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Surrender Nightclub

at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas3131 Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Music:Hip hop, house
Open:Wednesday – Saturday, 10 p.m. – closing
Dress Code:Dress code strictly enforced.
Line Wait:Up to 1.5 hours.
Events:Steve Aoki's night on Fridays



seatmap of surrender


A giant snake winds its way along the backdrop of this sleek nightclub, giving the Encore Club an initial rainforest feel. When you start to look deep into the club’s motif, you start to get the sense that there is something sinister afoot. Knowing the tale of Adam and Eve is the only true way of understanding Surrender and your role in the nightclub. As it is told, Adam and Eve succumbed to the forbidden fruit that was offered to them by a snake-like Lucifer. While you may consider yourself the innocent one being driven by temptation during your stay, the way your moves and style tempt the men in the club liken you more to the untouchable forbidden fruit.

All biblical undertones aside, Surrender is a nightclub perfect for any night crowd – even one seeking out a more casual experience. While dress code still requires a fancier mode of dress, you can expect to be able to leave the usual uncomfortable nightclub ensembles at home this night. During the day, It’s space is reserved for the Encore Beach Club. At night, you should still expect to be spending most of your night amidst the night sky. On a perfectly clear night, the shimmering desert stars will bask you in a glow that, to others, may make you look far more angelic than you really are.

Surrender separates itself from the normal nightclub setup with no defined dance floor. If you get the sudden urge to dance, you don’t have to make your way through a crowd just to get to a centralized location. If there’s a cute guy nearby that you want to start grooving with you can give him a signal without risking loosing him in the fray.

Despite wanting to spend the bulk of your night outside in the crisp desert air, the club’s interior is home to around a dozen VIP booths. These booths provide a space that you can escape to with a lucky guy of the evening. If you’re fine-tuned in the art of pole dancing, you can even give the lucky guy a show on the provided stripper pole. Inside the 5,000 sq foot area is also a full sized bar that tends to have lines shorter than those outside.

Though the venue takes place right outside the Encore Beach Club’s pool area, there are no nighttime dips allowed after the Beach Club closes. You can, however, still make use of the beach club’s cabanas and bungalows, which provide comfort, style, privacy, and a guaranteed place to sit when the club starts to get a bit overcrowded.

Despite an inspiration from a biblical story of temptation and a fall from grace, Surrender is anything but religious. Like every | Bachelorette Vegasnightclub, its soul purpose is to provide the perfect venue for you to get your drink on and dance to tunes spun by a world class DJ.