per private table regardless of your party size. Prices can increase on busy weekends, holidays, and during special events like March Madness and 4th of July weekend with an additional tax and gratuity charge of 33-38%.

Try to anticipate how much you and your girls are likely to drink throughout the evening, if it’s only one or two cocktails, then stick with a couple of bottles split between the group but if all of you can throw back $18 cocktails at the bar one after another, then bottle service will not only be more cost-effective but when you consider the benefits of no waiting in long lines at the entrance or trying to navigate through the crowds for a position at the bar vying for the bartender’s attention, cost-wise you’re ahead of the game. Bachelorette Vegas knows everything there is to know about bottle service at every nightclub in town and we will help your group select the best service based on what you like to drink and how much.

Bottle Service Arrangements

Bottle service is a shared experience, a great way to meet new people, and it’s big fun but making the arrangements is not something you should ever attempt to handle on your own. Ladies, leave this to the professionals. At Bachelorette Vegas we are your complete source for day life and nightlife activities in Sin City. We have the connections and offer the best package deals for bottle service at all the clubs. Booking with us is always seamless, secure, and stress-free!

Bachelorette Vegas offers you a chance to indulge yourself in an amazing party experience without having to struggle for seats or service throughout the night. You will feel like a VIP because when you book with us, you are a VIP! Picture it – you walk into the nightclub of your choice and you and your girls are escorted to your exclusive table with your own personal cocktail server ready to wait on you hand and foot with plenty of alcohol and VIP amenities. Don’t think you can’t afford this, because, with our help, you can!

Word to the wise - to ensure that you get bottle service at the club of your choice, it is important to book in advance, especially if it’s a holiday or there is a major event in town. Since, in most cases, you'll be spending the entire night at just one or two spots, you will want to get the biggest bang for your buck without having to travel from venue to venue. You can always hit up a few clubs earlier in the evening before you need to be at the club where you have an 11 PM bottle service reservation. But if you want to make that time a little later, no problem, Bachelorette Vegas will work with your schedule and make it happen. Note…we are an independent professional nightlife company; we work for you, not the clubs!

Bachelorette Vegas is your one-stop-shop for the best bottle service and club VIP entry in the city. You want your girl’s getaway or your bachelorette party to be one of the most memorable times of your life. Instead of bar hopping around the city, take root at the club of your choice with a few bottles of your favorite libations and your favorite ladies and treat yourselves to a bucket list night where your group is the center of attention and everyone caters to you.

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