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Lavo Nightclub

at Palazzo Hotel3327 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Music:Main Stream Hip-Hop, Top 40, Mash-ups, House.
Open:Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Dress Code:Dress codes strictly enforced.
Line Wait:Up to 1 hours.
Events:Tuesdays and Sundays local night, Wednesdays are fashion night with Syrup Swimwer, Sunday night is local night DJ Vice.
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Lavo Nightclub Pictures

Lavo Nightclub Las Vegas

The Palazzo Hotel and Resort rests at the far end of the Las Vegas Strip, down where properties like Wynn, Encore, and The Venetian have made their home. At first glance, it's pretty easy to assume that the Palazzo is just another section of The Venetian, but this first-rate venue is an experience all its own. Within the Palazzo's expansive space is a venue that turns the Las Vegas nightlife on its head. It is the presence of the Lavo nightclub that helps to keep the Palazzo resort as a 5-star establishment; and with the help of Bachelorette Vegas, you can find yourself partying in this extremely popular nightlife space.

The look and feel of the Palazzo is one of elegance, so it's quite a surprise when you walk through the doors of Lavo and find yourself intermingled with the hottest party on the Sin City Strip. Gorgeous people fill the club while an overtly energetic DJ boasts a slew of house and hip-hop music that practically forces people onto the dance floor. When you finally muster the strength to look past the fun party unraveling right in front of you, you'll start to notice the little nuances that makes Lavo the most lavished club on the Strip.

Las Vegas LAVO

When you first step into the club, you're provided with a walk through an extravagant entrance that includes two trips upstairs and a short walk across an overhead catwalk that provides an unrivaled view of the club's main room. Embellishments such as continuously running sinks and tiled mirrors add small touches that help to give the club its unique feel.

Lavo's high energy and constant party makes it the perfect locale to have your next event. Whether you're getting gussied up for your bachelorette party or meeting up with the girls for a birthday bash, Lavo has everything needed for a great night. With the aid of Bachelorette Vegas, everything about your evening will get the VIP touch. As if it's not enough to just walk into Lavo to feel like a VIP, Bachelorette Vegas grants you VIP access. Skip the inevitable line at the door and find yourself bypassing people that, on any regular night, are just like you.

Once inside the club, you'll be treated to a VIP booth that is sure to give you an impeccable view of the club's going-ons. Enjoy a drink on the house to loosen up before stepping out onto the packed dance floor. While there's guaranteed to be a crowd, you'll feel more in tune with it then crowded by it.

Everything about Lavo will leave you breathless, from the Moroccan-inspired décor to the club's endless energy. If you're looking for a place to hold your next event, you can finally stop. Lavo has everything you need to make your occasion one that won't be soon forgotten. Just give a call to Bachelorette Vegas to get that VIP stamp on your evening, and you'll be partying the night away in no time.

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The restaurant area of Club Lavo, located on one side of the lounge, serves Mediterranean food from France, Spain, Italy and other countries. The other side features a spectacular patio. There are plans for the inclusion of a hookah lounge somewhere in the future, so hookah fans will rejoice in Lavo Las Vegas.

The club area is small, making it intimate and sexy. Despite its small size, no one could ever describe Lavo Las Vegas as a quaint club. It is kept lively, thanks to the DJs who are the focal points of this club experience. The DJs take advantage of a state of the art sound system to run a unique show each night, so you’ll always something new to savor on your musical palate.

LAVO at Palazzo is establishing its name in Las Vegas, so be sure to check it out.

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