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Playboy Club

at Palms4321 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89103

Music:House, Main Stream Hip-Hop, Top 40, Mash-ups.
Open: 9:00p.m.- 4a.m. Nightly
Dress Code:Nightclub attire is required.
Line Wait:Up to 1 hours.
Events:Our 3 hours all you can drink special.

Playboy Club Pictures

Playboy Club Las Vegas

Las Vegas certainly has no shortage of venues for somebody to throw a party, but there are few that can do so as well as the Playboy Club at the Palms' hotel and casino. Despite the initial connotation that the Playboy Club would be the hottest party spot on and off the Strip, this integration of Vegas nightlife and lounging really thrives on an atmosphere of sexuality and sensuality in a more intimate setting. Fifty-two stories above Sin City, the Playboy Club may look like it would appeal to just men, but even women can get in on Hugh Heffner's action.

The Playboy Club is not your average club. Any group looking for a high octane, bass driven experience should stop on the fifty-first floor and make a return trip down to ground level. Where most club's thrive on a high energy and eye-catching displays of seizure inducing lights, the Playboy Club follows in its creators footsteps - classical with a hint of contemporary. The moment you step through the doors of this Palms' based club, you'll get a strong hint of a lounge-type atmosphere. A mix of high quality furniture with Playboy accents and the remainder of the club's completely personalized decor give off the allure that you've stepped into a small section of the famed Playboy Mansion. One of the more extravagant pieces comes as the Diamond Bar, which was built out of 10,000 diamond shaped crystals - surely a sight meant to catch ones eye upon entrance.

The toned down energy of the Playboy Club may not seem like the ideal place to hold a girl's night out event, but its intimate atmosphere does pave the way for a night of real conversation with the ability to connect not only within your own group, but with other patrons as well. With its hefty popularity, you definitely will be sharing this club with plenty of other people that are probably looking for the same thing as you. Without speakers blaring in your ears and strobe lights causing temporary blindness, you'll finally have the opportunity to connect with your fellow patrons

Being titled after the hottest men's magazine in America, the Playboy Club can guarantee one thing before you even enter - there will be plenty of men. Though the trip to this club is for a "girl's night out", the object is to typically find yourself in the arms of someone a bit more masculine then your companions. With the lounge atmosphere and the abundance of men driven by the magnetic attraction of the many Playboy bunnies serving throughout the club, you could easily find yourself in a harmless conversation before the night is through.

Though the Playboy Club holds its own as a night lounge, it still does plenty to earn the "club" moniker. A resident DJ, which rotates nightly and can include celebrity guest DJs, will cater to the more dance-centric crowd and spin off a mix of House music and Top 40 tunes. The music may not do much for that intimate conversation you were striving for, but it may act as the perfect opportunity for a little close dancing wherever you can find the room. Don't be afraid to simply break out into a little two-person dance off as the Playboy Club more than welcomes the conjoining of its guests. When you get a little heated from your close encounter, you'll be able to find refreshments at one of the club's two main bars. Either bar offer picturesque views, as one overlooks the Vegas skyline while the other rests direction below the infamous Playboy logo.

One of the Playboy Club's nicest features is its private VIP area. With a little cash, or by making friends with the right people, you and your group of anxious ladies can gain access to the Fireplace Lounge, which is a more traditional extension of the club itself. A cozy fireplace and private bar add an intimate allure to the Lounge that is bound to turn up the heat for the remainder of the night - both figuratively and literally.

Though the name and history behind the club may not immediately make you think of it as the "perfect place for a girl's night out", the Palms' Playboy Club is an extravagant venue that does more then just offer a good time - it guarantees one.

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