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Wasted Space Las Vegas

Wasted Space Nightclub Pictures

Wasted Space Nightclub Las Vegas

The Wasted Space nightclub at Hard Rock casino scorn the conventions of most clubs and calls itself the anti-club. This rebel is young, but it is drawing in devoted fans already.

Wasted Space nightclub is just 5,000 square feet, but packed with a stage for live performances, 17 table spaces and a lounge that is open 24 hours. The lounge is an ideal spot to chill out with friends.

Wasted Space is a rock and roll club, so you can expect non-traditional club music. The DJs and the live performers work together to create an unforgettable music experience each night. Only when you are surrounded by the awesome lyrics and rhythms of true rock will you understand the experience of Wasted Space Las Vegas.

The nightclub spared no expense in making its rock and roll experience complete—atmosphere is everything. The edginess of the club is achieved by dark and atmospheric art. The 30-foot mural of rock and roll memorabilia adorning the walls doesn’t hurt either.

Even the drinks reflect the beat of rock and roll. Instead of Bloody Marys, Wasted Space serves up Sunday Bloody Sundays. And, in honor of Club Wasted Space nightclub's founder, they also serve a drink called a Hart Attack, made of Jameson, Jagermeister, Red Bull, and cranberry.

The only person who can decide whether Wasted Space Night Club is actually wasted is you, but you’ll have to come hang out before you can make your decision.

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