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Tangerine Nightclub

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Tangerine Nightclub Las Vegas


Located in the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is a nightclub that surpasses so many in Las Vegas. Tangerine offers a burlesque feel to the nightclub scene that so many other clubs lack. From the sexy bartenders and wait staff to the live band, Tangerine has much to offer if you are looking for something sensual and different. To add a specific feel, fabrics are more retro in style. The club is done up in white and orange colors and there are fabrics draped over the walls to add an orange glow from the lights. When you add this funky feel to the dancing go-go dancers in the cages and some hot music spun by DJ Frank Richards, it's bound to be a wild time.

Tangerine has the ability to accommodate 500 people. While this may seem small there is a large dance floor. In addition, to general tables there is plenty of VIP seating and premium bottle service available. If you do not want to sit inside you can visit the outdoor patio which overlooks Sirens Cove and offers a fantastic view of the Strip.

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