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XS Nightclub

@ Encore Las Vegas 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109.
Music: Mostly EDM, Some Top 40
Open: Friday, Saturday - Sunday: 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
Dress Code: Dress codes strictly enforced.
Line Wait: Up to 3 hours.
Events: Monday is industry night.

XS Las Vegas

XS Nightclub has stood test of time since its inception on New Year’s Eve 2008, and today, it reigns supreme as the most popular nightlife destination in Las Vegas. As many clubs have risen and fallen within that timeframe, XS continues to dominate the scene with its opulent design and incredible roster of entertainment talent. When you step through the main entrance of XS, your eyes are treated to what can only be described as a sea of gold. Even its restrooms are covered in gold, and more importantly, these restrooms also provide the best lighting for a cute selfie in the city. XS worked hard to earn its name doing everything in excess from its over-the-top venue design, featuring an innovative inside and outside nightclub experience, to its top-tier talent. XS is a must-stop for any girl’s weekend to Sin City or bachelorette party weekend.

xs artist performance

The club itself is a 40,000 square foot marvel of luxury living and entertainment. It includes gaming tables with blackjack and craps tables outside for those looking to take a chance amidst all of the controlled chaos. The Main Room spans 13,000 square feet and is an exclusive place to be when the night progresses. At times, due to capacity concerns, patrons who are outside of the Main Room on the patio are refrained from entering. This can be very frustrating to some, but it also puts the emphasis on how valuable it is not only to be inside the Main Room enjoying the night, but also how valuable it is to be at a table with Bottle Service.

Whether it is your own that you have purchased or if you have made new friends who invited you in, being at a table in XS Nightclub is the pinnacle of the Las Vegas Nightlife experience.

xs confetti storm

If the inside of the Club starts to get a little too heated for you, XS allows its guests to get a breath of fresh air and step outside to the pool and patio area. The XS pool is surrounded by 25 cabanas on two floors, and it has a large platform that extends the dance floor over the Main Pool to one of the primary bars. Along with a multitude of daybeds surrounding the exterior of the pool, there are plenty of lawn tables and couches available for Bottle Service reservations. Seasonally, from May to September, XS also transforms into a giant Night Swim Pool Party on Sunday Nights, with the pool open for patrons to swim and splash to extravagant tunes.

Overall, this 27,000 sq. ft. space is sure to extend the life of your party beyond the extent of some of Las Vegas ' other clubs. In the warm desert air, you and your girls will be able to enjoy the Club's assorted mix of music and refreshing beverages.

xs sunday night swin

As for the music at XS Nightclub, most nights are based around EDM or Electronic Music mixed in with Hip-Hop and Top 40 hits. The talent at XS is impressive as they have a wide range of the industry’s leading producers and artists. At the top of its roster are the Tier 1 DJs and Performers that include Drake, The Chainsmokers, Diplo, Kygo, Alesso, David Guetta and Major Lazer.

The 2nd Tier of artists include Dillon Francis, R.L Grime, Valentino Khan, Cedric Gervais, Alison Wonderland, DJ Diesel (AKA SHAQ), Two Friends, Gryffin, Elephante, and SayMyName.

xs las vegas dj

On various weekends throughout the year, XS Nightclub transforms into an Ibiza-style Deep House, Tech House, Trance venue. The “Art of the Wild”, as it is called, is a mixture of art and music. The entire venue gets transformed with decorations and art installations to go along with the theme. On these weekends expect artists like Fisher, Black Coffee, Guy Gerber, Nora En Pure, Loco Dice, Green Velvet, Nicole Moudaber, and Felix Da House Cat to jam way past the normal hours of operation.

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Bachelorette’s Guide

Location & Hours of Operation

XS is located inside the Encore Hotel, a 5-Star luxury resort and the epitome of class and style. The physical address is 3131 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89183.

It is positioned in the middle of the main walkway from the Encore Hotel and the Wynn Hotel by the Encore Esplanade fashion line of stores that include High end boutiques like Chanel and Hermes. The main VIP Table entrance line is next to Jardin Restaurant. XS is also located within.

When is XS Nightclub Open?

XS Nightclub is open Friday, Saturday and some Sundays. The hours of operation are from 10:30 pm until 5:00 am. During the summer months, from late May until mid-September, they have a Night Swim Party on Sunday nights – it’s the best night-time pool party in the City. On holiday weekends such as Memorial Day or New Year’s Eve, the Club may open up on a Thursday or Monday night.

What is The Dress Code at XS Las Vegas?

What to wear to XS Las Vegas btv

Always dress to impress and all Vegas clubs have dress codes! For the most part, just about anything goes for ladies except workout clothes, gym shoes, sandals, and boots.  Also, proper coverage is encouraged for your “private parts”, and if you can’t make it through the night in heels, please consider packing another pair of shoes to wear. No one likes looking at bare feet inside the Club.

The exception to all of the above is the Sunday Night Swim Party.  For that event just about anything goes; swimsuit tops and bottoms are the norm however, many guests prefer to dress in nightclub-appropriate or business casual attire; its typically a 50/50 split.

The Cost of Drinks

xs drinks champagne

Drinks at XS Nightclub, like everything else in the venue, are priced to excess. They fall above the industry average ranging from $20-$35+ per drink, depending on brand and combination. Beers are $15-$20 each and individual Shots can range from $17-$30+ depending on brand of liquor.


The Vibe & Artists

dj booth jump at xs

XS Las Vegas plays a good mix of Top 40 / Electronic / Trap Music. Some of the more prominent artists are the Chainsmokers(from the Video above), David Guetta, and Kygo. Their main opener is Marc Stout and he knows how to get the party started.

Overall, the club has some of the best resident DJs in the City and have some pretty cool special events. They occasionally book talent and they may book a mid-level guys like Dillon Francis or a celebrity guest like DJ Diesel. Expect a mixed crowd with a lot of different cultures and ethnicities represented.

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Does XS Las Vegas Have a Guest List?

xs guestlist girls

The Guest List is open most nights for ladies only and on some nights, men have a reduced cover with even amounts of men and females in the party. The XS guest list and general admission line has its own separate entrance that is quite a distance away from the VIP Table line entry. It is near the main Encore Hotel Entrance and Valet, with many signs pointing to where it is exactly. The Guest List can be very daunting with lines and wait times that can range from 45 minutes to over an hour on certain nights. The Guest List also feeds to the outside patio portion of the Club so if you get in late, there is no guarantee that you can enter the Main Room for the performance.

To be added to a Guest List, you will need to provide your full name, group size with ratio of men and women, a phone number, and an email address. We will provide you with instructions on where to go, how to check-in, and the time constraints of the free entry for ladies. Most nights, the Guest List goes from 10:30 pm – 1:00 am.

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How Much are Tickets at XS?

xs ticket buyers

General admission tickets fluctuate in price based on the DJ or act performing, along with the time of year and demand. For artists like Drake it can get as high as $500 for men and $250 for girls at the door, and for The Chainsmokers, the price can go as high as $200 for men and $100 for girls at the door. Overall, average presale XS Nightclub tickets online are $30-$40 for women and $50-$60 for men.

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Wynn Nightlife Security

xs las vegas dancer

You must be 21 years of age to enter the club and have a valid form of ID; pictures on your phone of your identification won't be enough for entry, and neither will a temporary paper document. If you are not from the United States and have a foreign ID, you will be required to show your passport, so please bring it, or you will have to go back to your room to get it.

When coming to the club, expect to go through a security check point. The have a full-on TSA airport style metal detector wand. They also have a zero-tolerance policy for hardcore drugs and other substances. If you are found with these, there is a possibility you will be permanently banned or “86ed” from the property. Marijuana is legal in Nevada for recreational use, but the casinos are operating under Federal licenses, which still makes weed off limits in the casino clubs-weed pens included.

XS Specials and Bottle Packages

Management really only has cheap bottle deals on Sunday nights and outside near the pool area on the other nights. Usually, a couple of bottles and entry for ten people in the $1600 range is the best deal you will see at a prime club on a prime night.

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What is Bottle Service?

xs las vegas botte service

By definition, Bottle Service means purchasing alcohol in higher quantities from the venue directly instead of having to wait in line at the bar and buy drink after drink.  With Bottle Service, you get a full-service waitress and busser to pour drinks for you and your group while also keeping your area clean and secure for the night.  You will be paying a premium to secure a table and bottle service in the club, but it does have many perks aside from the service staff.

girls gone wild xs

Most important is having an area to sit down throughout the night. Seating is crucial for girls gone wild and other girl groups to enjoy themselves to the fullest.  For many girls wearing heels, they boost your posture and make your legs look good in pictures, however, they also are a curse throughout the night out when you are standing on them too long.  Being able to take some stress off your feet from time to time by sitting down is the best suggestion for a highly enjoyable night out.

What's a Minimum Spend?

bottle service xs

The minimum spend is the amount you agree upon in advance to spend on alcohol. The minimum amount determines which table or real estate in the nightclub you are reserving for the evening.  The better tables in the nightclub, like the Dance Floor Sections, will have a higher minimum spend agreement required to secure it.

Also, on nights with more prominent DJs or Artists booked, you can expect a higher minimum to reserve a particular table.  Please keep in mind that all clubs in Las Vegas, including this venue, operate on a supply and demand system. When we quote pricing, that's just an estimate based on what we think the demand will be for that night, however, if there is an influx of clientele spending or you arrive at a much later time, the guarantee that you will get the particular table you requested may be in jeopardy as other guests might bid higher to reserve that section.

Having a direct line of communication with the Bachelorette Vegas Host that you are working with and being upfront and accurate with your time of arrival, is the best strategy for a stress-free and hassle-free Bottle Service experience.

Typical Minimum Spends at Xs Nightclub:

Below is the typical minimum spend at XS Nightclub for most of the DJs on nights when they are performing and headlining. These prices can fluctuate based on the time of the year, demand, and also whether or not it is a holiday weekend. On nights when Drake is performing, the price range is significantly higher.

A minimum spend agreement is defined as an amount of money you agree to spend to secure a particular table for the evening. The minimum is a credit on the menu to be used towards bottles. At the venue, Premium 1L Bottles on holiday weekends start at $725 each, with bottles like Grey Goose and Belvedere Vodka affordably priced at $795 a pop.

The higher the minimum spend agreement, the more selection of tables will be available for you to reserve. The minimum spend is also not the total cost of the table, as local and state taxes, service fees, and gratuities to the cocktail servers are factored in once you close out the tab.

Tier 1 - Chainsmokers Friday Nights, Kygo, or Busy Saturday Nights – Typical Price Range


Owner's Table $12,000 (20ppl)
Lower Dance Floor $8,000 (15ppl)
Upper Dance Floor $8,000 (15ppl)
Large 3rd Tier $6,000 (12ppl)
3rd Tier Couch $4,000 (10ppl)
Back Wall $2,500 (8ppl)
4 Tops $1,500 (6ppl)
Extended Stage Booth $4,000 (10ppl)
Extended Stage Table $2,500 (6ppl)


Outside Owner's Table $6,000 (20ppl)
Outside Dance Floor $4,000 (15ppl)
Large Poolside Section $3,000 (12ppl)
Premium Pool Deck $2,500 (10ppl)
Pool Deck Table $2,000 (8ppl)
Lower Cabana $3,000 (12ppl)
Upper Cabana $2,500 (10ppl)
Lawn $1,500 (6ppl)


6ppl - $1,500 8ppl - $2,000 10ppl - $2,500

Tier 2 – Diplo, David Guetta, Alesso, Major Lazer - Typical Price Range


Owner's Table $8,000 (20ppl)
Lower Dance Floor $7,000 (15ppl)
Upper Dance Floor $6,000 (15ppl)
Large 3rd Tier $5,000 (12ppl)
3rd Tier Couch $3,000 (10ppl)
Back Wall $2,000 (8ppl)
4 Tops $1,500 (6ppl)
Extended Stage Booth $3,000 (10ppl)
Extended Stage Table $2,000 (6ppl)


Outside Owner's Table $6,000 (20ppl)
Outside Dance Floor $4,000 (15ppl)
Large Poolside Section $3,000 (12ppl)
Premium Pool Deck $2,500 (10ppl)
Pool Deck Table $1,500 (8ppl)
Lower Cabana $2,500 (12ppl)
Upper Cabana $2,000 (10ppl)
Lawn $1,000 (6ppl)


6ppl - $1,500 8ppl - $2,000 10ppl - $2,500

Tier 3 – Alison Wonderland, Dillon Francis, Elephante, R.L Grime, SHAQ – Typical Price Range


Owner's Table $6,000 (20ppl)
Lower Dance Floor $5,000 (15ppl)
Upper Dance Floor $4,000 (15ppl)
3rd Tier Big Couch $3,000 (12ppl)
3rd Tier Couch $2,500 (10ppl)
Back Wall $1,500 (8ppl)
4 Tops $1,000 (6ppl)

Extended Stage Booth $2,500 (10ppl))
Extended Stage Table $1,500 (6ppl)


Outside Owner's Table $4,000 (20ppl)
Outside Dance Floor $3,000 (15ppl)
Large Poolside Section $2,500 (12ppl)
Premium Pool Deck $2,000 (10ppl)
Pool Deck Table $1,500 (8ppl)
Lower Cabana $2,500 (12ppl)
Upper Cabana $2,000 (10ppl)
Lawn $1,000 (6ppl)


6ppl - $1,500 8ppl - $2,000 10ppl - $2,500

How do I Calculate My Bill?

Say you want 4 1L Bottles of Grey Goose Vodka and have a $3200 minimum spend:

$3200 min
+ $268.00 (8.375% City Tax)
+ $408.00 (12.75% Venue Fee)
+ $480 (15% to the cocktail server)
= $4,356.00 is your Total Cost out the door.

In many instances, there is an opportunity to get lower-than-posted-pricing with what's called a "handshake" in Las Vegas; basically, it is a gratuity to the podium for a lower minimum and a potential upgraded location. Sometimes a podium tip is required for a particular table or even to get a location on certain nights.

XS Nightclub Layout

General View

General View

Back Wall

Dance Floor

Four Tops

Large Third Row

Small Third Row

Upper Dance Floor

XS Pool Layout

General View

General View

Center Island Table

Immediate Patio


Lower Cabanas


Pool Side Daybeds

Prime Second Row Couches

Upper Cabanas

Inside Main Room

The Lower Dance Floor Tables

XS Las Vegas Lower Dance Floor Tables

The Lower Dance Floor Tables are the best tables in the Club and for a good reason. Essentially you are on the dance floor with a narrow lane roped off between your area and the crowded dance floor. You are also closest to the DJ at these tables. All the Lower Dance Floor Tables are the same size, with Tables 630 and 530 considered the Owner's Tables.

Usually, these tables are suitable for around 15 people, however, many groups tend to pack significantly more people in there. The two Center Tables are generally a little more costly to reserve. Most of the time people are standing on the couch or sitting and standing on the ledge. Keep in mind the ledge is shared between the Upper and Lower Dance Floor so be respectful of the people behind you. On the Map, these tables are labeled 600-630 and 500-530.

The Upper Dance Floor Tables

XS Las Vegas owners tables

These are also considered Prime Tables in the Club, just slightly elevated above the Lower Dance Floor Tables and separated by a ledge to stand and dance on. The size of these tables varies as there a few that are larger than the others.

If you have a smaller group, say in the 10 to 15 people range, Tables 650 or 660 on the left and Tables 550 or 560 on the right would likely be the best fit.

Tables 670 and 570 are considered the Owner’s Tables. Table 570 is on the right-hand side Upper Dance Floor and called the “Giambi Table” to those that work there. This table is named after the famous Baseball player, Jason Giambi, because when XS first opened, he rented this table out almost every night it was opened. Table 670, on the left-hand side, was always considered “Jesse's Table”. Jesse Waits was one of the original partners when XS first opened.

The other tables of note are Table 640 and 540, they are the large Upper Dance Floor Tables that accommodate up to two groups of 25 people. The only drawback to Tables 640 and 540 is that only half the table has a good view of the DJ. All the Upper Dance Floor Tables have a ledge that you share with the Lower Dance Floor Tables so be prepared to share the real estate between the two tables. On the Map these tables are labeled 540-570 and 640-670 respectively.

The Third Tier Small Couches

XS Las Vegas small 3rd tier couch

These tables are behind the Upper Dance Floor Tables in the Club surrounding them in an oval shape. The space is fairly small and are about the same as the Backwall Tables, however, they are significantly more expensive. These tables can seat about seven people comfortably, but most people try to jam more in their sections.

With these tables you are positioned in the walkway of the Main Floor of the Club which means there will be foot traffic in front of you and also behind you. If you are looking for privacy, this is not the table for you but if you are looking to meet people and are not worried about people invading your space, then this is a great option for you if your budget allows for it.

These tables do have a few drawbacks, including the fact that the Upper Dance Floor Tables are a few feet ahead of it and are at the same level so it is very difficult to see over the people standing there to see the DJ performing. Also, these tables are notoriously small so larger groups of 8-12+ people should consider a bigger couch or an Upper Dance Floor Table. On the map these tables are labeled 400, 420, 460, 470 and 300, 320, 360, 370, respectively.

The Large Third-Row Tables

XS Las Vegas Big Brown Large 3rd …w tables

Our favorite tables at XS Nightclub here at Bachelorette Vegas are the large 3rd-row tables or the “Big Browns” as we like to call them. These tables are huge and have plenty of space for a large group to move comfortably and also to stand on the cushions to dance. These Big Browns are also centrally located in the Club with the main ramp to the dance floor directly in front of you, and the stairs to exit the venue directly behind you.

These tables are labeled 480, 490, 390, and 380 on the map. Similar to the Third-Tier small couches, foot traffic is behind you and also in front of you so if you are looking to meet people, these tables are perfect for that. With the size of the table comes a heftier price tag, but if you have a large group and split it equally, it does offer immense value for an unforgettable night.

The 4 Top Tables

XS Las Vegas 4 top tables

The Four Top Tables are the cheapest and lowest priced options inside the Main Room of XS Nightclub for Bottle Service.

These tables are located on the outside of the Main Room behind the 3rd tier couches and also near both of the main inside bars. These tables hold a maximum of six people, however like the name suggests, up to four people would be the best suggested group size to sit and mingle comfortably; realistically these tables were designed for couples to enjoy. Tables 301-304, 310, 325-350, 405-407, 401-404, 410, and 425-450 are considered 4 Tops Tables.

A few of the tables, including 310, 410, 405-407, and 301-304 have seating for 6 to 8 people.  They are situated near the stripper pole platforms on each side of the venue.  These can be entertaining to watch drunk attention-seeking girls embarrass themselves on, however, the view of the DJ Booth and Dance floor is heavily obstructed.

Overall, these tables are not very comfortable to sit on, however if you want to just have a space for bottle service and are ok with being on your feet the majority of the night with people all around you at the bar, while also spending significantly less for another main room table then these might be a viable option for your group.

The Back Wall Tables

XS Las Vegas back wall tables

These tables line the outside interior walls of the Nightclub inside the Main Room. Since the Club is shaped like a giant oval or horseshoe, the Back Wall Tables line the walls leading up to both main inside bars on each side and also to the restrooms. These tables are similar in size to the third-tier small couches, and can really only seat about 5 to 6 people max.

However, many groups sometimes try to squeeze 10-12+ people in them. The table itself does have a platform behind it to allow for people to stand on top of it and dance.

These tables are labeled 100 through 170 and 200 through 260 on the Map above. A few of these tables have an obstructed view due to the building support. On the left-hand side of the Club, Tables 230 and 240, have a partially obstructed view, and on the right-hand side, Tables 140 and 150 have the same issue. Overall, the obstructed view is not too bad at these tables, however these tables and the rest of the Back Wall Tables have plenty of foot traffic in front of them as the main walkway to each bar is directly in front of them. Also, with these tables positioned on the far ends of the club against the walls, visibility to the DJ booth and main party is hindered significantly.

The DJ Booth Tables

XS Las Vegas DJ tables

These tables are positioned around the DJ Booth facing the outside of the Club on both the left and right side and in front of it as well. These tables are exorbitantly priced and are typically reserved for high VIP Casino guests or celebrities. Most nights these tables are left open and not sold. The VIP Hosts and promotors who work at the venue, often invite women and close friends up there to party at as the night winds down. These tables are labeled 681-688 on the Table Map.

The Immediate Patio Tables

XS Las Vegas six seater immediate patio

The other tables of note, which are still considered inside tables but are technically outside, are the immediate Patio Tables. Labeled the 700's and 800's on the Map, these tables are directly next to the Main Stage and DJ Booth Tables on both sides and serve as a connecting portal between the outside of the venue and inside of the venue.

These tables seat 6-8 people comfortably and have optional space heaters above them when the temperature is cool. They provide an incredible, and slightly elevated, panoramic view of the DJ booth along with the outside pool and dance floor. The significant advantage of the Immediate Patio Tables is they are considered inside tables in the securities eyes. What this means is that you will get a stamp for the inside of the Club and will be allowed full access into both sides of the Club at any point in the night.

The rest of the outside tables are past the security checkpoint down the ramp behind the Immediate Patio Tables on each side. For re-entry into the Club, you will have to pass a security guard to get back inside. At certain points in the night, typically after midnight or when the main artist is about to perform, security typically closes off entry to patrons looking to party inside. This causes a long line that stretches back around the pool deck. If you are looking to be inside for the performance, then the best piece of advice would be to not go outside after midnight.

The Outside Tables at XS

Premium Poolside Daybeds

XS Las Vegas pool side daybed 726

The inside of the Nightclub has a dance floor, but in recent years, XS has implemented a giant platform that extends over the pool to the Island Bar that gives the outside a dance floor of its own. These tables are labeled 60-62, 50-52 on the Map, with its “Owners” Tables positioned in front of them at Table 726 and Table 821. Both these tables are great for big groups as there is plenty of space to move and dance around.

Also, with it being positioned directly centered in front of the rotating stage, the view and ambience is extraordinary. For Night Swim Parties on select Sunday Nights, this platform is removed and these tables, outside of 726 and 821, do not exist.

Poolside Daybeds

XS Las Vegas pool side daybeds

Lining the Main Pool closest to the Main Stage are the poolside daybeds. These are highly desired tables outside as they combine both a Poolside Couch comfortable for big groups, and a very shallow walk-in platform to the pool that allows guests to kick off of their shoes and walk on the water. These tables provide an epic panoramic view of the Club and also the massive Wynn and Encore towers above.

With the massive pyrotechnics and laser show that the Club puts on during performances, these are awesome and semi-secluded tables for bigger groups. On the Map they are labeled as 822-826 and 727-731 respectively.

Tables 734 and 733 are considered the Island Tables. These tables are at the end of the platform on nightclub nights, however, on Sunday Night Swim Nights these are two of the most desirable tables in the Club as they are positioned at the head of the Island bar overlooking the pool, allowing you to jump in the pool and swim back directly to your table.

The Lower Cabanas outside XS

XS Las Vegas Lower Cabanas

If you have a larger group of people and want to have a lot of space but are also not worried about how close you are to the DJ performing, then the Lower Cabana Tables might be right for your group. These tables are labeled 5-12 on the Map, can accommodate up to 20 guests comfortably, and have plenty of space to walk around and also to sit within.

Inside you will find a spacious L-shaped Couch, along with a bar table, a chair, and a couple of Lounge Couches outside the Cabana as well. These Cabanas are also conveniently located next to both of the outside restrooms.

The Upper Cabanas outside XS

Xs Las Vegas Upper Cabanas 2

The Upper Cabanas are virtually identical to the Lower Cabanas below them. They are typically not open for reservations as the main party is always centralized downstairs. Only on high end holiday weekends are these ever used. However, being elevated above the party, they provide an awesome view of the madness going on below. These tables are labeled 29-36 on the Map.

The Prime Couches Bar-side outside of XS

XS Las Vegas bar side prime couch outside

These tables, labeled 710-723 on the Map, are positioned directly next to the outside Main Bar and also are next to the Main Pool. The tables can comfortably hold groups of 8-12+ people and also have portable space heaters for colder nights. he location around these tables on the outside of the Club is full of foot traffic and have proved to be a semi-affordable Bottle Service option.

The area around them is a lively spot which makes these tables extremely popular and affordable as well and it also provides a decent view of the DJ Booth and performance.

The Second-Row Couches Outside at XS

XS Las Vegas 2nd Row Couches

These tables, labeled 807-820, wrap around the pool and are also considered great locations. These couches can hold 8-10 people comfortably and are positioned with the main walkway in front of them, so they are not too isolated from the party. These tables are also semi-affordable as the minimums are typically on the lower end of the spectrum.

The Lawn Tables

XS Las Vegas Lawn Couches

If you have to get a table, but are on an extremely tight budget, then prepare to be thrown out to “No Man’s Land” or more politely, the Lawn Tables. These tables are on the very back end of the outside corners of the Club. Typically, groups that are only able to spend enough to get one bottle are positioned in this area but there is a lot of room to move around and sit. They are labeled tables 925-935 on the Map.

These tables would be better served as a Home Base to keep your alcohol while you move about the Club and dance but these are not recommended if you want to have the best possible time at XS Nightclub.

Bachelorette Vegas Table Number Map

To assist you with your booking, we've included an 2D Map with the table numbers which makes things easier to discuss.

XS Nightclub Table Map

Bottles will be on the higher end here, starting around $625 and up for Absolut Elyx on non-holiday weekends. Add on the tip and tax and you are looking at $900+ per bottle.

XS Non-Holiday and Holiday Menu

XS Package Deals

As one of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas, XS headlines many of our all-inclusive VIP package deals. Typically, most of these packages include VIP Hosted Direct Entry into the Main Room of the Nightclub. However, if you and your group have a flexible budget, Bottle Service reservations can be added to a package with a set minimum spend agreement.

One Package in particular that is popular with XS Nightclub is our “Thunder Night Package”. With this package you will be picked up from your Hotel or Airbnb in a private limo at 10:00 pm and driven down the iconic Las Vegas Strip to the Excalibur Hotel & Casino. Once you arrive, you will have exclusive VIP Thunder Zone tickets for the world-famous Thunder From Down Under Male Revue. These seats are directly in front of the stage and in the heat of the action. Expect the bride in your group to get multiple lap dances and memories that will last a lifetime.

After the show, approximately, 12:30 am local time, the limo will return to pick you up and drop you off at XS Nightclub where we will meet you and your group, offer to take a group picture and then escort you into the Main Room, around 12:45 am. The main artists and DJs typically hit the stage at 1:30 am sharp so it’s a perfect time to arrive. The male strip club and male revue packages are extremely popular with the stagettes before a girls gone wild night at the club.

What Else You Need to Know

XS Bottle Presentations

bottle presentation xs vegas

If you are celebrating a special occasion or you want to get noticed in the club then plan on ordering around $2000+ and some champagne to trigger a bottle presentation.  XS has some good ones and the more you order the bigger and better the presentation!

The Best Nights

xs las vegas drake

Any night they are open is really the best night to go to XS, they have such a powerhouse lineup of talent performing that it is almost always crowded. If you are a big fan of The Chainsmokers, then this is one event you should not miss. They typically perform every Friday Night during the summer months.

Drake nights are also an experience to say the least, however, the tickets and Bottle Service pricing are extremely over-inflated. Drake typically likes to make a late appearance; his sets usually start around 2:30 am -3:00 am.

If you end up extending your Vegas Vacation to the next week, then the Sunday Night Swim during the summer months are also a must-attend event. These parties are wild and rambunctious, with hordes of people splashing recklessly in the pool when the beats drop.

Quality of Crowd

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This party on the weekends tends to lean more on the EDM or electronic dance music side. Although you can expect a very diverse crowd. From hen parties, to birthdays, to hotel guests, to Vegas party girls to tourists, you will find them all at this party.  Come with a smile and we are confident you will find what you are looking for here.

How do I get my guests in if they arrive late?

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Barring an issues with a capacity crowd, this is a pretty simple process. Your guest(s) can walk up to the ropes and mention the table number and the name the table is booked under, and they get right in. Some exceptions are that capacity issue, and they just can't physically allow anyone else in via the Fire Marshal's rules and regulations, or if you are way over your limit on the number of people at your table.

If you have some uninvited guests at your table for some reason, the proper way to handle that is get security to have them removed. I strongly suggest that you DO NOT try to remove them yourself as an altercation could occur, and potentially everyone at the table will get kicked out. With over 20+ years of experience in this business, please trust us, that is the best way to handle things.

Wynn Nightlife’s Other Venues

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If you have stayed at the Encore or Wynn then you know the Hotel is deluxe and their other venues are just as nice, the pool party is Encore Beach Club and they open Intrigue nightclub on special occasions. The property has several great dining restaurants, one this is for sure, this complex is upscale and classy.

Bachelorette Vegas Advice:

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Well, there you have it, if you made to the end of our book, thank you for sticking around. This venue still is the best in sin city in our opinion, we love the vibe, the artists, and the music is not too loud. Nothing beats a crowd of beautiful people that can actually talk to each other inside and outside. Consider one of our package deals to get the most bang for your buck, as this is our top pick for bachelorettes! 🎉

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Andrea is charismatic, personable, and approachable and she generates a large following from people of all ages. She has over 20 years of living the "Las Vegas Life” and is an expert on all things Sin City. She is well-known, well-respected, has a solid reputation, and established credibility as a party planner with a wide-ranging social media outreach.

Andrea can be found at the most exclusive clubs, and hottest bars and lounges around town. If you need advice on where to go and what to do as far as daylife and night life destinations, pool parties, clubs, shows, restaurants, attendance-worthy events, and hidden gems, Andrea has the low-down on what’s happening in and around the city. She is an expert party planner and will custom create the perfect party for birthdays and bachelorette parties for the ultimate Vegas experience.

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