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Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Nightclub

Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Nightclub Pictures

Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Nightclub Las Vegas

Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce Nightclub Las Vegas presents a not so modern spin on dance clubs. Rather than your traditional concept, Forty Deuce transports you into a 1920s speakeasy. You will enjoy an evening in the dimly lit, intimate atmosphere. Expect a sultry, sexy vibe because this club is filled with seduction of the best kind. The dancing girls you see on stage are not only nice to look at, they are also incredibly talented.

Music is handled by a three piece ensemble that includes drums, saxophone, and a stand-up bass. When the dancers are not on stage you can expect to hear a DJ filling the club with hip-hop and dance tunes. Forty Deuce nightclub will accommodate about 300, which makes it smaller than some of the other clubs, but with the good seating and excellent entertainment it is still certainly worth the trip. You just might want to make sure to get reservations or call to schedule a VIP package.

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