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Men of X

at Hooters Casino Hotel115 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Show Times:Wed. - Sun. at 8 p.m
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Men of X Male Revue Show Pictures

Men of X Show Las Vegas

Though the name may imply, the Men of X have no relation to the famous group of mutant superheroes. Outside of having bodies that would fill out the uniform quite nicely, these performing hunks have only one super power – their sexuality. Though the Hooters chain is best known for its bosom beauties, the hotel property in Vegas has a small little secret to a continued success – cater to both sexes. The Men of X is the outcome of that secret, and to say it makes up for the lack of male waiters for the female crowd would be an understatement.

Like most strip shows that grace the stages of Las Vegas, Men of X has one goal in mind – satisfy the audience. To do so, these built bros don (and take off) an array of sexy outfits to fulfill the simple fantasies that most women dream about. What Men of X does differently to separate itself from the usual crowd is to put an edgy spin on the show by incorporating a mix of routines choreographed to well known classic rock, hip hop, country, and rap songs. These performances are done either in a sexually charged group, or as solo performances to allow one dancer to get to know the audience intimately. The stage show brings fantasy to life as the Men of X will break out into scenes of various natures. All of the usual female desires are present, including the sexy biker dressed in all black leather and the heroic cowboy called upon to whisk a fair maiden away.

For a brief breakaway from the typical sexual nature of the show, Men of X features first class performers and dancers to take on the likes of celebrities like Michael Jackson. A performance of “Remember the Time” and “Don’t Stop” later and the show goes back to its near naked routes. These breaks from strip teasing to all out musical entertainment act as nice little breaks in the action.

At certain points throughout Men of X, the show takes on a more interactive persona. The bodacious men enter the audience to find one lucky lady, who will get an up close and personal look at what one of the X men are packing. The scene culminates in a sensual shower scene where the performer exposes more than just his personality to the lucky lady on stage.

Men of X goes far beyond any regular strip show, ensuring that the audience is entertained by more than just the half naked nature of the men on stage. While you won’t find a high production value when it comes to set pieces, the show will effectively pull the audience into whatever scene is being portrayed. Let’s face it, though - there really is only one “piece” that the audience is interested in being pulled into, and one lucky lady will have the pleasure of meeting it face-to-face.